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John McCain Horoscope

Corrected Complete Birth Chart

John McCain

John McCain's correct horoscope?

(October 15, 2008) A birth certificate for John McCain has emerged on the internet. It seems to be authentic. It states that he was born in Colon, not Cocosolo, which is still in Panama, and at 6:25 PM. My previous reading was of a chart based on 9:00 AM, so that's quite a difference.

A listener, not a speaker

The 6:25 PM birth time makes his Ascendant Pisces, which immediately makes me suspicious. A Pisces Ascendant indicates a person presenting himself very hesitantly - shy and unsure of himself. A listener much more than a speaker, and more prone to ask questions than to give answers. That doesn't seem to fit John McCain very well, as far as I know.

John McCain's birth certificate.
John McCain's birth certificate, showing the birth time 6:25 PM and the birth place Colon.

       The Ascendant and Medium Coeli are the fastest moving points in the horoscope, completing the whole Zodiac in just 24 hours. So, they are influenced the most when a birth time is adjusted. In the chart based on 9:00 AM, the Ascendant was in Libra, which is on the opposite side of the Zodiac.

       So, the position of the Ascendant is a good way of testing the probability of a given birth time.

       It is also something that is usually easy to confirm or dismiss, when comparing with the person whose chart it is.

       I must say that the Pisces Ascendant gives me serious doubts about this birth time.

John McCain's corrected complete horoscope chart.
John McCain's corrected complete horoscope chart, based on the birth time 6:25 PM.

Uncertain values

John McCain Also, he has Saturn later in the 1st House. The planet is in retrograde, and in Pisces, which implies that when people get to know him they get the impression that he is in search of a moral standard, of principles to live by - but he is unsure of them, and far too easily influenced by others into changing values from one moment to the next.

       Again, I doubt that this can be true about John McCain, who seems to have very firm values and standards to live by.

Dominant partnership

The Ascendant is in an almost exact opposition to the sun at the cusp of the 7th House in Virgo. That shows an important partnership, to which John is devoted, and working hard to keep it. It is with his partner that he feels whole, and that's where he wants to put his efforts.

       He also has Neptune, Venus, and Mercury in the same House - that of partnership. It concerns marriage, of course, but also other kinds of partner­ships.

       So far, it's the horoscope of someone who would definitely put his marriage (and other partnerships) before his own spot in the limelight. He would be more prone to shun public life, and definitely uncomfortable about playing a lead in it.

       Could that really be John McCain?


John McCain In John McCain's 10th House, which concerns his social role, career and such, he has Jupiter. That's defini­tely an indicator of success - but the sign is Sagittarius, which is really a force moving away from positions and institutions. It's the sign of independence. Jupiter would increase that independence, so that few obligations would stick on such a person. The success he has in life will make him less and less dependent.

       That's hardly the presidency.

       Jupiter's trine aspect to Mars in Leo and the 6th House shows that it is by conscious work he accomplishes this freedom and independence, and it is indeed his intention. His Medium Coeli, with the same aspect to Mars, stresses this.


Another House that should be observed regarding public office and such is the 11th, which deals with society at a larger scale - where you have no chance of knowing everybody you deal with. Several horoscopes of presidents have strong planets and other indicators in the 11th House. McCain only has the moon there, by the end of it.

       That indicates public success in his late years, but the moon gives popularity more than power, it offers rewards more than responsibilities. And it's in Aquarius, the sign of contemplation and under­standing.

       The moon might give him praise, but not necessarily the presidency.

       The moon has a trine aspect to Mercury in McCain's 7th House and Libra. An orderly partnership, more like allies than lovers, stimulates and increases his public success. It could be some kind of large scale charity work or ideological campaigning paying off - but again, not leading to a dominant and prominent role for himself.

Transits to John McCain's chart on Election Day, 2008.
Transits to John McCain's chart on Election Day, 2008.

Election day

If we look at the day of election, November 4, this horoscope gives much less indication of him winning than the 9:00 AM chart did. Uranus passes over Saturn in his chart, but at this date it's a retrograde motion, which is when something seems not to happen, as if cancelled.

       It's in the 1st House, which could signal a boost for his image and role in society, but his Saturn is retrograde, and it's in Pisces, the sign of hesitation and sacrifice.

       I could not call it a transit that suggests he wins the election.

       Transit Saturn is passing through his cluster of planets in the 7th House, but that indicates serious and important events in his partnership - not a presidency in the making. It is a hint, though, that his obligations made him choose a running mate that was not his personal choice.

       Jupiter is in his 11th House, which shows success in his public life, but it is far away from the only planet there, the moon at the end of the House. So, it just shows that he is the talk of the town because of his running for president, but not really cause to conclude that he wins the race.

       Actually I see nothing in the transits that suggests his winning the election. Funny what a few hours can do. The former chart, based on the birth time 9:00 AM, was full of strong indicators of winning. But now, just about nothing.

John McCain

Inauguration Day

A look at Inauguration Day, January 20, shows more positive indicators. At that time, Jupiter has reached his moon in the 11th House - also, the sun and Mercury are at the same spot. That's a strong indicator of public success on that very day.

       So, even if he does not become president, the day of inauguration is still one of praise and success in public life for John McCain.

       Transit Saturn in his 7th House is in retrograde, which might mean that he is distancing himself from his running mate Sarah Palin - whatever the result of the election.

       Transit Uranus is very near his native Saturn in the 1st House, and so is Venus. That shows a successful time for his personality as others perceive it. Whoever is sworn in, McCain has a field day, and people look at him as if it's all really about him.

       So, the transits at the Inauguration make it possible that it is actually John McCain who is sworn in as president - or if not, that he is still praised and his position elevated in connection to that ceremony and its consequences.

John McCain

Complications in the voting?

Since both Obama's and McCains horoscopes show no definite winner, the election is probably a close call. Maybe even so close that the result of it is not certain until some time after it - like with the first election of George Bush. That would explain why there is no obvious winner on November 4 in the horoscopes.

       I have to say that if this horoscope for John McCain with the birth time 6:25 PM is correct (which I somewhat doubt), then the result of the election is uncertain.

       At length, Obama seems to be the loser, since he has lots of trouble ahead in 2009, whereas McCain seems to be off to a good start of 2009. But that could be explained in so many other ways than the losing or winning of the presidential election.

       If I have to bet on one of them winning the election, it would be on John McCain. But I would not bet that much.

© Stefan Stenudd, October 15, 2008.

The previous chart, based on the erroneous birth time 9:00 AM, is here.

PS: Transit for McCain's POW capture

(October 22, 2008) Still bothered by my doubts about the above birth time for John McCain, I had a quick look at the transits for the date when he was captured in Vietnam, to be kept as a Prisoner of War. That happened on October 26, 1967, and he was not released until March 14, 1973 - more than five years later. On the day of his capture, Pluto was about to pass over his native Venus. Something as devastating as that experience would indeed involve Pluto.

       Now, in the horoscope above, based on the birth time 6:25 PM, this happened in his 7th House, which regulates partnerships like marriage and such. That was definitely not the issue at hand. In the chart based on a birth at 9:00 AM, on the other hand, it happened in the 12th House, which is called the "Hell of the Zodiac" and regulates sacrifice, shortcomings, and weaknesses. That's more like it.

       So, I continue to have serious doubts about the birth time 6:25 PM.

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