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Planets in Aries

Their Astrological Meaning in the Zodiac Sign

Planets in Aries

Aries, the Ram, is one of the twelve Zodiac signs. In your horoscope, when a planet is in Aries, its characteristics are affected according to those of the Zodiac sign.


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       The planet, representing a certain active power within you, expresses itself in your life in a way significant to the Zodiac sign it occupies in your horoscope.

       Below are the planets and what they express when they're in Aries. Note that it's independent of whether your Zodiac sign is Aries or not.

The Planets in Aries

Here are the planets (and similar important points in the horoscope), what they stand for, and how they are affected by Aries if they are in that Zodiac sign in your horoscope:

The symbols (glyphs) for the planets.

The Sun

The sunBasic drive. Aries brings unrest and vitality.

If you have the sun in Aries in your birth chart horoscope, it means Aries is your Zodiac sign. It shows your general constitution and attitude in life. Aries makes you constantly impatient and eager to test your abilities.

       The sun is said to be the ruler of Aries, so it's particularly strong and active in this sign. It also reveals the characteristics of your relation to your father.

The Moon

The moonLonging. Aries brings frustration and impatience.

The moon represents your soul and emotional needs — what you crave in spite of what you might think about it. Aries makes your longings urgent, triggering impulses that you may regret, but also those that please you greatly. In any case, you're often unable to resist them. You act on your longings before thinking.

       The moon also shows your relation to your mother. In Aries, your relation is active, indeed, with a lot of mutual impatience. You are sort of rivals, demanding control and final say, proudly opposing one another — but also often cooperating with enthusiasm in joint activities, when you can agree on them.


MercuryCuriosity. Aries brings impulsiveness and improvisation.

Mercury represents the conscious mind and your everyday intellectual activity. How you think, talk, and communicate with others. If it's in Aries, you're so impatient your words stumble on each other, as do your thoughts, coming in a speed hard to manage. You're full of ideas, but often lack the patience to develop or pursue them. And in conversations, you're quick to argue, often raising your voice.


VenusAffection. Aries brings creative urge and delight.

Venus is the creative, benevolent force. In Aries, it's strong and impatient, making you lust for pleasure and hard to please completely. You have a talent for most physical activities and get great joy out of them. You need to live an active life. Also, you are at your best when you're challenged. That cheers you up.


MarsAggression. Aries brings a quick temper and a challenging attitude.

Mars is the constructive (and destructive) force, the source to aggression. It can accomplish great things, but also cause a lot of bad. In Aries, it's hard to control. You have a temper, to say the least, sometimes getting almost furious without anyone able to calm you down (not even you). Your seemingly endless energy is a tremendous resource, to the extent you learn to control it. Your sudden impulses can work to your advantage, but also cause problems for you. But you thrive on both, needing challenges to feel alive.

       Mars is said to exalt in Aries, which means it is stimulated and enforced in this Zodiac sign. That makes it powerful indeed, but also hard to control even for its bearer. You need outlets for this intense energy, for example in sports or other demanding physical activities. Otherwise it will erupt whether it suits you or not.


JupiterLuck. Aries brings surprises and "easy come — easy go".

Jupiter is the planet of fortune and expansion, if not to say what we call luck. It's the force behind our will to progress, increase our resources, and make life rich in several ways. In Aries, it's force is impatient, eager to move on, without worrying about the possible consequences. Not all victories are to one's benefit, not every profit makes us richer. Jupiter in Aries reaches and grabs, no matter what. Success is instant or absent. Even when it comes, which it does often with Jupiter in Aries, it's not easy to hold on to. The good fortune of Jupiter in Aries is quick to arrive and often just as quick to cease. But it makes life exciting and full of events.

       Jupiter stays in the same Zodiac sign for about a year, so most people born on the same year share it — although in different positions in the sign.


SaturnDuty. Aries brings a demanding attitude and intolerance.

Saturn represents the tradition, what we inherit from our past — our own ancestors as well as the culture we're born into. It's also the force of our conscience and sense of duty. What we are bound to do. In Aries, this force is demanding and impatient. People born with Saturn in Aries tend to have very determined ideals and little tolerance towards those who don't share them. They demand obedience and conformity. It's a strict attitude, firmly imposed. But it makes up its own mind, so it can demand obedience to the ruling order as well as revolution, depending on its own conclusions and conviction.

       Saturn tends to demand a lot of those born with it in Aries. It moves so slowly across the Zodiac, it remains in one sign for about 2,5 years.


UranusContemplation. Aries brings an improvising mind, with difficulty to concentrate for long.

Uranus stands for contemplation and the insights it leads to. That includes higher education, but really any mental process of significance in the human mind. In Aries, it's impatient and rarely penetrates subjects enough. Instead it makes the mind jump from one question to the next, in such a hurry that there's time for few answers, at least not any profound ones. On the other hand, it gladly challenges old ideas, believing nothing just because authorities have it so. Uranus in Aries opens for new perspectives, without having the patience to pursue them.

       Uranus moves so slowly through the Zodiac, it stays for almost seven years in each sign. So, the mentality it represents is shared by a whole generation — with slightly different characteristics according to what part of the sign Uranus occupies at the moment.


NeptuneFantasy. Aries brings a wild imagination and restless dreams.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasy, what happens in the mind when the imagination runs free. In Aries, it causes unrest and many interrupted fantasies, seemingly out of nowhere. If this is where you have your Neptune, your dreams are intense, often waking you up, and usually involve exciting adventures. You have a hard time following your daytime fantasies, because of their sudden appearances and quick passing. Your mind can be quite a turmoil, at times. But you also have a capacity of deciding what your dreams will be about, and the fantasies you have — no matter how far-fetched — sometimes do come true.

       Neptune stays in each Zodiac sign for almost 14 years, so there's a lot of people who share its position in the birth charts. That's why each generation seems to favor some fantasies and dreams to others, and therefore they have similar attractions regarding entertainment, especially when it comes to movies and fiction.


PlutoCatharsis Aries brings sudden and drastic changes, rarely foreseen.

Pluto is the force that causes drastic changes making everything different from that point on. Revolutions of sorts, also the real ones. In Aries, these changes are sudden indeed, and shocking, appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Those who are born with Pluto in Aries will experience several such changes — causing some of them, being innocent victims of others. The astrological House where they have their Pluto will reveal in what field of their life the dramatic changes are to be expected — but Pluto changes affect all of life, not just part of it. Nothing and nobody is immune to them. Those with Pluto in Aries will have adventurous lives, with sparkling success as well as dreadful disaster.

       Pluto stays about 20 years in every Zodiac sign (it differs significantly between the signs), so this planet's position is shared by a whole generation. Therefore, what decides its effect on a person is the House it's in and aspects to other planets.

The Ascendant, AC

The Ascendant, ACAttitude. Aries brings some rudeness, and obvious impatience.

The Ascendant shows how you present yourself to others, how you want them to perceive you. They buy it at first, but then they get to know the rest of your 1st House (the Ascendant is the cusp to it), and by time they may even sense what the rest of your horoscope has to say. If you have the Ascendant in Aries, you want to come through as proud and determined, someone not yielding to the pressure and expectations of others. You go your own way and state it boldly. You prefer that others regard you as a troublemaker, than that they think they can dominate you. And you don't want them to be confident that they know you to the extent that they can predict your behavior and responses. You want them uneasy about you, respectful and even fearing you at least a little.

Medium Coeli, MC

Medium Coeli, MCSelf-image. Aries brings over-estimation of one's own capacity, but eagerness to achieve.

MC, Midheaven, is the point showing how you see yourself, whether that's accurate or not. If it's in Aries, you have high thoughts about your capacities, sometimes far too high. But when aiming for the sky, you reach higher than with more moderate perspectives. Still, you're bound to disappoint yourself at times, which doesn't stop you from rising optimistically at the very next instant, when new challenges are introduced. You prefer to take a chance and fail, than never to spread your wings. Your confidence may get blows, but it's never beaten completely.

Dragon's Head, Moon Node

Dragon's Head, North NodeDirection of life. Aries brings a tendency towards challenge instead of compromise, or the other way around.

The Dragon's Head or Moon's North Node has a counterpart exactly at its opposite: the Dragon's Tail or the South Node. They form a straight line right through the horoscope, which shows the direction your life is heading. It can be from the North to the South Node or the other way around, depending on other circumstances — mainly aspects to planets and other astrological points. If the Dragon's Head is in Aries, its tail is in Libra. That means you hurry to accept any challenge, rather than finding compromises and stability. You break the rules rather than obeying them, and you go your own way rather than joining with an ally or partner. To put it drastically, you tend to prefer war to peace. At least you never give up before trying everything to get your way.

       But if the South Node is heavily supported by aspects to planets and other points, the direction of your life will be the reverse of the above.

More about the planets

Of course, all of the above is very general, mainly to give you an idea of how the planets are expressed in your horoscope. You need to study your horoscope chart carefully, to make a deeper and more nuanced interpretation. For much more about the planets in astrology and your horoscope, go here:

The Planets in Your Horoscope

       If you want to find out what planets you may have in Aries or other Zodiac signs, you need to calculate your birth chart, which is your true horoscope. More about that here:

Your own complete horoscope

Aries — Ram. Illustration from a 1482 edition of Poeticon Astronomicon, attributed to Hyginus.

Aries — Ram. Illustration from a 1482 edition of Poeticon Astronomicon, attributed to Hyginus.

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