by Stefan Stenudd


Brad Pitt Horoscope

Complete Birth Chart

Brad Pitt

(June 2007) This is the horoscope for the movie actor Brad Pitt. It is a nativity horoscope, based on his birth on December 18, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, at 06:31 AM. I have found his birth time on the Internet. It seems to be from official sources, so it should be trustworthy.


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       My interpretation of his horoscope, below, is done the same way as I would with any other person — famous or not. I don't care about the part of his life that fills the tabloids, but what astrology has to say about his personality, talents, and life path. Hopefully, whether you're interested in Brad Pitt or in astrology, you will enjoy reading this.

       If you're Brad Pitt, please pardon me for using astrology to explore your person. My only excuse (and I admit it's a bad one) is your fame. If you want me to close this page, or parts of it, just let me know.

       For explanations about astrological terms and components used below, go to Horoscope Basics.

Brad Pitt's horoscope.

Brad Pitt's birth chart.


Brad Pitt's birth chart is quite a complex one, with a high number of aspects. There are two obvious clusters of planets — one in Virgo and his 10th House, and one in Capricorn and mainly his 2nd House. The clusters are related to each other with several Trine aspects.

       Since both Virgo and Capricorn belong to the element Earth, more than half of Brad Pitt's planets are in Earth signs. Earth is the materialistic element in astrology. It indicates the concrete, the earth bound, a life lived by getting things done, and not making a big deal out of it. Obviously, that does not sound like the image we have of the superstar, but it must be remembered that the horoscope shows how he sees it, himself, and how it feels to him. He has a very down-to-earth view on his own life.

       The third Earth sign is Taurus, where Brad Pitt has no planets at all. That's the most "earthy" of the Earth signs, signifying some slowness and a reluctance toward change, among other things. A conservatism. That is quite lacking in Brad Pitt's personality. His Earth is of a progressive kind, striving for results, and not hesitant even toward bigger projects and changes. The combination of Virgo and Capricorn makes him quite result-oriented, and with a lot of perseverance. The results need to be concrete — visible and palpable — or he would not regard them as results at all.

       Brad Pitt has three of his planets in Fire signs. Fire is the element of activity, of energy that needs to be directed and utilized. Again, his character of a "doer" is pointed out.

       The remaining elements, Air and Water, have only one planet each. The former represents thinking, the latter emotions. Brad Pitt is not much for either of them. He shrugs at feelings, if they are not expressed clearly, and he does not put much value at thought that leads to no action. He wants things to be out in the open, and to lead to something.

       Now, it's time to go into detail.

Identity — 1st House

Brad Pitt has his Ascendant in the middle of Sagittarius. That shows how he presents himself, what he pretends to be. Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, the person who does not want to commit, to be bound up by obligations. An independent person, who makes it clear that he is not going to adapt, nor is he going to let others rule over him.

       As people in his surroundings get to know him a little better, they see that he is very serious indeed about his independence — it is not at all pretense, or mere attitude. Brad Pitt has his Sun further down in the 1st House, also in Sagittarius, which emphasizes that independence and freedom are essential to his being. He will not get caught. When people try to snare him, he will escape.

       This also marks a reluctance in him to have people know that much more of him, than they have seen this far down in the 1st House. By the time it shifts into Capricorn, this is deep into Brad Pitt's private life, where very few are invited — not because he is particularly secretive about himself, but because he wants to make sure that others don't influence the decisions and choices he wants to make.

       By the end of the 1st House is the planet Mars. Again a firm statement of keeping his privacy and integrity. Mars is in Capricorn, where the planet is particularly powerful and vitalized. A man of action, of getting things done even when the obstacles are huge. But in the 1st House this is mainly a power of controlling himself, of ruling over his own personality, and how others can influence it — which is practically not at all. Brad Pitt's Mars power is one of keeping his integrity. He sure needs it...

Possessions — 2nd House

Brad Pitt's 2nd House begins in Capricorn, and contains three planets. This House is one of possessions. Money, certainly, but also personal capacities that one has since birth. Brad Pitt obviously has a lot of both.

       Capricorn shows that he has the ambition to use his capacities, and make them grow. The planet Mercury early on in the House shows his talent for communication, to make people understand what he wants, and to convince them to want the same. He would be a good salesman, for example. When he argues for something, it is hard for others to resist. He has a gift for words, especially when using them to make a point.

       Further on in the 2nd House, Brad Pitt has a very important conjunction of Venus and the moon. There's one word for this conjunction: charm. Brad Pitt has the ability to be very charming. It is still in Capricorn, so he uses it at will, and for a purpose — but when he does, he can be very charming, indeed. One could say seductive, if it were not for the straightforwardness of it. He does not manipulate, but convince. So, when he has argued his case successfully, with his Mercury ability, he uses his charm to make his adversary enjoy to surrender.

       The charm of his Venus-moon conjunction must also be the explanation to his charisma on the silver screen. He can control and utilize his charm at will — without giving any impression of manipulating others — and that certainly works on film, too. He makes people want to care about where is movie character is going. Still, it has to be going somewhere — neither he nor the nature of his charm settles with just sitting still and being pretty. On film as well as in his private life, he is going somewhere — and others want to join him.

       The Venus-moon conjunction in Brad Pitt's horoscope is a very close one — the planets are little more than half a degree apart. And it's his only conjunction (I allow an orb of only 4). This makes the aspect a very important one in his horoscope. His charm is a great resource, and a tool he knows how to use. It's a good thing he's not a salesman. You would buy a used car from this man.

       The 2nd House moves on into Aquarius, but with no planets. Still, it indicates that further on in life, he tends to focus more on his mind, and his longing for contemplation. It will be difficult for him to find the peace and stillness to search what's inside his mind, since the Capricorn part of the 2nd House will remain the most active one — but he is striving to explore what his mind may have in store for him. More and more, he will want to turn away from what he wins so easily, to what he may bring up from within, for his own sake only.

Friends — 3rd House

Brad Pitt's 3rd House begins in Aquarius, where he has his Saturn. That's heavy, and it regards his relations to his friends. He takes them very seriously, and he demands of them to do the same. They should be honest to each other, and they should get to know each other inside out, profoundly.

       Saturn shows clearly how much he demands of his friends — loyalty, absolutely, and also devotion — but he demands just as much of himself. He prefers friends that he has known forever, maybe their parents and grandparents, too. It takes time to become a friend of his, of course, and he will test and scrutinize those that he begins to get to know. Not many persons pass these tests. But those who do have a friend for life, who is prepared to devote himself to them.

       Considering his high demands, it is no wonder that his friends are few, and hard to keep as long as he is prepared to stay true to them. The 3rd House moves into Pisces, which shows that he has difficulty keeping his friends, although he is prepared such sacrifices for them. Those who do not flee because of his demands, may do so because of his devotion. His search for true friends is a life-long quest. He may not have more than one or two, who remain for the whole ride.

Home — 4th House

The 4th House represents both the home of one's childhood, and that one makes as an adult — they tend to have many similarities, no matter what one might think about that, oneself. Brad Pitt's 4th House is split between Pisces and Aries, with Jupiter in the latter.

       Pisces shows that every home he has, begins in confusion. He tries hard to make it work, willing to make personal sacrifices and to put his own needs aside for it. Still, it seems not to succeed. Neither home nor family settles. After some time, it switches to Aries, by which patience ends here and there. The home breaks up, the family members go separate ways.

       Right before the home is deserted, Jupiter is reached, and new possibilities appear. The planet shows that he gets out of the old home easier than he feared, and he finds a new one even easier than he hoped. Brad Pitt does not stay homeless for long. He goes from one to another, each time with a feeling of getting an improvement, a better chance at success. The new home he finds, right before the previous one would have collapsed, raises his hopes of finding one that lasts — and he commits to it without hesitation or reservation.

       The new home will be a repetition of the ones before, but each time with some real improvement. So, that is more and more of a home life — sort of. And he does not lose his optimism.

       Jupiter is linked by a Square aspect to Mars in the end of the 1st House. The Square points out a conflict — in Brad Pitt's horoscope that conflict is between the forceful way he guards his integrity, and the way he jumps at a new home without hesitation or reservation. When it comes to his home and family, he is prepared to throw integrity out the window. Still, in guarding his integrity toward others, he actually complicates matters at home. Other family members might not want to share his tendency toward isolation from the surrounding community.

       Brad Pitt's Jupiter is also linked by a Trine to his Ascendant. The independence he signals to others that he insists on keeping, helps him finding a new start for his home, lets him move easily to the next setting. It is an interesting contradiction, and not that easy to live with: Because he is free, he can devote himself to family, but it cannot last if he does not give up his freedom — and that he probably can't.

Pastime — 5th House

Brad Pitt's 5th House is empty of planets. That House shows what one does at one's spare time, what one does for one's own delight. To him, that's not important at all. When he has time off, he likes to start it in an Aries way — that is with intense activity. But after some time it turns to Taurus, which is slow, steady, like a long rest. Of course, that is like a good workout — energetic, and followed by well-deserved relaxation. He doesn't need more, and thinks little of it.

Work — 6th House

The 6th House describes what one works with, and how. Brad Pitt has no planets in this House either. It begins in Taurus, and changes about midway into Gemini. It means that every work he gets is quite grounded at first. Concrete things, nothing fancy, with easily learned routines. No problem. After some time it develops into Gemini, by which it becomes lighthearted, rather playful, not serious at all.

       So his work moves from routine to amusement. He would not call it remarkable in any way. Just work. First trying to stand the bore of it, then just trying to have some fun.

       That might not sound like a movie star job at all, but to him that's what it is. Trying to cope with boredom. He does not regard it as that very significant in his life. Just a job.

Partner — 7th House

Also the 7th House, that of partnership, is void of planets in Brad Pitt's horoscope. The 7th House shows all kinds of partnerships, not just those of love and marriage. Brad Pitt starts his relationships in a Gemini way — playfully, almost jokingly, like little more than having fun with a friend. Someone who can play along, will by time reach the Cancer phase, where Brad Pitt finds — maybe even to his own surprise — that his feelings for that person have deepened into affection.

       Still, it is difficult for him to keep the relation for very long. Without a planet in the House, the partnership just isn't important or significant enough. The emotions have little to hold on to. But the affection remains even after the relation has ended, and Brad Pitt has no trouble entering a new relation — in high spirit.

Unknown — 8th House

The 8th House rules over things that can't be controlled. Fate, the unknown, and blood relations — the latter simply because one can't choose what family one is born into. Death is also something connected to this House, as is the occult. In Brad Pitt's horoscope this is yet another House without any planets, which means that it is not of great importance to him.

       It starts with Cancer, the emotional sign, and ends in Leo, the sign of personal power. That signifies a development of his, from one attitude to another in regard to matters of this House. At first he was often upset and disturbed by things out of anyone's control, worrying what fate might hit him or his surroundings with. Later, he learned to shake himself out of it, and go his way no matter what.

       He does not ignore fate, but refuses to let his life be held back by fear of how fate might strike. And when it strikes, he is rarely that shaken by it, but able to move on nonetheless. The older he gets, the more this ability of his will improve. Also, his great personal resources shown in the opposing 2nd House, make him less dependent on the twists of fate. He will get by.

Changes — 9th House

The changes in Brad Pitt's life are of his own making. The 9th House, which rules over major changes in life, begins with Leo in his horoscope. He accepts changes that he himself initiates and controls. Many of them are limited to his own person, maybe even hard for others to notice.

       Usually the changes in the 9th House are such as moving from one place of residence to another, changing friends, work, home, in the process. Brad Pitt is rather reluctant to make changes affecting all those aspects of his life. He is not pleased with the prospect of having to change his habits, or to upset the order he has brought to his everyday life. So, when he does, it should be on his terms.

       Therefore, he has a tendency to refuse to make any changes, even when moving to a completely different location. But the House moves into Virgo, which shows that by time he actually puts some effort into rearranging things, down to the smallest detail, and finds that this is what makes it possible for him to keep in control. Reluctantly, but minutely, he adapts.

       That's where Brad Pitt gets in contact with his Uranus, the planet of insight, of learning from life. After struggling with adapting to changed circumstances, he discovers just how to do it, and what the true nature of the change is. Learning what changes, and what doesn't, is learning a lot about life. The planet is retrograde, so these discoveries are rather subtle, but still Brad Pitt makes his most important realizations about life from understanding the changes in it.

       Uranus has a Square aspect to the Ascendant in Brad Pitt's horoscope, showing the conflict he experiences between learning to adapt and wanting to keep his integrity. It is possible to manage both, but it's not easy. Uranus also has a Trine with Mars, again showing the complex relation between adaption and integrity. Indeed, he manages both — actually, his strength to stay independent helps him adapt to new circumstances. As he guards his privacy vigorously, there is not much of him that really needs to change, wherever he goes.

       And struggling to solve the complications between integrity and adaption — that's where he gains wisdom.

Career — 10th House

The 10th House is significant in Brad Pitt's horoscope. This House shows social status, what role one plays in one's surroundings, such as the work place and the neighborhood. A person's career can be read here.

       The Virgo entrance of the House in Brad Pitt's chart shows that he's a hard worker. He gains respect within his field of business and on his working places, for doing his job with persistence, not sparing himself at all. He is also respected for paying attention to detail, being focused and elaborate. The colleagues can trust that he takes good care of what is assigned to him. The overall picture, though, is not his thing. Brad Pitt does his part well, and leaves for others to handle the rest.

       So, he's not a leader. He is one of the team, who does his thing without demanding credit for it. And he prefers to do it on his own.

       Quite early in Brad Pitt's 10th House is his Pluto. This is the planet of drastic change, events that have lasting importance. It is in retrograde, so it is milder than would otherwise be the case, but still it will cause some surprising turns of events in Brad Pitt's social life. These usually happen when he has recently entered a new social situation — a new work place, for example. He enters a new project, and soon something unforeseen and quite dramatic happens. Because it is in Virgo, he has probably himself caused it, and the effect is concrete.

       Although Brad Pitt shuns a leading role in his environment, he is instrumental in causing major turns of events in it. He does this by so small means that others might not realize his role. Perhaps he is not completely aware of it, himself. This also means that if others want to accomplish a significant change in this environment, they do well to get Brad Pitt involved in it.

       This Pluto position is certainly an important ingredient in Brad Pitt's fame. Pluto in the 10th House generally indicates an elevated position in one's social life. The planet has a Trine aspect to Mercury in the beginning of the 2nd House. This shows that Brad Pitt's ability to communicate his intentions and convince, works very smoothly with the Pluto impression he makes socially. Although he works in concrete ways, and avoids using pompous words about his contribution, he makes a lasting impression.

       Pluto also has a Square aspect to the Ascendant in Brad Pitt's chart. This shows the unavoidable conflict between his social significance and his will to keep himself independent, unattached. If he had other aspirations, people around him would have treated him with much more hesitation, so instead of escaping fame his reluctance increases it. Even if he works hard to change things so that people's attention should move away from him, the result is mostly the opposite — his position gets increasingly recognized and respected.

       Pluto's third aspect is a sextile with Neptune in the 12th House, which I will return to. But with as many as three aspects, the central role of Pluto in Brad Pitt's horoscope is obvious. To put it in one word: fame. Pluto's position in Brad Pitt's chart represents his fame. Much can be said about it.

       First of all, his horoscope does not clearly show the level of his fame. Horoscopes don't work that way. They present a person as he is to himself, how his life is to him — and not to others, at least not more than indirectly. And there is a limit to how famous a person can feel. So, the horoscope clearly indicates that he makes a significant impression in his environment, but no astrologer would predict world fame just because of the Pluto position and such.

       Actually, wide-spread fame is often showed in the 11th House, and not the 10th. Because Brad Pitt's fame is based in the latter, it is mainly related to his profession, to the impression he makes in his work-place, and among his colleagues. In other words: It is his line of work that happens to lead to international fame. Had he chosen another profession, he would still have been famous among his peers, but probably not elsewhere. As I have said above, he could have been a terribly good salesman. It would have made him rich, but not a celebrity.

       So, the real base for Brad Pitt's success in the movie industry, is the respect the others in the industry have for him. Of course, his charm expressed by the Venus-moon conjunction in his 2nd House, is felt also by the movie audiences. That helps, certainly, but it is not the initial force at play.

       MC, Medium Coeli, is also called Midheaven. Brad Pitt has his MC in the middle of the 10th House, in Virgo. This shows how he sees himself. So, he is quite aware of his significance in his environment, and his competence in dealing with it. He has mixed feelings about it. He does not approve of fame in itself, so he makes sure to do a good job, to work hard, as a way of explaining and justifying it. He would do the same, even if fame was in no way the outcome.

       Brad Pitt's MC has two aspects. One is a Trine with the Venus-moon conjunction. It shows that he is well aware of his charm, and how he can use it. He does when he needs to, but also he makes it a principle to use his charm to please his environment, to make the people he works with feel good — so that work goes smoothly. But he is not above using his charm to get what he wants, as long as this is not a way of easing his own burdens. He sees his charm as a work-oriented resource.

       He does believe that his charm is the main reason for his fame and social position, and he is a bit self-critical about that. He is also unfair to himself. It is not because of his charm that he has reached fame, but it does have something to do with his remaining famous.

       The second MC aspect is a Square with his sun in the 1st House. This repeats what is pointed out in so many ways in Brad Pitt's horoscope: his reluctance to be an official figure. He never forgets how much more peace of mind he would have without the fame, and struggles hard, very hard, to distance himself from it. he is convinced that he is completely different from the image given of him as a celebrity, and he is determined to keep it that way. He does not want to be famous for what he really is — that, he keeps to himself. So, his celebrity is to him just another role he plays, where others write the script, and others hold the camera, but so what — he's just acting.

       After MC the 10th House turns into Libra, the sign of balance. He learns to live with his social position, even to relax in it, and takes delight in time to see his fame slowly fade away. It will never disappear completely, but sink to a more reasonable level. Then he has no problem finding that peace of mind.

Ideals — 11th House

The 11th House shows what one does unselfishly, what causes one engages in, and how one wants to assist in making the world better. Brad Pitt has no planets in this House, which indicates that he believes himself to be of little importance in world-affairs. He doubts that one person can really make that much of a difference. He might even find the idea offensive — one person just should not mean that much.

       In his horoscope, the 11th House starts in Libra and moves on to Scorpio. So, his ideals change by time. At first, he has had firm principles about right and wrong, ideals that he was convinced everybody should adapt. By time, though, he feels increasing doubts. The world is such a complicated place, and people are by nature so irrational — there is no single philosophy or political doctrine that could fit it all. He sees the chaos under the surface, the threats of dome and catastrophe, and he sees no safe way to avoid them.

       It is not that he becomes pessimistic, but he ceases to believe in easy solutions. If he engages in idealistic struggles and manifestations, it is to show just how vulnerable the world is, how many dangers there are. He wants to say: "Beware!", but he refuses to commit to a single ideology as the solution.

Shortcomings — 12th House

The 12th House is called the Hell of the Zodiac. It can be, but mostly it shows what things in life have to be sacrificed and held back, in order for other things to be expressed. The parts of a personality that are suppressed.

       Brad Pitt has the 12th House in Scorpio and Sagittarius. The latter is the easiest to explain. Sagittarius is freedom and integrity. Although he struggles so hard, his integrity is to a large extent impossible to protect. So is his freedom. His fame sort of keeps him in a cage, and big parts of that cage are visible to all. That's hard to live with, especially for Brad Pitt, to whom integrity and privacy are so important.

       Still, that's not his biggest sacrifice, by far. The initial Scorpio part of his 12th House is much more of a complication for him, and that's also enforced by the planet Neptune. Scorpio is the sign of passion. Brad Pitt needs to be in control, so it is very difficult for him to be passionate, to allow himself to be swept away by the really strong emotions. Instead, Neptune makes him dream and fantasize about them. So, he has wild dreams that would make a psychiatrist drool.

       But the 12th House is sort of a negation, pointing out what one has to keep inside. Therefore, some signs and planets actually thrive in it. This is particularly true for Neptune, the planet of fantasy and inspiration, and Scorpio, the sign of hidden passions and secret delights. Brad Pitt has them both in his 12th House.

       So, his fantasy is constantly active and flourishing, especially as it is fed by the passion sign Scorpio. As I said — he has a spectacular dream life. Neptune in the 12th House is very much an artistic force. A creative flow from inside. Brad Pitt has it in abundance. Although it is in the 12th House, it can actually be expressed through aspects to other planets. His Neptune has three such aspects.

       One of them is a Sextile to Pluto in the 10th House — one of the most important planets in Brad Pitt's horoscope. The Sextile is a creative aspect, allowing his fantasy to be expressed through that which causes his fame. So, obviously, here is another factor that explains his artistic success and fame. His fantasy brings luster to his official role, feeds it with inspiration, makes it intriguing and fascinating. Scorpio is a particularly relevant sign for his Neptune to be in, because it is one of playing with emotions, of understanding and utilizing them. Scorpio arouses passion in others, while it does itself remain in control. That's the sign of the actor.

       Indeed, the Sextile between Neptune and Pluto points out Brad Pitt's talent for acting, and for making a lasting impression with it. He engages, he attracts, he confuses, and worries. He makes others feel, and with Pluto involved, he helps bringing his audiences to catharsis, that which Aristotle said is the very meaning of drama.

       Brad Pitt's Neptune also has a Sextile to Mercury in the 2nd House. So, his fantasy and inspiration helps him speak convincingly, if not to say seductively. People are intrigued and fascinated, as soon as he opens his mouth. In acting, this also means that he can deliver his lines so that they are full of inner meaning, and there's lots between the lines. His voice is sweet but also strangely alarming, impossible to ignore.

       In Brad Pitt's horoscope the triangle of Neptune, Pluto, and Mercury, bound to each other by aspects, shows the core of his acting talent. The intriguing fantasy, the impressive, dramatic character, and the way with words and voice. No wonder he is so successful.

       Neptune's third aspect is a Square to Saturn in the 3rd House. His wild fantasy causes trouble with his friends. Brad Pitt is worried about them, and he worries them. His imagination can run away in odd suspicions. Also, it is very hard for his friends to get the feeling that they understand him. Few can be comfortable with him, since they sense that there is so much going on in his head. It gets complicated.

       If his friends could consider how Brad Pitt's Neptune is expressed in his Pluto and Mercury — that is, in his acting — they should be able to relax. But it is probably only fellow actors who can make such conclusions, and trust them. It is among fellow actors that Brad Pitt is most likely to find friends. Others might think that all the roles he plays, all that comes out of his imagination, are aspects of his personality. That's true in a way, but no more than dreams are real.

Brad Pitt

Periods in Life — Planet Ages

Above, I have gone through Brad Pitt's horoscope, House by House. There are many other ways to analyze a horoscope chart, and many more things to see in it. One is to study the planets as symbols of periods of a person's life. Each planet represents a period of about seven years, from the moon as the early childhood to Pluto as the transformation to death. It gives a general idea of how a person's life will evolve.

       This is what Brad Pitt's horoscope shows about his planetary periods in life:

       The first seven years of his life, ruled by the moon, were a delight. Secure, orderly, in good circumstances, and a very positive mood as shown by the Venus conjunction. He was quite spoiled.

       The age 7 to 14 years is ruled by Mercury, since this is the period where communication and language are of fundamental importance. He still had a secure and orderly life, and was quite spoiled. But it was not as pleasant as the previous period. He felt ambition, the need to accomplish something. It is possible that he felt some pressure from his surroundings. Already here, his fantasy started to blossom, and he began to be noticed. Many began to think that he would "be something". He probably started with acting in this period, and if so, he quickly got surprisingly good at it. Still, many might have thought that he was just a gifted kid, who would not continue to excel when growing up. Others suspected that there would be more.

       The period of puberty, 14 to 21, is ruled by Venus, of course. That was also a delightful period for Brad, just as pleasant has his early childhood. He felt good about himself, had many amorous escapades, enjoyed his privileged situation. He was still quite spoiled, maybe touching at being arrogant about it. He discovered his charm and started using it, sometimes excessively. Also, he started to feel a responsibility to do something with himself. His wish for accomplishment got more concrete and focused. He started to realize what her wanted to do with his talent, and how to do it. And he got to work on it.

       The first period of adult life, 21-28, is ruled by the sun. This is where one needs to find out who one is, what one wants out of life. Brad Pitt saw the importance of freedom and integrity. He must already have experienced the drawbacks of his talents, the risks of the life he had to pursue, so he started to arm himself with resistance against the changes others wanted him to go through. He became stubborn and detached, building an inner defense, and guarding it. He decided to keep his official role apart from his inner life.

       Next is the Mars period, at about age 28 to 35. This is where people have the most intense part of their career, where the force of Mars is badly needed. Brad Pitt used this period, too, for isolating himself from the fame. He made very firm boundaries, refused to participate in much of celebrity life, and made sure to be in control of his life. He tried several times to form a home and a family, shown by the Square to Jupiter, but did not know how to do it without losing some control of his integrity. He made significant changes to his life, shown by the Trine to Uranus, and succeeded with them, learning a lot in the process. These changes were to a large extent done in order to increase his control of his life, and keep others out of it.

       The Jupiter period, at about age 35 to 42, Brad Pitt focused tremendously on trying to get a home and a family. This is the period of his life where it had the biggest chance of succeeding. The most difficult obstacle was still how to accomplish it without losing his integrity, but now he knew how to modify his attitude, his way of presenting himself to others, so that this complication would not be too obvious. We have yet to see if he was able to form a lasting home and family. If not, he is unlikely to do any better with it in the future.

       The Saturn age is around the years 42-49. For Brad Pitt they are all about friends, about finding people he can include in his private sphere, and keep them there. It is done quite sternly, trying others and being tried by them, in a solemn atmosphere. There are quarrels and hostilities on the way, as well as heavy moments with dark thoughts. Suspicions and worries are hard to erase. But the friends who remain after this period will stay for the rest of his life.

       The Uranus age, about 49-56, is the period when conclusions are to be made, and a person is to find wisdom from all the lessons life has given so far. Brad Pitt uses this period to change just about everything about his life. He follows an elaborate plan minutely, and knows exactly where he is going. He is probably leaving his previous life and world completely behind, and tries something new. One reason for it is, of course, a renewed wish for privacy, shown by the Trine to Mars. Another is that he is tired of playing roles — the Square to his Ascendant. Brad Pitt wants to relax and just be himself, to really find out who that is.

       The age of Neptune is retired life, devoted to fantasy and memories. Traditionally, it is given as about 56-63, but nowadays it mostly starts in the 60s, and goes on well into the 70s. Brad Pitt spends this time almost hidden from the world. He is still artistically active, which is shown by the aspects to Pluto and Mercury. He might even get a renewed fame. But he will not let himself be exposed to public life. He devotes himself to his very rich and fantastic inner life. Few of his friends understand what is going on, so he lets most of them slide away. But even those who remain his friends find it difficult to keep in touch with him.

       Pluto, the last of the planets, represents the passing from this life to whatever comes next. In Brad Pitt's case, its position in the 10th House shows that he is still famous at the time of his death, and will probably remain so quite long after it. His art continues to intrigue and fascinate people, which is shown by the aspects to Neptune and Mercury. But he just has to accept that at death, he will no longer be in control of his integrity, no longer in charge of how others perceive him. The Square to his Ascendant points this out. He should not worry, since posterity will be much more interested in his art than in his person. Maybe that's what he wanted, all along.

Predictions — Transits

There are several methods in astrology to make specific predictions. The most important one is by transits, which means to follow the continued movement of the planets and analyze when they make aspects to the planets in the birth chart. That can be done with any planets, but the fast moving ones mark little more than everyday events. The slower ones, though, mark significant events in a person's life. Below, I trace a few of the most important transits in Brad Pitt's horoscope.

       I look at those planets in his chart that are shown above to have the most significant influence on his life.

       One is Jupiter in the 4th House, which tells about his wish for a home and a family. He is particularly likely to find good opportunities for this when Jupiter is transited by itself, which happens every twelve years. The last time was in March 1999, and next time will be in March 2011.

       But Jupiter does not necessarily introduce a lasting family constellation. Saturn is more likely to do that. Saturn is a slower planet, taking almost 30 years to travel around the sun, and thereby through the whole Zodiac. Last time it passed over Jupiter in Brad Pitt's chart was in March 1997. At that time he is likely to have settled in a home and committed to a serious and lasting family structure. Next time is not until the year 2026.

       It is not only by conjunctions that transits affect one's life. To a lesser extent, also Oppositions, Trines, Squares, and Sextiles, mark events. It's too much to go through so many transits here. In the case of Brad Pitt's longing for a stable home, the Opposition would actually break rather than build a home. He has such an aspect coming up in October 2010. He had one around the New Year of 1981, additionally empowered by transit Jupiter being in the same Opposition. That was probably when he broke up from his parental home for good, due to his commencing acting career. Also by Trines and the other aspects, there will be events in his home life — but they are less likely to be lasting.

       Neptune would not lead to a solid home and family, that is far from its nature. Uranus would lead to realizations about family as such, but hardly to a family being formed. The slowest planet, Pluto, could either break up a home, no matter how solid it seems, or create one where it seems impossible. It is a major changer. But it will not form a conjunction with Brad Pitt's Jupiter in his lifetime. It did form an Opposition in August 1976, when Brad was only 12. There would have been events of a social nature, in his surroundings, that severed his home life and family substantially. It might even have created a kind of trauma that is a psychological reason for his trouble with making a stable home.

       In 1999 Pluto formed a Trine with Brad Pitt's Jupiter, affecting the whole year. At that time, he was able to make some personal sacrifices that made the possibility of getting a stable home much more likely. In October 2013, Pluto will be in Square with his Jupiter, where things he must do to protect his integrity affect his home and family life, risking to break it up.

       He will have continued difficulties keeping a home and a family together.

       Regarding Brad Pitt's artistic talent and career, marked by Pluto, Neptune, and Mercury, it can be interesting to see what the transits have to say. Pluto traveled toward a conjunction with Neptune, which coincided more or less with a Trine with Mercury, and Neptune traveled toward a conjunction with Mercury that coincided with a Trine with Pluto. Such important transits, and connected that way, are certain to be the most important transits about his acting.

       The past few decades, Pluto has been in the fastest part of its orb. Therefore it arrived at Brad Pitt's Neptune position before Neptune met with Mercury, although they had the same number of degrees to travel through the Zodiac. This happened in December 1989 — on the 22nd, to be exact. At that time (not necessarily on the very day), Brad Pitt's inspiration and fantasy got a tremendous boost and was transformed somehow. It was as if at that time, he was born as an artist — or reborn as a greater one than he had been so far. Since the transit position also included Sextiles to his native Pluto and Mercury, this must have been a time when his acting career really took off.

       Neptune met with Brad Pitt's native Mercury in December 1991 (on the 28th), creating a new sweet boost in his career. He has had some nice Decembers — the month of his birthday. His acting ability increased, especially in dialogue and making things come across. Uranus was nearby at the time, increasing his insight into the whole thing. But Uranus formed its exact Conjunction with Mercury a little later, on February 12, 1992. That time, the Neptune Conjunction was still active, so this period must have been enormously developing for Brad Pitt. He progressed and excelled as an actor.

       By the way, Uranus passed over Brad Pitt's Neptune on the 10th of November in 1978, giving him revelations about his fantasy and inner mind. That may have been the time when he realized that acting is his life.

       Pluto is still quick enough to reach Brad Pitt's Mercury in his life time. It happens on the night to February the 1st, 2016. Then, he will change his voice, his way of expressing himself, profoundly. This may lead to something of a new acting career, a renaissance of sorts for him, and if so, probably even more satisfying to him, than what he has experienced so far. Anyway, it is likely to be the last of the big boosts in his career.

       It should be noted that transit events with the slow outer planets don't necessarily happen on the very day of the exact transit, but in its vicinity. And their effects last for long — in the case of Pluto, very often for the rest of one's life.

       There are many other transit events that can be examined, but when I look at the long text above, I realize that I have to stop. This got to be much more than I had planned, I got carried away. I hope that whoever took the time of reading it all did not find it a waste of time.

       I plan to do more interpretations of celebrities that I find interesting. Because they are well known, any reader can relate to what I get out of their horoscopes. I hope that the celebrities themselves are not offended. I know that it's quite an invasion of their privacy. Since astrology is far from an established science, I take comfort in the fact that what I write can only be described as speculation. Fine with me.


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