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Horoscope of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021

Horoscope of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.

Swiftly over, but there is much more to come.

(January 5, 2022) Here are horoscope readings regarding the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, and the effects it had on those involved, Donald Trump and USA.


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       The Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, began at 12:53 PM, when rioters pushed through the fencing and proceeded towards the Capitol building. At 2:12, the first of the rioters entered the building. Both these moments would do as the basis of a horoscope for the event – but the latter, when the building was invaded, made the situation much more grave. So, it must be the moment on which to base the horoscope.

       It is a horoscope with several alarming components. It has as many as five square aspects, which show conflict – but on the other hand it has no opposition, which would mark an insoluble dilemma. Also, it has four trine aspects, marking harmonious relations between forces at play. That sends mixed signals.

Social impact

Of utmost importance in a horoscope are the positions of the planets in the Zodiac signs and astrological Houses. What stands out among them in this horoscope is Mars, the troublemaker, at the very end of Aries in the 11th House.

       Mars is the ruler of Aries, and therefore particularly strong there, but the end of the sign is a frustrating position. Mars is about to lose its fire, this near to entering Taurus, and therefore sort of like the dog that barks but doesn't’t bite. That makes it bark even more.

Horoscope of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.
Horoscope of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.

       This happens in the 11th House, which is that of social impact. The bark is heard all over the world. But it doesn’t go on for long. By 6 PM, Mars has entered Taurus, whereby the rage the planet had induced turns into stern resolution, but losing initiative and the energy to act. So, the riot has lost its momentum. Really, it is over.

       There is another planet in the 11th House. Uranus, the power of insight, is in Taurus and near the cusp to the 12th House, which is that of sacrifice. Uranus is in retrograde, which diminishes its power and sort of reverses it. Here, it means that society is reluctant or even unable to learn from the event, as if it never happened.

Out of control

The House most crowded by planets is the 8th, which stands for the unknown and what cannot be controlled. It contains the sun, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. That’s five of the horoscope’s ten heavenly bodies.

       Generally, it means that so much of what happens is beyond any control. It just happens, as if by chance. There may have been plans and ambitions, but things don’t play out according to them. Simply, it is a mess and no one is in control of it.

       The House is divided between Capricorn and Aquarius, whereof the sun, Pluto and Mercury are in the former sign. They all signal an illusion of control.

       The sun indicates an ambition to cause a lasting effect, but lacks the control to make it happen. Fate will not be tamed. Pluto and Mercury are conjunct, causing a drastic change in arguments and debate, where everyone has a firm opinion, even a conviction, but they reached it without really knowing how and why.

       Saturn and Jupiter form a conjunction in Aquarius. That has quite some weight, in which the planet of duty and tradition merges with that of renewal and expansion. Aquarius is the sign of contemplation and learning. That would make the conjunction one of reform, wisely bringing the past into the future. In the 8th House, though, so much is unknown and beyond handling. The lesson learned is that some things – maybe the most important ones – are unavoidable. Still, that is a valuable lesson.

Increased polarization

There are some astrological aspects between planets worthy of considering. Mars, the active force in the Capitol attack, has two square aspects to planets in the 8th House. One is to Mercury, indicating that debate and arguments leading nowhere trigger the rage and can do nothing else. The square to Saturn shows that law and tradition, regardless of their wisdom, are fusing rather than cooling the situation. The clash is unavoidable.

       Mars also has a trine aspect to Venus in the 7th House and Sagittarius. That means the outburst will make the bonds of allies grow stronger, and consequently the distancing towards other parties. Society is increasingly polarized. Some are inspired by the Capitol attack, while others deplore it. It is an example of the age-old political truth that nothing connects friends as much as finding – or inventing – enemies.

       Uranus in the 11th House has a square aspect to Jupiter in the 8th. This shows an unwillingness to accept or even understand reform initiatives that might improve the situation. Those who argue for the attack and defend it are not accessible to alternatives, no matter how good they might be. They have made up their minds.

       So, the Capitol attack horoscope shows that the drama was unavoidable, but quickly over. What remains is an increased polarization of the US population – on one side those who supported it and on the other those who condemned it. That conflict is what remains.

Donald Trump’s role

The horoscope of the Capitol attack can be compared to another horoscope, where the planetary positions of the former are called transits in the latter. That comparison is an astrological method to investigate the influence of an event on someone or something else. Here I apply it to Donald Trump’s birth chart, in order to track his role in the attack and the consequences of it for him.

       The most important planet in the Capitol attack was Mars, the force behind the commotion. In Donald Trump’s horoscope the planet’s transit position at the time of the attack was right at the cusp, the starting point, of his 9th House in Sagittarius. For him, it was a time of departure from the presidency and Washington DC. Clearly, whatever he may have hoped, it could not lead to him remaining there. Instead, it made his departure even more unavoidable.

       But transit Mars has an aspect to his horoscope showing that still, he gained something. There is a trine to his Ascendant, also just about exact, which in itself is remarkable. The Ascendant shows how he presents himself to others and the immediate impression they get of him. And they were impressed. Due to the Capitol attack, he was not yesterday’s news, but possible news of the future. He could not be ignored. That is what he gained from the attack.

       His fans became more committed to him, and those who had hoped to dismiss him with laughter were suddenly unable to do so.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the time of the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the time of the Capitol attack.

       Transit Pluto’s trine to his Medium Coeli (MC), which shows his self-image, gave him a strong sense of fate working for him. He saw the attack as a mighty change of the American political scene, one to his liking, and he took it as evidence of his own importance, as if his triumph was written in the stars.

       What he did not see, though, was the opposition between the same transit Pluto and his horoscope’s Saturn in the 11th House, which is instrumental in his social importance and influence. This opposition is what has made him unable to take real advantage of the Capitol attack, and why it did not lead to any substantial victory of his. A transit opposition shows a problem that can’t be solved. He could but lose power by the Capitol attack.

       Another significant aspect is the square between transit Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in his horoscope. Neptune is in his 7th House, which is about partners and allies. Uranus is in Gemini and his 10th House, which is that of his social position.

       The latter shows that he is a man of words more than deeds and, although entertaining, he is often not taken seriously. Transit Neptune gives him ideas about fantastic possibilities of increased influence on his allies, but the square aspect shows them to be little more than dreams.

       Having the 7th House in Pisces means that his relation to allies and partners has always been uncertain and unclear. Here today, gone tomorrow. While he saw the Capitol attack as an opening, his allies were dismayed.

       Neptune is the planet of dreams and fantasies, so its effect here is in people’s minds, not in their spoken words. But that also means it is difficult to influence. What goes on inside people’s minds is unreachable, taking its own path and by time reaching its own conclusions, which may be a surprise to everyone else. Trump is mistaken if he trusts that the minds of his allies are in accordance with his. Any ally can swing at any moment.

       What all of the above indicates is that Donald Trump believes he has gained greatly from the Capitol attack, but the truth is the opposite. It wrecked his chances. Still, it also made him impossible to dismiss. He lost power, but won reputation, if not to say notoriety.

The effect on USA

The most important horoscope to compare that of the Capitol attack with is the one for USA. It shows what the effect is on the nation as a whole.

       The US horoscope is based on the founding of the nation, which is the 4th of July 1776, with the Declaration of Independence. I have discussed it in depth elsewhere on this website.

       The first thing to check is transit Mars, of course, since it was the acting force in the Capitol attack. As a transit in the US horoscope its position is by the end of the 7th House, right before it switches from Aries to Taurus. That means it creates concern among other nations with which USA has relations. That would be almost all the nations in the world. They are worried at first about what will happen, but that worry settles in mere hours. Still, the mere fact that the attack could happen is something that the other nations ponder.

The USA transit horoscope for the time of the Capitol attack of January 6, 2021.
The USA transit horoscope for the time of the Capitol attack.

       A planet of less power, but far from insignificant, plays a role of heightened importance: Transit Mercury is conjunct the US horoscope’s Pluto in Capricorn and the 4th House. That means the domestic debate – both officially and among regular citizens – suggests the approach of drastic change. It is sort of in the air. And it is of utmost importance.

       What is sensed is the approaching return of Pluto to its position in the US horoscope, an event of grand astrological significance. It happens once in almost 250 years, so it is the first time for USA. That needs a text of its own, which will soon appear on this website.

       America is about to change, drastically. It faces what can be described as a new revolution.

       It is hinted again by transit Pluto being in opposition to Mercury of the US horoscope. That suggests the leadership in the US is unable to grasp and relate to what is coming, although they certainly feel it, too.

       So, Mercury and Pluto have double connections. That makes the time of the Capitol attack particularly noteworthy. It is a glimpse of what is to come. The Capitol attack is a forewarning of what the Pluto return will bring.

       A good sign, on the other hand, is the trine between transit Saturn and the Ascendant of the US horoscope. Whatever happens at the Pluto return, which takes place during 2022, will not alter the principles that define the nation – as far as the event of the Capitol attack and what led to them imply. Rather, it will reinforce these principles.

       The Capitol attack does not affect the nation as gravely as it might have seemed when it happened. Its major effect is that it creates awareness of what is to come.


Summing it up, the Capitol attack was unavoidable, but also quickly over. The lasting thing it caused was an increased polarization of the US population, which is in itself severe.

       For Donald Trump the attack meant losing power rather than hanging on to it, but it also made it necessary to take him seriously. Suddenly, he was impossible to dismiss, although leaving the White House.

       For USA as a whole, the effect of the Capitol attack was minor, but it has alerted the nation to the drastic changes that are to come during 2022.


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