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Financial Astrology

The Horoscope in Business

Financial astrology.

Astrology can be applied to a multitude of fields, other than forecasts for individual persons. One such field is financial astrology, also called astro-economics - the astrological method to analyze and predict matters of business and finance.

       There are two major ways of doing this. One is to observe the planetary movements in the sky, and interpret the trends and events they imply, which are of world wide influence. The other is to chart horoscopes for specific businesses, countries, or financial ventures, and interpret them.

       Observing the planetary movements in the sky are easy enough, through astronomical tables or computer programs - revealing such things long in advance, making predictions possible for hundreds of years ahead (but not easy to interpret, of course). To make a complete horoscope chart for a specific business or country, a starting date and location is needed - sometimes obvious, sometimes buried in history.

Business horoscope charts

When you make a horscope chart for a whole country, that horoscope will present a multitude of things about the country - not just its economics. For the economic aspects of a country's horoscope, pay specific attention to its 2nd House, its moon, Jupiter and Saturn, but certainly most events and particulars of a country also have economic consequences.

       When you make a complete horoscope chart for a business, the date you choose for that chart decides what perspective will be shown by the horoscope. If its the founding date of a company, the horoscope chart presents its overall life, whereas the date of its introduction to the stock market will show how it fares there, and so on.

Houses in company horoscopes

The 12 astrological Houses in a complete company horoscope chart represent a setting, a specific field of its activities. They are, very generally speaking:

  1. Profile

  2. Economy, balance, profit

  3. Internal communication

  4. Personell

  5. Strategy

  6. Production

  7. Associates

  8. Expenses

  9. Expansion

  10. Competition

  11. Goodwill

  12. Shortcomings

Zodiac signs in company horoscopes

The Zodiac signs in a complete company horoscope chart represent qualities, tendencies. They are, very generally speaking:

  • Aries   challenging, aggressive

  • Taurus   conservative, concrete

  • Gemini   communicative, superficial

  • Cancer   caring, sensitive

  • Leo   dominant, proud

  • Virgo   careful, minute

  • Libra   negotiating, formal

  • Scorpio   hidden, confusing

  • Sagittarius   impatient, visionary

  • Capricorn   deciding, controlling

  • Aquarius   profound, original

  • Pisces   confused, submissive

Planets in company horoscopes

The planets in a complete company horoscope chart represent acting forces of different kinds. Observe that for astrological purposes, the sun, moon, and some other components, are treated similarly as the planets. I use twelve such components, the most important ones, but some astrologers use more. Their characteristics are, very generally speaking:

  • Sun   basic drive

  • Moon   longing

  • Mercury   curiosity

  • Venus   affection

  • Mars   aggression

  • Jupiter   luck

  • Saturn   duty

  • Uranus   contemplation

  • Neptune   fantasy

  • Pluto   catharsis

  • Ascendant, AC   attitude

  • Medium Coeli, MC   self-image

Aspects in company horoscopes

The aspects in a complete company horoscope chart represent relations an interaction between the acting forces represented by the planets. I use five aspects, the most important ones, but some astrologers use more. Their characteristics are, very generally speaking:

  • conjunction, 0   fusion

  • opposition, 180   separation

  • trine, 120   harmony

  • square, 90   conflict

  • sextile, 60   cooperation

Combining the components

Although it's not that difficult to present the components of a horoscope, bringing them together into a readable whole is no picnic. The complete horoscope chart is constructed by exact astronomical and mathematical formulas, but interpreting it is done by the individual astrologer, and they differ.

       The principles behind astrology are reasonably clear, but also they are quite general. Finding the meaning in the specific case of one horoscope, and understanding how it will express itself concretely - that is the challenge. A client would do well to consult more than one astrologer.

       How the interpretation is done, is best explained by examples. The components of the horscope are combined - the influence of a planet is explained by its own characteristics, those of the sign and House it's in, and of the aspects it might form to other planets.

       So, Mars in Aries in the 2nd House would imply very drastic action to make ends meet in a company's economy - to the extent of being adventurous, high-risk. Jupiter in the same sign and House shows that the company has a tendency to get sudden high incomes, sort of out of the blue, but still to the extent that the business is continuously doing great. If that Jupiter is in trine with Venus in the 6th House in Leo, this income is explained by a very creative working environment in the company, probably based on a pride in the quality of its production. There might be one or more unique patents in production.

       Also Houses with no planets can be interpreted. The 6th House in Virgo tells that the production at that company is detailed and complicated, quite elaborate work, whereas in Pisces it would be troublesome and disorganized, and in Taurus slow but competent. And so on.

       I hope that you can deduct from the tables above, how I reach my interpretations.

Prediction by transits

The complete horoscope chart gives a lot of information about a company's future, as a consequence of its characteristics being much the same through time. For predicting specific out-of-the-ordinary future events, transits are used. They are planetary movements in the sky, forming aspects with planets in the complete horoscope chart.

       For example, when Mars in the sky passes over the same position as the Ascendant has in Capricorn in the chart, it implies a crisis that forces the company to redefine its profile, how it presents itself to the outside world. It may have to defend itself against public accusations that question its competence and control. All aspects have significance in transits, but the conjunction and opposition are by far the most important.

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