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Mundane Neptune

The Planet Neptune in the World Horoscope 1

Mundane Neptune in the Zodiac.
The patterns of art, dreams and fantasy,
creativity and imagination
unbound, even by reality.

Neptune was discovered in 1846, which is not long ago at all in the perspective of astrology. It has the role in the horoscope of ruling fantasy, imagination and dreams. In short: the arts.


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       Neptune moves slowly through the Zodiac. It takes 165 years to orbit the sun. In mundane astrology, the planet's major influence is on the arts and how they move from ism to ism, a fashion or style in the arts.

       Because Neptune's orbit is almost exactly circular, it spends the same time in every Zodiac sign: approximately 14 years. So, that's how long an ism tends to last.

       It's not very long, but we would probably have guessed the styles would shift with a higher frequency. The fashion industry, for one, claims to renew itself just about every season. We are not seeing the big scope of the trends, because we follow them at closeup. We don't see the forest through the trees. Just consider how long blue jeans have been popular, or the electric guitar solo in rock music.

       Since 2012, Neptune is in Pisces. That's the sign of worship and faith. So, the themes in art encircle such subjects, favoring sentimentality and the longing of our souls. Idols appear and disappear in kind of a rat race with few winners.

       Pisces is the sign of which Neptune is the ruler in astrology. That means the planet's influence is particularly strong and characteristic in that sign. We are living the dream, one might say — sort of literally. Imagination is stimulated beyond what is normal in any other period.

       Neptune will stay in Pisces until 2026, when it enters Aries — and that's quite another story.

Mundane Neptune


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