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Covid-19 coronavirus horoscope

Covid-19 coronavirus horoscope, by Stefan Stenudd.

How the crisis started and when it will end

(April 30, 2020) The astrological start of the covid-19 pandemic was on January 12, but it became a world crisis by spring equinox in March, and it will be solved at the winter solstice in December.


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       Back in early March, when the media started making noise about the corona covid-19 virus, I had a quick look at this year’s world horoscope to see what might show there. But the only exceptional astrological event pointed to great complications in society and the home life of the citizens – nothing about a mortal disease.

       So, I did not bother to examine the horoscope closer. That was a mistake, of course.

A social disease

I didn’t think that a disease would primarily affect social structures, but that is exactly what has proven to be the most significant effect. People all around the world are practically incarcerated in their homes, and the world economy is shaking, to say the least. Businesses restructure radically or tumble, unemployment rises like a rocket, and everyday life has changed more than could previously be fathomed.

       This covid-19 virus disease strikes society as a whole, much more dramatically than it does most of the people contaminated with it.

       Of course, sadly, many people die of it, mainly those who are 80 or older. The vast majority catching the disease, though, recover smoothly. Many don’t even notice they got it. But the effect on society is grave and hits all citizens, whether they have the disease or not.

       Covid-19 mainly strikes the social structure, the economy, and how we all must adapt in everyday life.

       Certainly, epidemiologists have been aware of this consequence of a pandemic for very long. And they have warned us. But it was hard to get our attention before the crisis. I, for one, was not aware of it.

       But now I am, so here are my thoughts regarding the world horoscope and what it implies about how this coronavirus crisis plays out.

Saturn and Pluto in conjunction

It is all about a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto taking place in the Capricorn sign. Those are the two most grave and threatening planets in the horoscope. Saturn is the stern ruler, demanding to be obeyed, and Pluto causes great and lasting change. Together, they enforce drastic measures that will be hard but necessary to adapt to.

       The Saturn and Pluto conjunction happens rarely. The previous one was in November 1982 (in Libra), the one before that in August 1947 (in Leo), and the next one from now will be in February 2054 (in Pisces). So, there is roughly 35 years between them, give or take a few years.

       Astrologically, this means the conjunction signals remarkable events that have a long-time effect and will be remembered for even longer.

       This time, the Saturn and Pluto conjunction was exact on January 12, 2020. But an aspect between these slow-moving planets goes into effect a while before the exact date, and remains a while after. I would say its direct influence was present from late December, when they were 2° apart, and it remained until February.

       But that’s just the direct influence. The consequences of it will last longer. A change is introduced rather quickly, but its effects may last for very long.

The world horoscope for January 12, 2020, at 5 PM (GMT), the astrological start of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
The world horoscope for January 12, 2020, at 5 PM (GMT), the astrological start of the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

A conjunction of four

Let’s start by looking at the moment of the exact Saturn and Pluto conjunction, on January 12 at 5 PM (GMT). It happened in 22°46’33” Capricorn.

       That is quite late in the Capricorn sign, which is about ambition and construction, leadership and grand plans. But at the third decan of the sign (20-30°), there is some failure and deterioration. Things don’t go exactly as planned, and it becomes necessary to lower demands. Events happening here are somewhat disappointing. Instead of bold construction, it is more about correction.

       Astrologically, January 12 this year was a remarkable date, indeed. The powerful Saturn and Pluto conjunction was joined by Mercury (at 23°14’) and the sun (at 21°56’). That’s a conjunction of four, which is rare, indeed. Therefore quite significant.

       The sun and Mercury pass through the whole Zodiac annually, whereas Saturn does it in 29 years, and Pluto in 248 years. The rarer and event is, the more important it is in astrology. So, of the four, Saturn and Pluto are the most significant in the conjunction. The other two only have a momentary influence.

       Saturn introduces new dire rules in society, caused by the threat of social collapse signaled by Pluto. It is sort of a combination of chaos and order, the first initiated by Pluto and the other a reaction by governments.

       If it were an opposition aspect (180°), these two forces would be opposed, battling against one another for control. But in a conjunction, it is more like two sides of a coin – one dependent on the other, adapting to circumstance. In a way, it is therefore constructive, leading to something better. But the price is high.

       So, in the long run, this event will lead to society improving, finding solutions to problems previously neglected or underestimated.

       The two additional components in the big conjunction of four also suggest a positive outcome. Both Mercury and the sun are generally benevolent in the horoscope.

       Here, Mercury shows that communication about this situation is intense and helps to increase knowledge and understanding. The messenger is right in the middle of it, making the world aware – and beware. Without it, the effects of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction would be more severe and frustrating to society.

       The sun, as usual, brings light and importance to the event. It is not to be dismissed or underestimated, but the resources of society will be put to use, appropriately. Without the sun present, the outcome would be in bigger risk of failure. This will be solved, because proper attention was given to it at the outbreak.

       That doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory. It is a trying time, with obstacles and sacrifices. It is costly. But it will work out, eventually. And society will be more prepared for events of this kind.

       There may even be additional benefits coming from the whole process. Society has found that it has the means to handle a crisis, and this confidence will make it prepared to tackle other threats and social malfunctions.

Not much else happening

The big conjunction of four doesn’t have any aspects to other planets or parts of the horoscope, which means that it is a thing of its own, not significantly related to other forces in society – well, in how it should be interpreted.

       Of course, it has deep effects on just about any part of society, but it does so as a sole cause, not in some exchange.

       This crisis is well understood and its effects are defined. There are no other social processes showing in the horoscope that would interfere with it and make it more complicated to handle.

       Actually, apart from the big conjunction of four, the horoscope for January 12 is quite uneventful, if not to say insignificant. No wonder the coronavirus quickly became the thing to dominate the news almost completely.

How long will the crisis last?

Now, to the question of how long this coronavirus crisis will last.

       Generally speaking, a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto has an effect lasting several years, since it is so rare. Some consequences might even remain for decades – almost until the next conjunction in 2054. But that concerns the social changes caused by this crisis. The covid-19 virus will not burden us that long.

The significance of March 22

In a few weeks from January 12, Saturn had moved enough away from Pluto for the conjunction to lose its immediate influence. On March 22 it passed into the neighboring sign Aquarius, by which governments started to turn from sudden regulatory action, sometimes too hastily, into pondering the science and searching for the enlightened way to handle the situation.

       But at the same time both Mars and Jupiter formed a conjunction with Pluto, still in Capricorn.

The world horoscope for March 22, 2020, when the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic got global.
The world horoscope for March 22, 2020, when the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic got global.

Mars and Pluto combined spells disaster, and Jupiter makes it big. So, this would have been the time when the whole world was struck by the crisis. The covid-19 virus no longer had any boundaries.

       Saturn in Aquarius made governments shockingly aware of this.

       Mars stayed conjunct with Pluto for a few days, after which the panic of governments as well as populations started to cool down, leading to more sensible actions.

Heated debate

Mars moved on to have a conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius on March 31, which triggered debate and dispute in society, where government actions were increasingly questioned, and scientists quarreled among themselves.

       That heated debate might very well go on until Mars leaves Aquarius on May 13.

A second and third wave

Jupiter moved away from its Pluto conjunction at the end of April. The exponential spread of the covid-19 virus slowed down by that time, and will continue to decline.

       But there is a complication. Jupiter turns to retrograde movement in the middle of May and will again meet Pluto in an exact conjunction on June 30.

       This conjunction will last for about three weeks, as Jupiter continues its retrograde movement. But then it turns in mid-September and meets Pluto a third time on November 12.

       This indicates a second wave of the covid-19 spread – well, a second and a third.

       The second one in June and July is a big bother, since there had been hope of getting rid of it. I guess vacations and summer festivities got the spread started again. But it gets under control – until November, when there is a significant increase again, quite suddenly.

       But society is prepared. The quick return of the disease is severe for a couple of weeks, but then it soon fades away. When Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, society is well equipped to counter the covid-19 spread, and to make sure it will not happen again.

       So, the coronavirus crisis that became a world pandemic on the spring equinox of 2020 will finally be solved at the winter solstice.


(August 23, 2020) I made a minor edit of the text, only correcting a few typos.

Comment added on December 23, 2021:

Vaccines are the solution, but take their time

(December 23, 2021) I predicted above that the pandemic would be solved by the winter solstice of December 21, 2020. That was when the first vaccines were approved for use in the European Union and many other countries. The USA approval was a bit earlier, on December 11th for Pfizer and a week later for Moderna. This was a record time for the production and approval of a new vaccine. In February the same year, WHO had stated that they did not expect a vaccine in less than 18 months.

       This meant that the solution had appeared in accordance with my prediction, but applying the solution would prove to take a long time. It is far from over yet, especially concerning the parts of the world still struggling to get the vaccine. Also, there are those who live where they have easy access to the vaccine, but refuse to take it.


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