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Joe Biden's horoscope for the 2020 presidential election

Joe Biden and the 2020 election

Five dates on the way all show that he wins

(January 19, 2020) I have examined Joe Bidenís horoscope and its transits on five dates significant to the process of the 2020 presidential election, and they all indicate that he will win and become the next US president. Not by a landslide, but still enough to get the job.


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       And he will do what is demanded of him, but not without questioning if he should have run for the office at all.

       Here is my reading of his horoscope and its transits through the election process.

Bidenís horoscope in the 2008 election

Back in 2008, just a couple of days before the presidential election, I examined Joe Bidenís horoscope regarding his chances to become Vice President. Here is that text:

       Joe Biden's election 2008 horoscope

       My conclusion was ambiguous, mainly because I had earlier mistakenly predicted that Obama would lose the election, which would make Biden lose as well.

       But reading the Biden prediction now, I see that it strongly hints at him becoming Vice President. I wrote: ďthe vague indications of the transits can very well mean that Joe Biden shoulders the vice presidency on that day, but if so, he will certainly not be as important in that role as his immediate predecessor has been.Ē

       As for Barack Obama, his horoscope indicated great sacrifice on Election Day and I interpreted that as a sign of him losing. Later it became more and more evident that the sacrifice was a presidency in which congress tied his hands for at least six of the eight years. To him it was an incarcerated presidency.

       This also explains why I stated in the Biden horoscope reading: ďOddly, though, the whole thing seems to make much more difference to Joe Biden's life than to Barack Obama's.Ē His elevated position after the election was less questioned than that of his boss.

       Also, it has made his present candidacy for the presidency possible Ė as a front runner.

For 2020: four dates to examine

Now that I set out to predict the outcome for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, I find that there are four dates that need to be examined:

  1. The date of the Democratic Convention, where their presidential candidate is formally elected. If Joe Bidenís horoscope shows little for him that date, he is probably not their choice. Then the coming dates are of less significance, but should still be checked to confirm or counter my conclusion regarding the Convention.
  2. Next date to examine is the Election Day, November 3 2020, of course.
  3. The 2016 election showed that the third date to check is that of the Electors Meeting, which is when the president is formally elected. For Donald Trump in 2016 it showed to be crucial, since there was much debate about the responsibilities of the Electorate, especially regarding a candidate as questionable as he was. Also, Trumpís horoscope showed more of a significant success for him on that date than on the public election. So, as long as the Electorate is still around, this date should be checked when making predictions about who wins the presidency.
  4. The fourth and last date is that of the Inauguration, on January 20, 2021. For the nation it is a done deal, but for the president it is a very significant date since that is when the job begins. From then on, the presidentís life has changed a lot, and the horoscope should show it.
       Well, there is also a fifth date, as can be seen below: Super-Tuesday. But thatís really just another check on the validity of what the Democratic Convention transits predict.

Joe Bidenís birth time uncertain

So, here I go through these dates, one after the other, in regard to Joe Bidenís horoscope. But first, the validity of his horoscope must be considered.

       A complete horoscope needs not only the date but also the time of birth. For Joe Biden there is a general use by astrologers of the time 8:30 AM. That is just from one single source, an astrological magazine from 1987. Astro-Databank, the one most referred to about it, states in a source note: ďMarion March quotes Celeste Longacre from him in, Welcome to the Planet Earth, 4/1987.Ē The magazine was published 1982-2000 with the astrologer Mark Lerner as its editor.

Joe Biden's birth chart horoscope.
Joe Biden's birth chart.

       So, the source is what someone heard that someone heard. That would hardly hold in a trial. Additionally, the Volume 7 issue 4, 1987, of the magazine is about Libra. But Joe Bidenís sun sign is Scorpio. It may be because with this birth time his Ascendant is Libra, but I have not been able to check the magazine.

       Still, in my previous Biden horoscope reading, I found that events in his life seem to match this birth time quite well, so I use it here, too. Maybe one day he will release his birth certificate, as both Obama and Trump did. Until then, 8:30 AM is the best option at hand.

The Democratic Convention 2020

The Democratic Convention goes on for four days, July 13-16 in Milwaukee, but if the 2016 Convention shows a pattern the formal nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate will be on the second day, which is July 14. Of course, normally the candidate is evident beforehand, but this is the formal event on which it is determined.

       Astrologically speaking, the Democratic Party has happened to choose a rather bad time for its Convention. The three outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, forming a cluster in Capricorn, are all retrograde. It means they are weakened and their influence nuanced if not reversed.

       This Capricorn trio is particularly relevant for Joe Biden, since he has a cluster of the sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, forming a sextile (60į) aspect to the transiting trio. This is a positive aspect signaling progress and success with matters at hand.

       By itself, this would be a strong signal of Joe Biden winning the nomination. But there is a complication. Scorpio and its planets are in the 12th House of his birth chart horoscope, which shows what sacrifices one has to make in life. On the other hand, shouldering the burden of trying to win the presidency for the Democrats is quite a torment Ė not to mention all the sacrifices needed of a president, should he win.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Democratic Convention 2020.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Democratic Convention on July 14, 2020. The planets outside the circle are the transits.

       Barack Obama had transits to planets in his 12th House signaling his presidential election win in 2008. That fooled me to predict he wouldnít. But he won, and then had to spend eight years of his life more or less as a lame duck. And the presidency is always very tiresome, as can be seen in the quick aging of everyone doing the job.

       So, in a way, winning is losing and losing is winning. Well, for some. Others seem to be much less affected, but I wonder if they are the best presidents.

       There are some other transit aspects to Bidenís horoscope on this date, but none as important as the one mentioned above.

       Transit Neptune is interesting. It has a trine (120į) to Bidenís natal Mercury and an opposition (180į) to his MC. Neptune is in Pisces and Bidenís 4th House at the time, and the planet is in retrograde. Iíd say it represents unfulfilled dreams he has of his home life. That makes sense for someone preparing to move to the White House.

       The opposition to MC shows that Biden is not at all convinced that this job he seeks is ideal for him. He really sees himself as more of a worker than a leader. It is quite possible that he would find the presidency, if he reaches it, a step down from his experience of being the Vice President.

       The trine to Mercury, connecting transit Neptune to the cluster in the 12th House of Bidenís birth chart, shows that he can somehow keep on dreaming, and there are stimulating rewards to his sacrifice, especially in how he gets to interact with other people. There is excitement.

       He also has a sextile between transit Mars and his Saturn. Both are planets that can cause quite some calamity, so they should be considered. But the sextile is a friendly aspect. He is more likely to be stimulated and energized by that aspect than damaged by it.

       Transit Mars is in Bidenís 5th House and in Aries, which is the Zodiac sign the planet rules. So, it is particularly strong there, a strength he is able to muster at the time of the Convention, when it is indeed needed. Thatís good timing.

       His Saturn, which is retrograde, is in Gemini and the 7th House. That House is about partnership, alliances and such. So, the Mars force allows him to make necessary decisions about commitments to others. The aspect may also cause distrust from people who depend on him. There may be some quarreling, but he will find that he has the upper hand.

       I have not yet checked the horoscopes of the other Democratic candidates, but Joe Bidenís transits for the time of the Convention strongly suggest that he will win the nomination. If he would not, that would be clear already beforehand and the Convention itself would mean little to him.

A quick look at Super-Tuesday

Just to make sure, I had a quick look at Super-Tuesday on March 3. Failure there would decrease Joe Bidenís chances of succeeding at the Democratic Convention, and I would have to reconsider my reading above.

       Well, the transits on March 3 show plenty of good signs for Biden.

       Transit Saturn in Capricorn has a sextile to the cluster in Bidenís 12th House, which is a strong signal of managing well, especially since transit Saturn is in Capricorn and the 2nd House. Biden is in control at that date.

       Jupiter in the same Zodiac sign and House as Saturn has a trine to Bidenís MC. That is indeed a sign of success, especially for his social role and personal resources.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for Super-Tuesday 2020.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for Super-Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

       The most alarming transit is Pluto, in the same sign and House as the above mentioned transit planets, forming an opposition to Bidenís Jupiter in Cancer and the 8th House. There is a fundamental and lasting change in his personal resources, increasing them remarkably, which gives him cause for concern and separates him from his relatives and roots. He becomes independent Ė also from his family.

       This opposition also involves the problem he has with rumors and accusations about his son Hunterís business in Ukraine.

       Pluto moves very slowly through the Zodiac, so its influence is not over quickly. It comes and goes as Pluto moves retrograde. Beginning in 2020, the aspect is active from late February to late June, then again from the very end of the year onto early Mars of 2021, finally from late June to the beginning of 2022. Only by then will the Hunter Biden thing be completely over for Joe.

       Transit Venus, which is somewhat conjunct with Bidenís moon, forms a trine to his MC. So, it goes well for him in his social role Ė and he feels that he is worth it.

       I would be surprised if Joe Biden doesnít have quite a successful Super-Tuesday. Therefore, also his nomination on the Democratic Convention is indeed likely.

       If his results on Super-Tuesday are disappointing, then I have to reconsider the meaning of the transit cluster in Capricorn and its relation to the cluster in Bidenís 12th House. That would also mean the readings below need to be re-examined.

The presidential election

Now we go to November 3 and the election of the president. As seen above, I find it more than likely that Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate at the election. But he has to win over the Republican counterpart (who might not be Donald Trump, as I speculate in my readings of his horoscope). Does he?

       Just a glance at Joe Bidenís transit horoscope shows that he is not nearly as successful at the presidential election as he was on Super-Tuesday and the Democratic Convention. There is just one important aspect to his advantage: transit Jupiter is in sextile with Mercury in his 12th House cluster.

       Jupiter brings good fortune, so it is definitely relevant here. It was the planet marking Donald Trumpís victory in 2016. And it is conjunct transit Pluto, which adds power and magnitude to it. Transit Saturn is not far away, either. The three form a cluster that is by Jupiter connected to the 12th House cluster. It is really enough to win an election Ė but not by a large margin.

       So, if Biden wins, it is just barely Ė and it may even be a rerun of the 2016 election, so that he wins the popular vote but not the Electorate.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for Election Day 2020.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for Election Day, November 3, 2020.

       There are other aspects, but none even close to being as important.

       The transit sun forms a conjunction with Joe Bidenís Mars, which is also in the 12th House. It is a mildly favorable sign of increased power and successful action. But the sun returns to the same position every year at about the same time, so there is nothing spectacular about it.

       To compare, Jupiter takes twelve years to return Ė and the cluster it now forms with Saturn and Pluto will not reappear for a very long time. So, for something truly significant in the life of Joe Biden, the sun is just not enough. Still, the aspect is a positive one for him. He feels a surge of energy.

       There is also a square (90į) between transit Mercury and Bidenís natal Jupiter in the 8th House. Although squares generally bring misfortune, this one can be a good sign regarding the election.

       Mercury in the 11th House and Libra implies that Biden gets a lot of criticism for his character and background, maybe even his ancestry or some other thing involving his relatives. That would be normal in the heat of a presidential election and its consequences Ė for the winner and loser alike. Really, the winner is likely to suffer more of it, since the loser is pretty much yesterdayís news immediately after the election.

       Adding this all up, I find it possible that Joe Biden wins the election — and also possible that he loses it. It is hard to be certain without checking his opponentís horoscope. But the election result is rather even. No candidate can claim a glorious victory (although they certainly will, anyway).

       So, either Biden wins the presidency with a small margin, or he loses it in spite of having slightly more popular votes, because of the Electorate system. I have to check the two following dates to see if I can be sure of which Ė the Electors Meeting and the Inauguration.

The Electors Meeting

When the Electorate meets to give their votes, December 14, the transit cluster in Capricorn is still there, and connected to the cluster in Joe Bidenís 12th House by transit Jupiterís sextile to his natal Venus. That is a good omen, as if the Electoral process was no threat to his position.

       The transit cluster has changed somewhat. Jupiter and Saturn have moved so far away from Pluto that the latter canít be seen as included in the cluster anymore. That in itself hints that the Electorate will not be so significant this time as it was in the 2016 election.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Electors Meeting 2020.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Electors Meeting, December 14, 2020.

       Jupiter and Saturn have moved to the very end of Capricorn, where they form a tight conjunction, less than a single degree apart. This is a conjunction studied in awe through the history of astrology, reappearing every 20th year, approximately.

       It has also been dramatically linked to the US presidency for a long time. Several US presidents have died in office if this conjunction happened in an earth sign (as Capricorn is) in their first period. Whether that stands examination or not, it is an interesting aspect at a time when the future president is decided.

       For Biden it means that the link between those two planets and his 12th House cluster is very promising, especially since the link is to his Venus, a benevolent force in the horoscope.

       At the same time, transit Venus forms a conjunction with Bidenís natal Venus, adding a lot of good to that moment. Things are very likely to go Bidenís way.

       There are some clouds in the sky on this date. Transit Mercury forms a square to Bidenís MC, indicating that debates questioning him will not cease Ė but they will be about him and not his background. A president has to live with that.

       There is also a square between transit Venus and Bidenís Moon Nodes, which show the general direction oneís life takes. But Venus is not necessarily negative even in a square aspect, so this is more likely a constructive development in Bidenís longtime life ambitions.

       Transit Uranus, moving retrograde, has a square aspect to Joe Bidenís Pluto in Leo and the 9th House. His Pluto deals with great changes in his life and the 9th House indicates travel — moving from one place to another and changing friends and other relations accordingly. Since transit Uranus is in his 6th House, which deals with work, it is a greater and more advanced work that pulls him away. That, too, would be true if he were to be elected president.

       So, I have to conclude that the Electorate confirms him as president. I donít really see how else to explain these transits.

       He seems to be the next US president, but it will not be an easy job, and he might grow to regret that he at all campaigned for it.

The Inauguration

At the time of the Inauguration, January 20, 2021, transit Jupiter and Saturn have left Capricorn. Only Pluto remains there. So there is no aspect to the cluster in Joe Bidenís 12th House, but none is needed. By this time, there is no room for surprises.

       There is a sextile between transit Saturn in Aquarius and Bidenís Ascendant, but that point in the horoscope moves so quickly that his estimated birth time is not enough to have its position ascertained. It is safer to stick with the planets moving so slowly that it makes little difference if Biden was actually born a few hours earlier or later. They are important enough to reach conclusions, anyway.

       There are three opposition aspects on this day, and these are stern aspects showing a necessary choice between two opposites. He canít have both. The opposition is second only to the conjunction in potency, so three of them signal an important event Ė but costly.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Inauguration 2021.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Inauguration, January 20, 2021.

       Transit Pluto in Capricorn opposes Bidenís natal Jupiter in the 8th House and Cancer, as it has done for long periods in 2020, mentioned above. It means that a great and lasting change in his resources and ambitions alienate his background and his relation to his relatives. He might feel that he has to desert his obligations to his past and his roots, even the people he cares the most about.

       Yes, the presidency demands something of that kind, if treated responsibly.

       Transit Jupiter in Aquarius opposes his Pluto in Leo and the 9th House. That means new acquaintances, friends and colleagues occupy his time to the extent that he is unable to care about his own personal development. It is not about himself and his life choices anymore.

       The third opposition is between transit Neptune and his MC in Virgo and the 10th House. He had this transit event at the time of the Democratic Convention, but now Neptune is no longer retrograde, so this time it is more concrete and important. His feeling of maybe entering a path that is not the right one for him increases. His dream of a fulfilling home life canít be combined with the responsibility he has accepted.

       There is also a square aspect of significance Ė between his natal Pluto in Leo and a very precise conjunction of transit Mars and Uranus in Taurus and his 6th House. It is the House of work, so there is a lot happening there. He urgently needs to grow to new challenges at work, demanding also all the wisdom he can muster. He must make decisions on practical matters and they have to be of an enlightened nature. This causes a dilemma with his longing to realize himself and let his life take the turns his own will and conviction would prefer.

       All these aspects indicate a job of much greater importance than his personal life, and with tremendous demands on him. That means he is aware of this and accepts it as part of the job, which is something not everyone would Ė even when elected president. He rolls up his sleeves and gets to work, more out of recognition of the obligation than any personal lust.

       That means he might surprise people by being a better president than they had anticipated Ė even those who voted for him.


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