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Will Donald Trump Resign as President?

What Important Transits to His Horoscope Suggest

President Donald Trump and his horoscope.

(February 18, 2017) There is some speculation going on about Trump resigning, willingly or not, from the presidency. So, I had a look at his horoscope to see what it says: If not in November 2017, it can't happen before 2020.


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       I have already made a reading of Donald Trump's horoscope birth chart, as well as the transits at the time of his inauguration. That reading is here:

Donald Trump's Horoscope

       What I do below is examine astrologically if he might resign from the job — either voluntarily or forced to do so for one or other reason. That can be shown by the transits, which are planets forming aspect angles with the planets in Trump's birth chart. Here is his birth chart, for which the exact time of birth is ascertained by his birth certificate:

Donald Trump's birth chart horoscope.
Donald Trump's birth chart horoscope.

Two Planets Decide

Donald Trump won the election — much to our surprise — mainly by transit Jupiter approaching a conjunction to his natal Jupiter at that time. And on his inauguration, Saturn formed an opposition to his natal sun.

       So, first the planet of luck and then the sinister one of duty — forces of opposite natures — were involved in the making of his presidency. They should also have something to do with the eventual breaking of it.

       They are outer planets, which means they move slowly through the Zodiac and therefore they cause events of significance, not just everyday stuff. Donald Trump's election was one and a resignation would certainly be another.

       Still, Jupiter and Saturn are not the slowest ones. Therefore what they cause can be undone in mere years. That would not be the case with things caused by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

Luck Running Out

Of the two planets needed to be observed here, Jupiter is the first one to create a transit aspect of importance. It has a retrograde movement (seemingly moving backwards in the sky, as seen from earth), leading to its renewed conjunction with Trump's natal Jupiter.

       Since that is retrograde, what he gained in the former conjunction (winning the election) he seems at risk to lose this time. The retrograde conjunction is exact on April 13th 2017, mere months after his inauguration. His winning the election may somehow come into question around that time.

       But at the same time, transit Jupiter also forms a trine aspect to Uranus in Trump's 10th House. It suggests that he will know how to handle that crisis and learn from it.

       But there is some uncertainty regarding his right to the throne, so to speak, until Jupiter ends its retrograde movement and passes Trump's natal Jupiter a third time, the last for about twelve years. That happens August 4th 2017. By that time, what was questioned about his right to the title is solved to his satisfaction.

Enter the Dragon

There is another risk regarding Donald Trump's Jupiter, though. The most serious one there is in the horoscope: Pluto interferes. It is the slowest planet, taking almost 250 years to make one orbit around the sun. Therefore, its effect is the most revolutionary and lasting. It is the planet of metamorphosis, making one thing change into another — completely.

       This dramatic power goes into a square aspect with Donald Trump's native Jupiter. It was exact already on January 15th, 2017, but the direct effects of this slow planet can be perceived and commenced months before, and go on for months thereafter. Usually, though, something significant tends to happen around the date of the exact aspect. The inauguration on January 20th would definitely qualify.

       The square is an aspect creating both complications and solutions. Something needs work and it is going to be straining, for sure.

       Transit Pluto is in Trump's 5th House and the Capricorn Zodiac sign. It creates very concrete and lasting changes in that sign, and in that House they are most significant to Trump's leisure life — what he does for his own enjoyment. There is something in his private life interfering with the success and title he got at the election. Interfering firmly and without compromise. The events of Pluto cannot be undone.

       It is quite another story than the escapades of Jupiter, which spins around the Zodiac 20 times faster. When Pluto comes, it is to write history.

       As Pluto continues on its journey, Donald Trump may imagine that the problem goes away. But not so. Pluto, too, has a retrograde phase. It gets no further from the square to Jupiter than 2, which almost makes the transit aspect intact all through. Trump may hope it's gone, but others probably don't see it like that at all.

       On August 7th 2017, Pluto in its retrograde movement forms an exact square to natal Jupiter again. All the problems are back, with a vengeance. Nothing went away, nothing was solved. This is serious.

       Also, this happens only three days after the last Jupiter to Jupiter conjunction appears, mentioned above. So, the two celestial events are sure to interfere with one another — probably also express themselves in one and the same event. While Jupiter creates a solution, Pluto immediately makes it return in a much worse form.

       It will not seem like that. Pluto's retrograde movement gives the impression that the problem is going away for real and for good. But that is an illusion. Soon, Pluto will stop its retrograde movement and make its final square aspect to Trump's Jupiter on November 17th 2017. That's when the final result of this huge problem is a fact.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for November 17th 2017, with transit Pluto in a square aspect to his natal Jupiter.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for November 17th 2017, with transit Pluto in a square aspect to his natal Jupiter.

       So, what can it be? It has to involve what Donald Trump regards as his leisure activities, what he does to enjoy himself. In his case, that's what others would regard as work: building things, expanding his personal "empire" and increasing his real estate assets. To him, it's really kind of a hobby.

       And the square to Jupiter reveals that it is going to be costly. His balances are shaken, his securities unsecured. And the deals he trusts are broken.

       At the same time, Mars is rapidly approaching a conjunction with his natal Jupiter, increasing the crisis and making a dramatic outcome unavoidable.

       It seems he takes a chance, and it blows up in his face. He might be unable to resist an opportunity arising, and then it clashes with the terms on which he profits. In an effort to win it all, he risks losing it all. Or it might be events over which he has no control, but they still strike at him as if he did.

       It will probably not costs him his presidency, since it is the Pluto aspect by which he also was inaugurated. But to him, it must be a situation as serious and risky as he has ever experienced. It is going to cost him greatly. The real cost of his presidency, which he had a inkling of when inaugurated, but thought he could avoid.

Pluto Again

By the way, on February 13th 2020, transit Pluto will form an exact opposition with Saturn in Trump's birth chart. That is also severe, indeed. It happens soon after transit Saturn forms the same aspect, which is discussed below.

       What the Pluto transit signals, is a dramatic clash between Donald Trump's official duties and personal ambitions. What he must do and what he wants to do are incompatible. He tends to shake such stuff off and pretend it doesn't matter. But this time he cannot.

       Like so often, it is his private sphere colliding with his social role and responsibilities. This time more than ever. Ever!

       The crisis is not unlike the one in November, when transit Pluto has a square aspect with Trump's natal Jupiter. It's about his personal interests versus his obligations. This time, though, he doesn't risk his fortune. But his reputation. People who trusted him almost blindly lose faith in him. It is evident that he can't have both his elevated status and his own way on the side.

       Pluto shows that he has already made the blunder, irreparably. So, the question is if he can repair the damage it does to his reputation. Probably not. Pluto doesn't compromise.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for February 13th 2020, with transit Pluto in an opposition aspect to his natal Saturn.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for February 13th 2020, with transit Pluto in an opposition aspect to his natal Saturn.

       This crisis is enhanced by transit Saturn already in January 2020 having the same opposition aspect with Trump's natal Saturn. Two sinister planets do the same thing, a mere month apart. That also means transit Saturn and Pluto are quite close to having a conjunction at the time.

       It couldn't get worse.

Duties of His Own House

But already at the outset of his presidency, another complication entered Donald Trump's life. When he was inaugurated, transit Saturn formed an opposition aspect to his natal sun in the 10th House.

       That means his exalted position led to severe complications for his family and home life — that whole sphere. Moving to the White House made it hard for him to handle the duties of his own house, or in his case houses.

       As Saturn moved away from this aspect, the problem seemed to take care of itself somewhat. But Saturn, too, turns into retrograde. On July 7th 2017, it forms that opposition aspect with Trump's sun again. Around that time, his trouble to make the White House work with his own house and family is again on the table and seems to be insoluble. It may even be a crisis. Saturn takes its toll.

       Not until October 11th 2017 has Saturn stopped its retrograde and returned to form its last opposition to Trump's natal sun, this time around. It doesn't mean the problems are solved, but they become workable. And it is clear that they can be solved. It is costly and the solution is far from perfect in any way, but there is a solution. The decisions that need to be made, however reluctantly, are made.

A Bad Choice

On January 12th 2020, transit Saturn forms an exact opposition to Saturn in Donald Trump's birth chart. That's just a month before Pluto forms the same aspect, as mentioned above.

       This is serious stuff. Saturn is a stern force in the horoscope. What it demands is almost impossible to escape. And in an opposition to itself, no good solutions can present themselves. It takes its toll.

       In Trump's case here, he finds that duties and commitments made for his own sake, in his private sphere, are incompatible with the obligations he has in his official role. He has to choose.

       What he chooses is evident in the horoscope. At this time, also the transit sun and Mercury join transit Saturn in Trump's 5th House. He can't resist choosing his private interests, even though it means betraying his official responsibility. He may even feel in his heart that this is what he has to do. This is his primary duty.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for January 12th 2020, with transit Saturn in an opposition aspect to his natal Saturn.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for January 12th 2020, with transit Saturn in an opposition aspect to his natal Saturn.

       But also, he hopes to prosper from it.

       In combination with the transit Pluto aspects coming as soon as the following month, and therefore influential already in January, this is the most sinister moment for Donald Trump since the 2016 election. It has not been an easy ride for him, but the beginning of 2020 is still far worse.

       Not since November 2017 has he been in so much trouble.


Donald Trump's dilemma as president is that his private life — family, fortune, business — is just not compatible with the job. It continues to trouble him and create more than one crisis. Whether this leads to his resignation, though, is not so certain.

       His first year as president is a very tough one. But if he does not resign in November 2017, and it is not so likely that he does, he will do fine for quite a while. Well, there are dilemmas, but he keeps his job without too much effort.

       The next crisis of similar magnitude is not until the beginning of 2020. That is when he loses whatever trust people had in him. He becomes just about impossible as president.

       Still, since that is so close to the next election, he might be allowed to hang around for the exchange the following January. Or again, he might not.

       In any case, I very much doubt that he will be reelected or even runs. It depends on how he manages the crisis of early 2020. If he runs at all, he is bound to lose with such a margin, his ego will be all but devastated. Then again, his ego has proven to have a remarkable ability to recover, as if never having been tainted at all.

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