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USA 2016 Presidential Election Horoscope

Calamity leads to a successful outcome

USA 2016 Presidential Election forecast.

(October 9, 2016) The 2016 Presidential Election is a particularly heated and noisy one. The calamity will peak the days right before it, but then the outcome will be surprisingly successful for the USA.


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       I have made readings of the horoscopes of the major players in the 2016 Presidential Election. See the links below. They indicate that Hillary Clinton will be the winner. But the unusual calamity of this campaign also calls for a look at what effect this election might have on the United States as a whole, not just those competing for the job.

       That is done by checking the positions of the planets on the day of the election, and comparing them to the USA horoscope. In astrology, this is called transits.

       The US horoscope, how I arrived to it and how I interpret it, you can find here:

A Crisis Peaking Right Before the Election

Now, the horoscope chart I will use here is one where the US horoscope is combined with the transit planets on Election Day, November 8, 2016. It looks like this:

The US 2016 Presidential Election horoscope.
The USA 2016 Presidential Election horoscope. The outermost planets are the transits, and the innermost circle shows their aspects to the US horoscope planets (except for conjunctions, which should be evident anyway).

       The calamity we have already experienced to an accelerating degree in this campaign, is shown by a few sinister transit aspects in this horoscope.

       Transit Mars at the very end of Capricorn has formed a conjunction with the US horoscope Pluto in the 4th House. That means intense trouble, threatening to shake the direction of American everyday life, the stability of its families and security of their homes. It is a conjunction, so its outcome is positive, but it is a shaky experience.

       The aspect is exact on November 5, just a few days before the election. After that, this Mars crisis should rather quickly — within days — have found its solution. This suggests that by November 5th, the result of the election — if this is what causes the crisis, which is very likely — should be evident enough for the American people to relax.

The Turning Point

The days right before the election, Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th, are really when everything happens, according to the horoscope transits. Those are the days when the drama reaches its big turning point.

       I have already mentioned the Mars conjunction of November 5th. On the day before that, transit Saturn forms a sextile to Saturn of the US horoscope. This is a positive aspect, although Saturn is a sinister planet, causing all kinds of trouble and inconveniencies, to put it mildly.

       In this case it means that US debate in general breaks free of old traditions, forming new ones. The exchange of views is a flood, redirecting how the USA sees its aim and the way to get there. It will not be a revolution, but a rebirth of old values and principles, which have suffered in the process leading up to this change.

       One can say that a new consensus, based on old ideals, is formed.

       The opposition (180) between transit Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini of the US horoscope confirms that this change is taking place in spite of a lot of loud protests. Conclusions are reached, which are commonly regarded as beneficial for the nation — especially concerning how public discussions should be carried out and what they should be about. There is a growing attraction to focusing them on how to reach a truly positive future for all.

A Longtime Threat

Probably the most important planet in transit is Pluto, since it moves so slowly through the Zodiac, taking a quarter of a millennium to complete its orbit. In astrology, it is the planet of drastic and lasting change, so its power is quite exceptional.

       At this time, transit Pluto forms a square aspect (90) to Saturn of the US horoscope. Saturn, too, is a grim force in astrology, so this is serious. It is the first time this aspect happens to the USA since the Declaration of Independence.

       It means that main events cause great trouble for the USA and how it is perceived by its people as well as in the world. It causes major changes in American everyday life and domestic politics.

       The USA is changing from people's homes and out. US families struggle to form their lives independently of the government, and the nation gets a kind of identity crisis because of it. The balance is destabilizing, the principles by which the nation defines itself are questioned and need to be revised.

       Fundamentally, there is sharp discrepancy between the US image as a nation, and how its population actually lives. It has to be solved, and it means the image is changing — whatever the government thinks about it.

       This is a slow process, since Pluto takes its time. Also, the planet has long periods of retrograde movement. The first time the square to the US horoscope Saturn was exact, was in February of 2015. Since late September 2016, Pluto has started to move away from this aspect permanently — well, for the next 250 years or so.

       It's through this year and a half that America has wrestled with this issue. A somewhat different USA will emerge from it. But then stability returns, as does a reliable image of the nation in the eyes of its inhabitants as well as the rest of the world.

Things Settle

So, this election process has really been one with much more at stake than who becomes the next president. It has been about what direction the USA is heading, regarding its ideology as well as the continued development of its society as a whole. But the turmoil settles in time for the election, albeit mere days before it. Then things go back to normal and everyone can relax — for now.

       What shows the successful outcome of this whole adventure is transit Jupiter forming a conjunction with the US horoscope Saturn, very soon after the election. On November 19th, the conjunction is exact. At that time, things look pretty good for the USA.

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