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Mike Pence's 2016 Election Horoscope

Not a good day for Pence

Mike Pence 2016 presidential Election Day forecast.

(October 6, 2016) Mike Pence runs as a Vice President candidate alongside Donald Trump. But his Election Day horoscope shows that he doesn't get much out of it. Actually, it's a bad day for him.


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       The Vice Presidential debate showed that, regardless of his views, Mike Pence has what Donald Trump is missing: calm, dignity and an appearance that could be fathomable as presidential. I started wondering if he might even be a last minute replacement for Trump as the Republican candidate for president. Stranger things have happened during this campaign.

       So, I had to check Mike Pence's horoscope.

No Birth Certificate

Contrary to Donald Trump, Mike Pence has not released his birth certificate. He doesn't need to, since no one has questioned his birth on US soil. But that also means there is no public document stating the time of day of his birth. We only have the date, June 7 in 1959. A proper horoscope birth chart needs the hour and minutes, too.

       Therefore, we know nothing about his Ascendant, Medium Coeli (MC), and the positions of the twelve astrological Houses of his horoscope. We have to do with what can be seen from the day of birth only. I have taken this into account in my reading below.

       As is the astrological custom, I base the reading on 12 o'clock noon, which makes the possible error limited to 12 hours. The planets move so slowly through the Zodiac that twelve hours make little difference, except for the moon.

       Now that Mike Pence is much more of a public figure than before, his birth certificate might turn up. But here is what can be seen until then.

Mike Pence's Horoscope Birth Chart

His birth chart, as it is, shows that Mike Pence is a Gemini. The ruler of that sign, Mercury, is a mere 5 from the sun. That makes him quite good with words and comfortable using them a lot. Indeed, that's a necessity for a politician. But he is able to excel in it.

       The moon is at the cusp to Cancer, but it moves as much as 13 a day, so its position in Pence's chart is uncertain. It could be Gemini or Cancer. We have to exclude it from this reading.

The Limelight

Mike Pence has as much as three planets in Leo, the royalty of the Zodiac signs. Those are Venus, Mars and Uranus. That makes him quite impressive, as well as proud. He rarely goes unnoticed, and he tends to have a dominant position in just about every social part of his life. It's not that he needs to rule, but he does need to shine. And he can.

       Venus and Mars are in a conjunction, enhancing both their powers. That makes Pence both creative and forceful in establishing a central role, getting attention and keeping it. He handles elevated positions quite comfortably and skillfully, giving the clear impression of belonging there.

       Uranus in the same sign shows that Pence learns from his time in the limelight and develops his skills at staying there, as the years go by. He even gets an understanding about what it is that awakens the admiration of others. This capacity increases, the older he gets.

       Once he gets into the limelight, he will remain there.

       Uranus has a sextile aspect (60) to his sun in Gemini. That means these two powers of his cooperate and stimulate one another. He is charming and people listen when he speaks, deeming what he says to be both important and wise. And he does know how to express himself so that he gains respect, no matter what his message actually conveys.

Ruthless Persistence

His Pluto is in the beginning of Virgo, which is something he shares with people born the same year. It can make him critical of change, getting lost in the importance of the details of it. But the changes he contributes to are likely to make a palpable difference and become difficult to undo.

       Mike Pence's birth chart Pluto has two aspects: a sextile to Neptune in Scorpio and a trine (120) to Saturn in Capricorn. The first of those he shares with a whole generation, at least, whereas the second aspect may be gone within a year or less.

       The Saturn trine means that he is quite determined to force through the changes he favors, at whatever cost. He can be quite stubborn and persistent, even ruthless. His Saturn is in retrograde, which weakens it but also makes this trait frustrated and impatient.

From Solo to Partner

Mike Pence has his moon nodes in Aries and Libra. That means his life may go from solo efforts to partnerships, or the other way around, generally speaking. What direction it is depends on other circumstances in the chart. We would need the Houses, the Ascendant and MC to say for sure.

       But no doubt, in his life he has tried both. His joining with Trump, after many years of campaigning on his own, suggests that this is the way his life is heading.

Kinky Inside

Neptune in Scorpio, which he shares with his generation, suggests a very vivid imagination indeed, particularly attracted by the strange and mysterious. But his Neptune is retrograde, so he keeps his fantasy partly behind bars.

       The planet is connected with a square (90) aspect to Mars and Venus in Leo. That helps his ability to elevate and shine. He does it almost as a seduction of sorts. He knows to appeal to people's dreams and fantasies, because he is inspired by his own hidden desires. Deception is involved.

       Jupiter in the same sign is also retrograde, weakening it. Still, it should give him several opportunities to have some wild experiences. He may have more desires than he readily admits, but he is able to keep a lid on them, whether he likes it or not.

Election Day

Now, we turn to November 8, 2016. Election Day. The positions of the planets at that date can be compared to those in Mike Pence's birth chart. They are called transits. Below is the transit chart for Mike Pence on November 8th. The innermost circle shows the aspects between transit and natal planets. Next circle contains the planets of his birth chart, and outside the outermost circle are the transit planets.

Mike Pence's Election Day horoscope.

Mike Pence's Election Day 2016 horoscope.

       Most noticeable in this horoscope are the three opposition (180) aspects between transits and birth chart planets. The opposition is second only to the conjunction in astrological importance. And it is not a good one. It shows incompatible forces, both struggling to get their way.

       The least important opposition is between Mike Pence's native Pluto and the transit moon in Pisces. The moon brings sentiments, mood swings and such, but rarely anything more serious. And they pass quickly, since the moon travels fast through the Zodiac. This transit simply says that it will be a frustrating day for Pence, stemming from his will for a certain big change — whether it happens or not, but probably not. He might even sabotage his own ambition slightly by expressing his frustration.

       Much more serious is the opposition between Mike Pence's sun and transit Saturn in Sagittarius. A duty consisting also of distinct power passes before his eyes, and there is nothing he can do about it. The transit might also imply that his commitment to Trump ends in disappointment, maybe betrayal.

       The third opposition is between Venus in Mike Pence's birth chart and transit Mars right at the very end of Capricorn. Mars is almost as dire as Saturn, so an opposition with it is cause for some alarm. Venus shows Pence's ability to charm other people and shine in their eyes. But transit Mars sabotages this ability of his significantly. Something happens in the circles of power that he is helpless to brush aside or charm his way out of. A big obstacle appears, and he doesn't come up with a way around it.

       These three oppositions certainly point towards disappointment for Mike Pence on Election Day. Nothing else in the Election Day horoscope seems to undo this misfortune.

       On the contrary, transit Jupiter leaving its conjunction with the Moon Node in Libra of his birth chart indicates that a partnership seemingly very prosperous is ceasing. It has its height of glory at the end of October, but starts fading just a few days later. He definitely will have gained from this cooperation at length, but probably the partnership as such will cease, albeit not abruptly.

       Transit Jupiter will move on to form a sextile to his native Uranus in Leo, just two days after the election. It means he learns a lot from it. It also probably means that he will not be blamed for the result of the election.

       Transit Mercury forms a conjunction with Pence's native Jupiter in Scorpio, which is a good thing. But it is also more private than public. He gets in touch with people who have the same rather hidden attractions as he has. Good for him. But it is unlikely to influence the election result.

       Transit Uranus in Aries has a sextile to Mike Pence's Mercury in Gemini. Since Uranus is retrograde, it implies that he loses conviction to argue for the situation he is in. It may dawn on him that the best he can do is to shut up, not to commit any further to something he realizes is wrong or foolish. Again, good for him.

Losing the Election, but Still a Winner

The above suggests quite strongly that Mike Pence will not be elected Vice President — or President, for that matter — in the 2016 election. But he will not leave it as a loser. He has gained the public eyes and knows how to keep it and use it. He might very well try this kind of election again in the future, with better odds as a front man.

More Election Horoscopes

You can also check my readings of the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton election horoscopes. As far as I can see, Hillary wins.

As for the 2020 Election

(October 9, 2016) Mike Pence's talents, described above, made me think that he might try for the presidency next time around. So, I checked his transits at the date of the next election: November 3, 2020.

       But there is not much happening to him at that date. Transit Venus forms a conjunction with his native Moon Node in Libra, which states that things are going his way, but not sensationally so. The transit Moon Node has a conjunction with his Mercury in Gemini, suggesting that he is sort of the talk of the town. But again, it is not a particularly strong astrological event.

       The third and last transit aspect is Mars in Aries forming a sextile with his native sun. But Mars is retrograde and the sextile is the weakest of the five basic aspects. So this, too, is far from strong enough for someone to win the presidency. It indicates that some event at the time pleases him, but no biggie.

       I doubt he will be in the 2020 race, but it seems he has reason to be pleased with the outcome of that election.

Getting It So Wrong

(January 22, 2017) As can be seen above, I got the result of the 2016 presidential election completely wrong. I was not alone making that error. Almost all polls predicted the same. Days before the election, Hillary Clinton had more than 80% chance of winning, according to several of them. As for what other astrologers predicted, some googling shows both candidates had been suggested, but Clinton more often than Trump.

       Indeed, the result of the election was a surprise to just about everyone except Donald Trump. Well, I suspect he was just as surprised, in spite of what he had claimed beforehand about his chances.

       And it was a contradictory result. Trump won the presidency, but Hillary the popular vote — with as much as three million more votes. So, in a way she definitely won. For her personally — and her fans — it may very well count as a victory of sorts.

       Furthermore, Trump's victory was what is called Pyrrhic. It was a brutal campaign and his reputation sure took a beating. It still does and there is little doubt it will continue. He might conclude that one more such victory would destroy him.

       Looking at Mike Pence's horoscope in hindsight, it is clear that his victory was also Pyrrhic, and it will probably continue to haunt him. He has to support Donald Trump through thick and thin. Pence might have been better off if they lost the election.

       What I saw as signs of loss in Mike Pence's horoscope were really indications of the tough partnership he has ahead of him with Donald Trump. Also, I suspect that Trump will not treat Pence much better than he did the apprentices in his TV show.

       It is clear to me why I failed the prediction about Mike Pence in the election. I couldn't imagine that winning could be so much like losing. Furthermore, I was surely influenced in my reading of Pence's horoscope by already having predicted (wrongly) that Donald Trump would lose the election to Hillary Clinton.

       The Mike Pence horoscope is a loose gun to begin with, since it lacks the time of day. The question is if I should have bothered to use it for prediction at all. But I was curious. And I will definitely go on with my predictions, as long as I feel my mistakes are my own and not evident shortcomings of astrology.

New Donald Trump Horoscope Reading

(January 22, 2017) I got it wrong about the presidential election, but that doesn't stop me from having another go at Donald Trump's horoscope — with his victory in mind. I try to see what is to be expected from his presidency, for him personally as well as for how he does the job. Click the header to read it.


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