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Sarah Palin Horoscope

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Sarah Palin

(September 17, 2008) Sarah Palin appeared out of nowhere, like a comet, when John McCain announced her as his running mate. Who is she, and will she be the next US Vice President?


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No Birth Time

Unfortunately, at this point I have not found Sarah Palin's precise birth time. The date and place are established: February 11, 1964, in Sandpoint, Idaho. But the time of day is unknown. One birth time figures frequently on the Internet — 4:40 PM. But the source is unknown and unconfirmed.

       I doubt it very much. It makes Sarah Palin a Leo Ascendant, which seems so obvious for this charismatic person that it may be intended by fixing this birth time. Also, it puts her most important concentration of planets in the 7th House, that of partnership. She became famous as a running mate to John McCain, which is a partnership indeed, so this also implies that the birth time is chosen to get this specific chart.

       But it also puts her Ascendant in opposition to that cluster of planets in the 7th House, which would astrologically imply that she offers her own career for the partnership — but that is hardly the case here. This partnership certainly means an impressive boom to Sarah Palin's career.

       So, I very much doubt this birth time.

       Sadly, there is not yet another that can be trusted more. Therefore I base my interpretation below on the time 12 PM, midday, to minimize the possible faults.

       In such a chart, though, there is no meaning to include the Houses, the Ascendant, and the MC, which all move around the whole Zodiac in just 24 hours. The moon moves about 13 a day, so it should be read with caution — but the other planets don't move much in the maximal twelve hours that this chart can be at fault.

Sarah Palin's horoscope chart.

Sarah Palin's birth chart, without the Ascendant, MC, and the Houses, since her exact birth time is not known.


The most remarkable thing with Sarah Palin's chart is its number of aspects (certain angles between planets that are astrologically significant): she has only six, and only two kinds of them. There are two sextiles and four conjunctions. Of course, the number of aspects is likely to increase when the Ascendant and the MC are added, but still this is extraordinary.

       It shows a limited complexity of motivations inside of her being. One could call it a simple-mindedness. I have found a low number of aspects in several US President horoscopes. I guess that the job, as well as the career toward it, demands some kind of simple-mindedness. Sarah Palin has definitely got it.


Sarah Palin has most of her planets in the element air, implying that she is a thinker more than a doer. In water, the element of emotions, she only has one planet. She trusts her reason much more than her senses. As for the qualities, she has six of the ten planets in Zodiac signs of the fixed quality, which means that she is rather conservative, reluctant toward any change.

       Her sun sign is Aquarius, the sign of analytical thinking and reason. The sun is at the 22nd degree of that sign, so her thoughts are not as deep as they are multiple. Sarah Palin tends to convince herself that she knows all that needs to be known about a subject already after introducing herself to it.

       The sun belongs to the heaviest cluster of conjunct planets in Sarah Palin's chart. Mars and Saturn are next to it. This forms an immensely important and powerful point in her horoscope. Since it is in Aquarius, it strongly indicates fanaticism, the firm conviction of being right about everything, and the power to keep that conviction against almost any opposition.

       Sarah Palin will be tireless in her struggle to make everybody else yield to her viewpoint and conviction, and she is almost unable to see it from any other perspective than her own.


Sarah Palin has another conjunction in Aquarius: that of the moon and Mercury in the beginning of the sign. This also implies a single-mindedness, a firm belief in her own opinion on any matter, as if she were born with all the answers. And she can be very convincing when presenting her views, almost hypnotically so. When she speaks, she sounds as if she is absolutely right, and people are so seduced by her words that they forget to examine them with a critical mind.

       This aspect is linked with a sextile to Venus in Aries, which shows that Sarah Palin is a charismatic leader — helped tremendously in this function by her ability to convince.

       Jupiter in Aries makes it obvious that she has significant success as a leader.

Out of touch

The remaining conjunction is also big, but it is shared by almost a whole generation: Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. In Sarah Palin's horoscope, they are both retrograde and therefore weakened. They still show a deep and powerful urge to change material circumstances radically, which is true for everyone with this aspect.

       Much more cannot be said about it, without knowing what House it's in. The conjunction is not connected to any other planets in Sarah Palin's chart, so there is no more clue to be found that way. It only suggests that this aspect doesn't play that big a part in her life. In this way, she is significantly out of touch with her generation.

Hidden Urges

An isolated ingredient in Sarah Palin's chart is Neptune in Scorpio. This planet position is also something she shares with a whole generation. It shows that the fantasy and imagination of her generation is very occupied with metaphysics, the dark unknown, and deep hidden urges. She shares this kind of fantasy and dreams, but she is very likely to keep them to herself — as do most people with this planetary position.

       It is still there, and distorts her views on reality. She is very alienated to it, since it is not linked to any of the other planets. She will probably struggle to deny its existence at all, for example by insisting on very bland and intolerant values. Sarah Palin fights what she regards as perversions, because she fights them within herself. That also distances herself from her generation.

The Election on November 4

Now for Sarah Palin's transits on November 4, the election day. Most important is Neptune, which is at the spot of her powerful conjunction of the sun, Mars, and Saturn, in Aquarius. This indicates dreams coming true, and it's a once in a lifetime kind of aspect.

       It's a slow one. Neptune started to interact with the conjunction in the spring of 2007 — depending on the exact birth time, since this was the time it first passed over the sun's position. I would say that Neptune's entry to the conjunction marked when Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska, which was in November 2006. So, the planet is essential in her political career.

       On the election day, Neptune is again at about the same spot as it was when Sarah Palin became Governor (because of retrograde movements). That is indeed a strong indication that the election will boost her career and give her a political position of distinction, such as the Vice Presidency.

       Neptune will keep moving over the conjunction until January 2010. Then it moves away from it. That hardly means Sarah Palin will lose her position at that time, but she might cease to play an important part — and it suggests that she has no chance of becoming President, at least not in the 2012 election.

       If she has the chance of being President during McCain's four years is another matter completely. Since both Saturn and Mars are involved in the conjunction, and they are two sinister planets indeed, there is a chance that grim events may work to her favor.

       There is no transit as powerful on November 4th as that of Neptune. Still, that's definitely enough to suggest that also this dream of hers will be fulfilled. But I don't think that Sarah Palin will become President during this period, since she is on decline from 2010 — and because of what Uranus is doing in 2011 and 2012, which I discuss below.

       Jupiter moves into square with Sarah Palin's native Jupiter, indicating that her career does not benefit as much from the election as she would have imagined. Becoming Vice President is no guarantee of ultimate personal success. Since the transit Jupiter is in Capricorn, she will probably find that she cannot act as freely as she had anticipated. She is just part of a greater whole, which ties her arms.

       Mars moves into a square with the sun, again indicating unexpected complications. Enemies mobilize against Sarah Palin, and they are very much heard on the very election day.

She Can't Be Stopped — Right Now

Judging from her chart, I would be very surprised if Sarah Palin doesn't become Vice President in this election. She just can't be stopped while she is in the phase of her life indicated by Neptune passing over her strong three-planet conjunction in Aquarius.

       Sarah Palin will have her moment of glory, no doubt, but it is not likely ever to surpass what she experiences at this election. From 2010 she has to get used to a more modest life. There is some delightful success awaiting her in the spring of 2011, when Uranus passes over her Venus in Aries, but that's neither as elevated nor as lasting as what she experiences now. Already at New Year of 2012 it fades away.

       This Uranus transit might be a sign of her running for President in the next election — but if so, she will lose it.

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