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The USA Pluto Return in 2022

The USA Pluto return in 2022. Astrological forecast by Stefan Stenudd.

Drastic changes, sort of like a new revolution

(January 21, 2022) Between February and December 2022, Pluto is passing over the position the planet had at the time the USA was founded, back in 1776. That indicates great and drastic changes, sort of like a new revolution.


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       Of all the planets, Pluto takes by far the longest to complete its orb around the sun – almost 250 years. So, this is the first time it returns to the position it has in the US horoscope. It is a very important event – because of its rarity, and because of the astrological significance of Pluto in the horoscope.

       Pluto is the planet of metamorphosis, of drastic and unexpected change that will last for very long. It brings dramatic events, which must not be negative but they sure have big consequences.

Leaders versus citizens

In the US horoscope, Pluto’s position is near the end of both Capricorn and the 4th House. It shows that the nation is taking leaps in developing domestic life, making it more and more resourceful. Homes are improved, families form strong ties and cooperate among themselves to achieve success.

       These changes take their time and meet with some hindrances, but they are unavoidable at length. To American households, they are generally for the good. Their welfare is increased.

       This is something that the USA gets internationally recognized and admired for – the welfare and security it allows its citizens. This is shown by the trine aspect to the US Ascendant in Libra.

       But there is also an opposition to Mercury in Cancer and the 10th House. The US government tries to get all the credit for the welfare of the citizens, but it is mainly something that the people accomplish on their own, with hard work and persistence.

       Every nation has a more or less severe conflict between its leaders and its population. It is particularly evident in the US horoscope. The leaders want to be the ones protecting and caring for the citizens, who insist on taking care of themselves. That tension is never going away. And with Pluto returning to its initial position, it is suddenly enforced.

Saying no to being governed

The major effect of the Pluto return is a drastic change for the better, for the people, and an equally drastic increase of the tension between them and their leaders. If it is kind of a revolution, it is one of the people breaking with their government and other leaders in order to gain their own control of their households and private lives. They say no thanks to the protection the leaders claim to offer them.

       The leaders are displeased with this loss of control and try to reclaim it. They argue with increased fervor, to no avail. It only hardens the attitude of the people, who will not let go of their growing control of their situation. Nor will they give up their ambitions. Leadership will lose much of its power to lead.

       Politicians may be convinced that the major conflict in the nation is between Democrats and Republicans, but that is only in their own perspective as members of those parties, within which they struggle for their personal benefits. The real conflict is between the politicians and other leaders as a whole on one side, and the people’s rising distrust of them on the other.

       The people are getting fed up with their leaders – a process that commenced already at the founding of the nation, but by Pluto returning it will take a surprising and overwhelming leap.

       Actually, the events on their way in 2022 are kind of a repeat of 1776, when the USA relinquished the ties to the English king by the Declaration of Independence. That was also Americans breaking free from the leadership in order to be their own rulers. The same thing, but a different leadership.

Three Pluto encounters

On its path, transit Pluto crosses its position in the US horoscope three times in 2022, before moving on through the Zodiac.

       The first time is in February, forming the exact conjunction on February 20th. In the summer Pluto moves retrograde (seemingly backwards in the sky) to form its second exact conjunction with natal Pluto on the 11th of July. It shifts from retrograde during the fall, to form its last exact conjunction very near the end of the year, on December 28.

       Astrologically, the first conjunction indicates what change is to come, and it seems already to be on the way. But at the second conjunction, being retrograde, the change seems to be halted and even reversed. By the third conjunction, though, the change will be completed and lasting.

       For this Pluto return, the process lasts all the way from February to the end of 2022. Since Pluto moves so slowly through the Zodiac, its influence is not just on the exact dates given above. It is more of a development around and between these dates, really taking almost the whole year to be completed. But the closer to these days, the more likely it is that something significant in this process happens.

       So, around February 20 things happen that really reveal what the whole process will be about. Around July 11 there are events indicating that the change will not come, there may even be activities forcefully reversing it. But by the end of the year, around December 28, it will be clear that the change is unstoppable, and significant parts of it are already in place. Therefore, the last date is the most important.

February 2022

At the first Pluto conjunction with natal Pluto, which is exact on February 20, the transit planet has no aspects to any other planets of the horoscope. It’s just the conjunction with natal Pluto.

       That means the change is so early in its development, it has not caused any particularly visible tracks. At this point, it is hard to see what is coming. The small signs of it pass unnoticed. But things are starting to stir in the privacy of people’s homes.

The USA transit horoscope for February 20, 2022.
The USA transit horoscope for February 20, 2022, when the first Pluto return occurs.

       One more transiting planet plays a role in the emerging drama – Neptune in Pisces. It has an opposition aspect to natal Neptune in Virgo and the 12th House. It also has a square aspect to natal Mars in Gemini and the 9th House.

       Neptune is the next to slowest planet, taking around 165 years to go through the Zodiac, so its transits are significant and have lasting effects. It is the planet of fantasy and dreams, inspiration that comes from deep within. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, so it sort of blossoms in that sign.

       At this occurrence it is in the 6th House of the US horoscope, which is that of labor. It indicates that there are new ideas and visions for the work market, which may transform it to quite some extent. It is not sure to happen – Neptune is more about what people imagine. But that can cause speculations and worries. The stability might be threatened, and people are not sure of what to expect.

       Its opposition to natal Neptune in the 12th House implies that the imagined changes are kept secret from the workers, which increases their unrest. Because they can’t figure out what is going on, they oppose it. That is quite common in the USA, but at this time it is enhanced. People fear what will happen to their jobs, and they don’t know where to direct their frustration.

       The square aspect to natal Mars shows that radical ideas are expressed in American society, pushing towards a change of it. The worries about unknown changes at work make people take initiatives for a change of society at large, as a way of trying to control the situation. This is mainly done by disputes. It is mostly just talk, albeit sometimes enraged, but outbursts of spontaneous action may occur.

       The aspects of transit Neptune are not causing the change that the Pluto return is signaling, but they may be a contributing factor. Something in the air, that increases the social tension.

       But not much is happening yet. It is all sort of stirring under the surface.

July 2022

The second Pluto-Pluto conjunction is in July, getting exact on the 11th of that month, just a week after Independence Day. It is so close to the 4th of July that the conjunction may very well lead to events starting on that date. It is a day of heightened social awareness and expression. Moods are swinging.

       The transit Neptune aspects are gone at this point, so there is less of frustration and agitation in society. Natal Mars is even calmed by a conjunction with transit Venus. Also, transit Pluto is moving retrograde, which means that the events it would trigger seem to be canceled.

The USA transit horoscope for July 11, 2022.
The USA transit horoscope for July 11, 2022, with the second Pluto return.

       Astrologically, nothing alarming is going on at the time of this Pluto-Pluto conjunction. What threatened to lead to social unrest and conflict seems to settle down. Maybe the 4th of July celebration made everyone really happy, for a while. Things appear to go well for the nation, so there is no need for action.

December 2022

The last Pluto-Pluto conjunction, which is exact on December 28, is a very different story from the previous one. Tensions have escalated during the fall, and now they are practically exploding.

       The Neptune to Neptune opposition has returned, but that is far from all. There are two more oppositions – transit Mercury to natal Mercury, and transit Jupiter to the Ascendant. The latter is the most important one.

       Still, let us start with the Mercury-Mercury opposition, which shows that communication between the leaders and the people is estranged, as if they spoke different languages. Although they try, they speak past instead of to each others. Such a situation would normally pass quickly, but here it happens when their communication really needs to work. It doesn’t, so fruitful negotiations are not possible and the conflict grows.

       The Neptune-Neptune opposition does the same as it did in February, creating alienation and uncertainties about what is going on and what’s behind it, in particular regarding the labor market. That is of great concern to every worker, of course.

The USA transit horoscope for December 28, 2022.
The USA transit horoscope for December 28, 2022, with the third and final Pluto return.

       Transit Jupiter’s role may be what gets the ball rolling. It makes things happen, and to do so more than expected. Jupiter expands and increases things. Here, it is in Aries, making its effect sudden and unpredictable.

       It is at the end of the US horoscope’s 6th House, which is that of the labor market, and its position indicates imminent change. Luck runs out for the workers, who have reason to fear that their jobs will no longer secure the ability to support themselves. Soon, that is not where the money is, and there is not much that they can do about it.

       That is not fair, considering how they struggle, and the injustice is shown by Jupiter’s opposition to the Ascendant. It is not what the USA stands for and how it is perceived in the world, and therefore this dilemma tends to go unnoticed or even be officially denied.

       This is also indicated by Jupiter’s square aspect to natal MC in the 10th House. That’s the House of the government and other leaders. They refuse to acknowledge what is going on, which makes the situation worse. The people feel that their leaders ignore them or even participate in putting them in this situation.

       It is not necessarily true, the leaders may also be against the growing instability of the labor market. But they fail at doing something about it, so people suspect they don’t want to or don’t care.

       Transit Pluto is in its last conjunction with natal Pluto, which means this is the final scene in this Pluto return. There won’t be another for almost 250 years. So, at this time the drastic and lasting change it accomplishes will be quite visible – and unstoppable.

       It is kind of a revolution starting in people’s homes, with their families and neighbors. That might make it seem insignificant, but the change is radical and it will affect the whole nation.

       Transit Pluto has no aspect to the planets in the US horoscope, so it is difficult to say with what dynamics this change will take place, how it plays out. It is nourished and guided by itself, and acted out by regular folks who are strongly opposed to the government they feel betrayed by.

       There is kind of a domestic revolution on the way. Not a civil war, but the connection between the people and its rulers is cut. People care for their homes and families, and discard the rest.

       American society will look different afterwards, probably better for the people and worse for the government, as if the latter becomes isolated, even redundant compared to before.

       For example, since a lot has to do with changes in the labor market, it suggests that people turn away from being employees with all its uncertainties. Instead they work on their own, which makes them free from both government and business leaders – and they become very difficult to tax.

       Governments are completely dependent on taxes, and when they diminish, so must the government. The growing ideal for the people is to manage without depending on leaders, and taking control of their own lives.

       The date of the last Pluto return, December 28, is so close to the New Year that this is likely to play a role in the events. Maybe not the New Year celebration, but the fact that 2023 is so close at hand. The 1st of January is the start of many new things on any year, but surely this one in particular.

       Also near at hand is the first day of the new Congress on January 3, its composition changed by the midterm election. It will be a radically different congress, and its first decisions of 2023 are likely to be in a radically new direction. These hasty steps will alienate the people even more, although the intention of the congress may have been the opposite.

       The Pluto return of 2022 is mainly about the alienation between the people and its government. The former will gain independence of the latter, and the latter will lose much of its power over the former. That can get rather chaotic.


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