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Mundane Pluto

The Planet Pluto in the World Horoscope 1

Mundane Pluto in the Zodiac.
The drastic change out of nowhere,
dramatic action, sometimes violent,
making a lasting imprint.

Little Pluto is the most dramatic of the planets in mundane astrology. That is mainly because of how slowly it travels through the Zodiac.

       In astrology, what is rare is also important. It takes Pluto almost 250 years to go through the Zodiac. So, events it brings are rare and therefore both significant and long-lasting.

       Here are, approximately, the years Pluto spends in each Zodiac sign:

  • Aries, the Ram   29 years

  • Taurus, the Bull   32 years

  • Gemini, the Twins   30 years

  • Cancer, the Crab   25 years

  • Leo, the Lion   18 years

  • Virgo, the Virgin   15 years

  • Libra, the Scales   12 years

  • Scorpio, the Scorpion   11 years

  • Sagittarius, the Archer   13 years

  • Capricorn, the Goat   16 years

  • Aquarius, the Water Bearer   20 years

  • Pisces, the Fish   25 years

       Oddly, Pluto goes the fastest through the Zodiac sign of which it is the ruler: Scorpio. That happened 1984 to 1995, which were indeed dramatic years in world politics. The Berlin wall came down and the Soviet Union ceased to exist, among other things.

       As I write this (2017), Pluto is in Capricorn and will stay there until 2024. That means a period of drastic and concrete social change, especially regarding finance and the reestablishment of firm political rule.

Mundane Pluto



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