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Pete Buttigieg's 2020 presidential election horoscope

Enough success to become Vice President

Pete Buttigieg's complete horoscope

(February 3, 2020) Pete Buttigieg has significant success in the process towards the presidency, but not really enough to become president. It seems he has to settle for Vice President – well, until 2024.


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       Below are my readings of the important dates for the presidential election compared to Pete Buttigieg’s horoscope. For my reading of his birth chart, go here:

       Pete Buttigieg’s personal horoscope

       Now, there are seven significant dates in the process of the presidential election. I go through them all, and I try to be short. The first one is already today, February 3, with the Iowa caucuses, the first primary election.

The Iowa Caucuses

This is the first actual election in which Pete Buttigieg must prove he plays in the big league. And he does, but in the Iowa caucuses he doesn’t do as well as he hoped. He manages to prove that he is still definitely in the race, but hard work is ahead if he wants to remain there.

       His major birth chart ingredients of importance in the presidential election are the four planets plus MC in the 10th House, Uranus in the 11th House, and to some extent his sun and Venus conjunction in the 1st House. Some of them are triggered by transit aspects on the 3rd of February, but mainly they are squares (90°) indicating trouble.

       So, transit Uranus has a square aspect to natal Venus, showing hardship that Pete Buttigieg did not expect – mainly difficulties in making his home life harmonize with what his personality seems to suggest.

       More important for the presidential election process is transit Jupiter almost conjunct to Pete’s Ascendant, being square to natal Mars in the 10th House. That says his increased fame does not at this time boost his social authority and significance as it should. Something needs to be recalibrated. His fame is not necessarily to his advantage, at least not right now.

       He might not be taken that very seriously yet.

       But there is also a positive sextile aspect (60°) between transit Mars and his natal Saturn in his 10th House. That shows he is definitely still in the race as a prominent candidate. These caucuses contain some drawbacks for him, but the conclusion of them is that he is still not to be discarded. He sacrifices some of his independence to adapt.

Super Tuesday

No date of the primaries is graver than Super Tuesday, March 3rd, when several states elect the Democratic presidential candidate. On this date, Pete Buttigieg has only three transit aspects, but two of them are quite significant.

       One is the conjunction of transit Mars and his Ascendant. That brings a lot of energy to his personality and the impression others get of it. He seems very much like a leader – well, sort of like a general. One who can handle battle.

Pete Buttigieg's Super Tuesday transit horoscope.
Pete Buttigieg's Super Tuesday transit horoscope.

       There is also a conjunction between transit Saturn and his natal sun, also in the 1st House. It means that grand responsibilities land on his shoulders, and he gets the corresponding authority. Saturn takes almost 30 years to return to this position, so it is an important event in Pete Buttigieg’s life. People start to see him as a leader of prominence and might.

       Probably, it means that the Super Tuesday elections prove him to have much more respect from the voters than previously assumed. He is not a candidate on the way out, but one that needs to be considered seriously in the coming events.

       That does not mean he gets the most votes. Rather, it points at him being a force of his own in this whole process. He wins more respect than votes. But that sure matters, too.

The Democratic Convention

It seems the Democratic presidential candidate is confirmed on the second day of the Democratic Convention, which is on July 14. On this date, Pete Buttigieg has a triangular aspect figure that speaks volumes.

       The strongest part of it is an opposition (180°) between transit Jupiter (conjunct transit Pluto!) and his natal Dragon’s Head Moon Node in the 7th House. It means, of course, that his Dragon’s Tail is in conjunction with these transit planets. So, it is of great significance to where his life is heading. In addition, the transit sun is conjunct his Dragon’s Head, stressing the importance of the 7th House in this.

       The 7th House is that of partnerships, which leads me to speculate that on the Democratic Convention Pete Buttigieg has joined forces with someone else in the presidential campaign. It could mean that he becomes the presidential candidate and someone else joins him as the vice president candidate, but the opposite is more likely: Pete is confirmed as the vice president candidate paired with another candidate for the presidency.

       That other one would be Joe Biden, whose horoscope shows very convincingly his good chances at winning the presidential election. See my reading of his horoscope for the election here:

       Joe Biden presidential election horoscope

       If Pete Buttigieg’s major transit aspect at this date were a conjunction, it would be more likely that he was to be the presidential candidate, but for an opposition his dependence on another is much more likely.

       Furthermore, the transit triangle is completed by two square aspects, which signal complications. One is between transit Jupiter (and Pluto) and natal Saturn in the 10th House. That means a very important increase of Pete Buttigieg’s personal significance expressing itself in his social position, but not without complications and some frustration.

       The other square is between transit sun (conjunct his Dragon’s Head) and his natal Saturn. That means a partnership is formed that will influence Pete Buttigieg’s life and lead to heightening his social significance. Again, advancement through someone else. That also signals he becomes the vice president candidate.

The Presidential election

The actual election is on November 3rd. On this date, Pete Buttigieg has a bunch of transit aspects showing the importance of the date for him.

       The most potent aspect is that of a tightening conjunction of transit Jupiter and Pluto with Pete’s Dragon’s Head in the 7th House, again stating that he is in a partnership – which has such significance in his life it must be successful. The two planets also have a tight square aspect to his natal Saturn, enforcing the importance of this event to his social role as a leader of power and gravity.

       At this date transit Saturn forms a square to Pete’s natal Pluto in the 10th House. That means he willingly shoulders a responsibility being of the magnitude that it transforms his social position from that moment on.

Pete Buttigieg's presidential election transit horoscope.
Pete Buttigieg's presidential election transit horoscope.

       There is an opposition between transit Uranus and his natal Jupiter and MC conjunction, showing how his private life suffers and also how he is not completely pleased in his mind with the situation. He would prefer to be completely on top of things.

       There are additional transit aspects on the day of the election – eleven in total – but the main ones are described above. Most definitely, Pete Buttigieg’s horoscope for this date is more eventful than it would be if he and his partner simply lost the election.

The Electorate

A US election is really not decided by the popular vote, as we know very well from 2016, but by the Electorate meeting. It will be on December 14th.

       At this date, transit Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction with Pete’s natal sun, which is in turn conjunct his Venus. That is indeed a sign of great success for his person and reputation. Transit Venus forms a sextile to his sun at the same time, which is a good sign though not equally important.

       The opposition between transit Uranus and his MC and Jupiter conjunction remains, showing again that this is something he has ambiguous thoughts about. But what to do? Every success comes at a price.

The Inauguration

The inauguration of the elected president takes place on January 20, 2021. Also on this date, Pete Buttigieg’s horoscope has some significant transit aspects.

       The opposition between his natal MC and Jupiter conjunction and transit Uranus remains, but now transit Mars has joined with Uranus, making the frustration bigger and complications of the situation increasing. The situation is not ideal for Pete, especially not for his private life.

       Transit Jupiter has a square aspect to his MC and Jupiter conjunction, showing that his personal advancement and success does not necessarily increase his social importance. He is not able to do all he wanted to.

       On the other hand, transit Saturn has moved to a sextile aspect (60°) with his natal Uranus in the 11th House. That means his increased authority leads to increased understanding of how society works and how he should find new ways to improve it and his role in it.

       It is not unlike the situation of a vice president.

The 2024 presidential election

Finally, I take a look at the date of the 2024 presidential election, which is November 5. Usually, the sitting president is likely to be reelected, or if indisposed the vice president might be.

       On this date, Pete Buttigieg’s sun has a conjunction with transit Pluto. That is a once in a lifetime event, not even sure to happen to everyone. It means a great and lasting change, much more significant than any other in one’s life.

       Being elected president would certainly qualify, especially if it is a longtime dream.

Pete Buttigieg's 2024 presidential election transit horoscope.
Pete Buttigieg's 2024 presidential election transit horoscope.

       Also, transit Saturn has a sextile aspect to his Ascendant, indicating a burst of responsibilities that people think he is able to shoulder.

       His moon in the 11th House has two aspects – an opposition to Uranus, which shows that social commitments are a burden on his personal path, and a trine to Neptune, which means his role in society allows him to meet inspirational people. The pros and cons of the office.

       I can’t say that the transits guarantee Pete Buttigieg is elected president in 2024, but he does have a major advancement in his life at that time. And what other advancement from the vice presidency is there?

Comment added on December 23, 2021:

Not vice president — yet

(December 23, 2021) In the text above, I predicted that Pete Buttigieg would not be elected president in the 2020 election (he was still running successfully in the primaries), but vice president. It turned out he was instead appointed Secretary of Transportation in Biden's cabinet. I stand corrected, but I was not far off.

       And his story is far from over. In the 2024 presidential election, he might try to run, but it is even more likely that he accepts to run as vice president for either Biden or Harris — but I have not yet examined these possibilities astrologically.


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