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Barack Obama Horoscope

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama's presidential horoscope, interpreted November 6, 2008, is here.
The text below is my mistaken prediction that he would lose the presidential election.

(August 25, 2008) For odd political reasons, Barack Obama's birth certificate has been released. It shows that his time of birth was 7:24 PM on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu. Obviously, the time of birth is reported with a precision to the minute, and I see no reason to distrust it.

Barack Obama's birth certificate.

       My former chart interpretation was based on 12:00 PM, which is the regular procedure when the exact time of birth is unknown. I tried to take this into consideration when doing my reading, but now that I have the right time I might as well do it anew.


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Obama's chart at a glance

Actually, this is not a horoscope of a world leader. His MC is alone in the 10th House, and there is no planet at all in the 11th. His strongest position, the cluster of planets in Leo, are in the 6th and 7th House, dealing with his work and his partner relations. The important giants Jupiter and Saturn are in his 12th House, that of personal sacrifice.

       Simply put: I would not expect this to be the horoscope of a President, actually not of a leader of any significance. Obama's chart is much more focused on his personal life.

       There's just one planet in the vicinity of his horoscope's zenith: Neptune in Scorpio and the 9th House. That indicates dreams and fantasies about fantastic changes in his life — but most of them remain dreams.

Barack Obama's correct horoscope.

Barack Obama's correct birth chart.

       His Ascendant is in the middle of Aquarius, where the sign is its most typical. That shows honesty and a straightforward mentality. He is serious, to the point of becoming gloomy, and he is not one to simplify his thoughts in order to get across. So, he is not understood by all.

       His sun is in the middle of Leo — again where the sign is the most typical — and the 6th House. This shows pride and great trust in his own leadership abilities. He expresses this at work, which makes him a competent middle level manager, but hardly top management. People follow his orders, but he might still have a tendency to follow them in order to make sure that they do so.

       His moon is in the beginning of Gemini and the 4th House, so his emotions are very much reserved for his family. In that environment he is not hesitant to express his feelings and talk about them, almost therapeutically.

       His MC at the end of Scorpio and in the 10th House shows that he regards himself as a leader, but an uncertain one, unable to trust the solidity of his position — or the people under his command. He would actually prefer to move on toward independence, even at the cost of his leadership.

       Looking at his horoscope, I am surprised that he runs for President at all, and that he has been so successful this far.

Election Day

Looking at the transits to his horoscope on the day of the Presidential election, November 4, I find no aspect that would suggest his victory. Actually, there is no planetary position in his birth chart that a transit would give that likelihood. There's just nothing there to support it.

       Neptune has passed his Ascendant — a year or so ago, suggesting that a dream role for him is no longer realistic. Saturn is approaching his Mars in Virgo and the 8th House, indicating tougher times ahead. The sun forms a square to his native sun, showing changes that are to his disadvantage, especially in his job situation — but nothing serious.

       The transits of the election day signal nothing alarming — either positive or negative. Like I said when reading the 12:00 PM horoscope, this indicates that there is no surprise at all when he doesn't win the election. It should be clear long before that date.

The Inauguration

A quick look at the transits for the Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, show a cluster of the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter, around Jupiter in the 12th House in Obama's birth chart. The 12th House shows personal sacrifices, so it is clear that the transiting planets bring no good news. Mars is on the way there, too, but will take a little longer.

       Pluto forms an opposition to his native Venus. It reveals that drastic changes in his official life are great disappointments to him. Saturn retrograde is on his Mars, suggesting that the trouble it will bring has been postponed some. It will return, though.

       There is indeed no positive indication for Obama on the date of the Inauguration. The Presidency is long gone for him at that time, and other things occupy his life.

McCain wins

So, knowing the exact time of Barack Obama's birth changes nothing in my forecast for the election. He is highly unlikely to win it, whereas McCain has lots of astrological indications of victory.

Addition to the reading, posted August 26, 2008:

Bad year for Obama

I checked Barack Obama's horoscope again, in search for an explanation to why he has no chance at the Presidential election. I didn't find that, really, except for again being struck by how devoid his horoscope is of anything as remarkable as becoming US President.

       Instead, I found what a very unfortunate year 2009 will be for him. It is full of severe oppositions that several outer planets form with planets in his chart.

Barack Obama

       Transit Pluto in Capricorn and the 11th House opposes his native Venus in Cancer and the 5th House, indicating dramatic events in his public life that make obstacles for delights he has in his private life. If it were not such a negative aspect, it could have marked some kind of public office, but in this case it seems more to hint at a loss of one.

       Both Neptune and Jupiter in Aquarius and the 1st House oppose Uranus in Leo and the 7th House. Both his dreams and chances of making an impression on people cause problems for his ability to mature and learn in his partnerships. He might be too eager to succeed, so that he loses the respect of his wife as well as other close partners.

       Uranus in Pisces and the 2nd House opposes Mars in Virgo and the 8th House. Revelations and conclusions about his resources (usually but not only money) hinders him from having the control of his fortune that he is usually able. Mars is also passed over by Saturn in a conjunction, again showing serious complications — opportunities if treated right, but still so difficult that they can easily turn sour.

       Such aspects to a planet in the 8th House also often indicate unfortunate events with relatives.

       So, 2009 will be a very difficult year for Barack Obama. Since the slow moving outer planets cause long-time and lasting effects, these may commence already this year. Problems that will erupt in 2009 may already during this fall start to approach. That could be the reason for Obama losing the election.

Obama Presidential Horoscope

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