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Donald Trump and the 2018 Midterm Election

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President Donald Trump and the 2018 Midterm Election.

(November 2, 2018) Donald Trumpís horoscope and its transits on the Midterm election night imply that the congress will be divided Ė Democrat majority in the House and Republican in the Senate Ė or a very narrow majority in both. He will have trouble, but he will not fall.


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       I have found that US politics are difficult to predict with astrology, mainly because events are so unexpected that it is hard beforehand to read the horoscopes without prejudice. Who thought that a black man with a strange name could win the presidency in 2008 and a TV celebrity clown would do it in 2016? Fact is stranger than fiction.

Transit horoscope for Donald Trump on the Midterm election night, November 6, 2018, at 8PM.
Transit horoscope for Donald Trump on the Midterm election night, November 6, 2018, at 8PM.

       Iíve failed more than Iíve succeeded in previous US election predictions. So, I more or less expect to be wrong this time, too. Thatís why I have hesitated until now about making a reading for the 2018 Midterm election, when there are just a few days left to it.

       But here I go.

Trumpís Birth Chart in Transit

What we all want to know is if the Republicans will keep their majority in congress, supporting Donald Trumpís presidential ambitions and decisions, no matter what. The House and the Senate are complicated bodies to read astrologically, but Trumpís horoscope is readily available, so I use that.

       He has much to lose, if the congress turns Democrat. It would most likely put an end to many of his plans and incapacitate him similarly to what happened to Obama after 2010.

       Donald Trumpís birth chart has some transit complications on election night, November 6. There are three square aspects (90į) to planets in his birth chart. The square is an aspect causing trouble, complications, and disappointment. Most of all it signals trouble, but it can have a positive though costly outcome.

       One of those transit square aspects is Mars in Aquarius to the MC (Medium Coeli) in Taurus of Trumpís birth chart. The MC stands for how one looks at oneself, so the Mars square causes problems for Trump personally and his ability to be as he thinks he is.

       Since Mars is in Trumpís 6th House, which is about his work, he will have trouble doing his work as usual, as he wants to do it and in the way he thinks he is the best at it. Aquarius implies that his thoughts and those of others collide, leading to heated and lengthy discussions.

       That definitely sounds like his position is weakened by the result of the Midterm election.

       There is also a transit square between Jupiter at the very end of Scorpio and Donald Trumpís Ascendant at the end of Leo. Jupiter normally brings luck and success, but in square it shows the opposite Ė bad luck and failure at something. The Ascendant rules how a person presents himself to others, what he pretends to be, so that is where he is unlucky. He will fail to convince people of the personal qualities he wants them to see in him.

       It also means that his influence diminishes, his charisma fades, and his popularity takes a dive. Jupiter is at the end of the 3rd House, so this is particularly true about the people in his immediate surroundings, the ones he deals with daily.

       This, too, implies an election result to Trumpís disadvantage Ė but it can also be a result of his reaction to the election results, such as griping at a loss or gloating at a win.

       The third transit square is between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Libra of Trumpís birth chart. They are in the 5th and 2nd House respectively, the latter of which shows Trumpís resources and assets. Saturn is a grim planet in the horoscope, firmly setting rules and demanding its toll.

       Neptune in Trumpís 2nd House and Libra shows that he is quite ingenious at finding new ways to enrich himself, not shunning from twisting the rules. But it is native Jupiter later in the House making his financial success. It will take a couple of years before Saturn makes a square aspect to that planet, really costing him money. With Neptune, though, it puts restrictions on Trumpís ideas and experiments to increase his wealth and resources. Saturn forces him to stick to the rules. It may also cause some of his financial secrets to be revealed.

       It could imply a changed majority in congress restricting him more than so far, but it is in no way certain.

Some Good News for Trump

There are only two more transit aspects to Donald Trumpís birth chart on the eve of the Midterm election: a sextile and a trine, which are both regarded as positive aspects.

       The sextile is between Venus in Libra and Mars in Leo, the former in the 2nd House and the latter in the 12th. It is not an important aspect, especially since Venus is retrograde. It shows that he feels good about something in his economy that makes him less frustrated about his lack of control of it. Nothing big, but pleasant for him nonetheless.

       I donít see how it would be of any significance in predicting the election result.

       The trine is between Uranus at the very end of Aries and the 8th House, and the Ascendant. Uranus is in retrograde, which makes it weaker but also more complex. The 8th House is about relatives and inherited circumstances, such as family traits and material resources. The trine to the Ascendant shows that Trump benefits from things beyond his control, such as an inheritance or some other gain from relatives.

       Uranus moves slowly through the Zodiac and is at this time in retrograde, which is why this transit aspect should be understood as a longtime thing and not just an event at election night. It has been going on for a while and will continue to do so, but the solution will be to Donald Trumpís advantage, especially regarding his ability to feel proud of himself and shine a little extra.

       But it probably says nothing about the election, unless the USA turns into a monarchy where the throne is passed within the family for generations. Letís hope not.

No Clear Majority

There it is, then. Most indicators in Trumpís horoscope show that he will lose more than he gains from the Midterm election. His position will be weakened and he will have it more troublesome than before.

       But itís not on the amplitude of a catastrophe for him. Itís annoying to him, but he is not likely to become obsolete. He will probably remain in the White House, with some say in how the country should be run.

       That makes me inclined to believe in a Midterm election result where the House will be Democrat and the Senate remains Republican. At least, it indicates that the majority is narrowed to the extent that Trump will find it more difficult than these past two years to act according to his will.


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