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Donald Trump's Solar Eclipse

The meaning of the eclipse on August 21, 2017, right on his Ascendant

Donald Trump's Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017.

(August 20, 2017) So, tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse on the spot of the Zodiac where Donald Trump has his Ascendant. A shadow will fall on his appearance. The last few days have made it clear what that darkness is.

       Tomorrow's solar eclipse is particularly spectacular for the USA, since that is the country where it will be visible. Astrologically speaking, it means that the eclipse's major astrological effect will be isolated to that nation. Therefore it is even more sensation that it happens at 29 Leo, which is where Donald Trump has the Ascendant in his natal horoscope chart. So, not only is the eclipse particular for the USA, but also for its current president.

       The Ascendant shows how a person presents himself, what he pretends to be and how he wants others to see him. It's the starting point of the 1st House, which is that of how others see the person. So, at first they tend to see him as he presents himself - as the Ascendant dictates - but gradually they change their view according to what the 1st House reveals.

Donald Trump's Ascendant

Donald Trump's Ascendant is in Leo, so that's how he likes to be seen: as a lion. The proud and charismatic ruler, a fine specimen of a human being, if not to say a star. The one born to be admired and obeyed.

       But his Ascendant is right at the very end of Leo, 2948'53" of the sign's 30. That's just 7" from the cusp of Virgo, the next Zodiac sign. As close as it gets.

       It means his pretense is not very convincing at all - not even to himself. He tries desperately to be like a formidable Leo, but people see through it in mere minutes after getting to know him. What they see instead is a griping and petty character, trying to rise by diminishing others. As he can see that his act doesn't convince anyone for long, he gets desperate about it, insisting that he is still very much a lion.

       Not successfully, of course. Quite the opposite. The more he insists, the more others see through him.

Bad Omen

A solar eclipse is traditionally seen as a bad omen. Of course, people of the distant past were alarmed when the sun got blocked and the earth was covered in darkness, albeit for mere minutes. It was like a sudden glimpse of the end of all. So, it was seen as a bad omen. Something dreadful would happen. It was the same with comets and other irregular celestial phenomena.

       Therefore, the USA as a whole may have an experience of something bad about to happen. The eclipse will be accompanied by a public sense of imminent danger. As if the eclipse comes as a warning to the nation and its population.

       Since the eclipse of Monday 21st happens at the end of Leo, it is a glimpse of tainted pride and lacking leadership. It can even bring a sense of chaos lurking around the corner. A sense, that is. Chaos is neither nearer nor farther away. But he fear of it can cause calamity.

Out of Hiding

For Donald Trump, it's different. The eclipse of the moon and the sun form an aspect to his birth chart. That's personal. So, the aspect in question has to be examined accordingly.

       It's just one aspect - the conjunction with Donald Trump's Ascendant. And it's quite close. The eclipse happens at Leo 2853', less than one degree from Trump's Ascendant. That's on the left side of the transit horoscope chart below.

Transit horoscope for Donald Trump on the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.
Transit horoscope for Donald Trump on the solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. The planets of his birth chart are in the inner circle, and the planetary positions of August 21 are outside the chart circle. The sun's and moon's conjunction with Trump's Ascendant can be seen on the left side.

       The sun passes Donald Trump's Ascendant every year, and the moon as often as every month. Such transits have little effect. But they rarely form a conjunction at that spot - and an eclipse at that. So, this in tremendously significant for how Donald Trump presents himself to others - i.e. to the whole of the USA in this stage of his life.

       The darkening of the eclipse suggests both that his appearance darkens and that it goes into hiding. The last few days we have seen a dark side of his personal views, in the comments he made after the calamity and tragedy in Charlottesville. He seemed very unwilling to denounce the dark forces exposed there. It became evident that he might share their values to some degree.

       That's the dark side of him appearing as the eclipse approaches.

       Now, he will struggle to hide it by moving into the shadows, trying to conceal what was revealed. Either that or conform and confess to it. He is surely involved in an internal battle between the two options.

       Even if he should choose to hide that side of himself, it's far from certain that he can. His frustrated Ascendant at the very end of Leo makes any pretense utterly difficult. He would really prefer to have people accept him for what he really wants to be, no matter what that is.

       Whatever he chooses, no charade can last for long. People see through him quickly, as his Ascendant has such a week position at the very end of the Leo sign.

       As the brightness of the sun reappears when the moon moves out of its way, the outcome for Donald Trump may be that he realizes, finally, that he can't pretend. He is who he is, and anyone can see it. He may continue to play the game by trying to confuse or even deceive us. But he should be able to see, in this renewed light, that it can buy him some time, at most. He has shown what he was hiding, and it can't be concealed again.

       But will it also mean that he loses his presidency? No. At least not right now. This is how he presents himself and how he is seen by others. Opinions. At length, it may contribute to his downfall, but at the moment it will do little more than make many more than before long for it.



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