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Hillary Clinton Horoscope

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Hillary Clinton

(April 20, 2008) Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago on October 26, 1947. Her time of birth is a bit uncertain, but there are several indicators for a morning birth, and it seems to have been around 8 AM.


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       I take a chance on it, but try to keep an open mind — not to let too much of my interpretation lean on the time of day.


Oddly, Hillary Clinton's horoscope has many similarities to that of Barack Obama. They have the same Ascendant, Scorpio, actually even at about the same degree in that sign. Both also have several important planets in Leo, near Midheaven.

       In Hillary's case, the cluster of planets in Leo are Mars, Saturn, and Pluto — the three most grim of the planets. None of them is in retrograde, which means that they are all at the peak of their force. This speaks heavily of power, certainly, and a drastic, forceful way of using it. It is almost the constellation of a conqueror.

       Honestly, I would hesitate to vote for someone with those three planets in Leo.

Hillary Clinton's horoscope.

Hillary Clinton's birth chart horoscope.

       Mars and Pluto are in a narrow conjunction, less than one degree apart. This a indeed a source of power, excessive force without hesitation. Hillary Clinton has the ability to get power and is not the least bit hesitant to use it. She regards it as her right.

       Another cluster of planets is around the Ascendant in the middle of Scorpio: Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Venus is in the 12th House, as is the sun, showing that love and passion are things that Hillary Clinton has to sacrifice in order to get what she wants. Indeed...

       Mercury is also in the 12th House, but in a very tight conjunction with the Ascendant. This means that she is quite skilled at convincing people by her speech and reasoning, although she is rarely completely honest. Hillary Clinton enjoys leading people astray, and making them believe what they otherwise would not. In her speech she is definitely quite manipulative.

       Jupiter at the start of Sagittarius, in her 1st House, shows that Hillary Clinton has success with her manipulations, and that people are impressed by her — without really knowing why.

       Neptune in Libra and the 11th House shows that she has always dreamed of a decisive, leading role in society. It is this dream that drives her — and the longing for power.

       Uranus, representing contemplation and wisdom, could be a force balancing the above — but in Hillary Clinton's horoscope it is at the end of Gemini, and in retrograde, so it is both weakened and distracted, like the mind of a playful child. Its position in the 8th House suggests that she gives more significance to her random thoughts than they deserve. She seems not to take much seriously — neither ideas nor ideals.

       Her moon in Pisces reveals an inner frustration, an inability to be pleased and satisfied. That is the reason Hillary Clinton allows herself to treat others rather immorally by misleading them.

       Hillary Clinton seeks power, and is very skilled at getting it — but she should not have it. She will misuse it, just as she allows the ends to justify the means in her strife to achieve power.

The primaries

Hillary Clinton is quite destined to have power — but not necessarily by being voted on. Mostly through her life, so far, her power has come from being married to Bill. Whether she gets elected as the democratic presidential candidate or not, she will certainly still have power within that organization and elsewhere.

       She can fool and manipulate people with her Scorpio Ascendant, but she cannot make them trust her. So, she will always find it easier to get power by other means than popular vote.

       During the several months of Hillary Clinton's campaign in the primaries, she has had little support from the transiting planets. In March this year she had a sextile between Saturn and her native sun, and a conjunction between Saturn and her MC (if the birth time 8.00 is to be trusted). That shows power at play, and playing her way. But Saturn is retrograde, moving out of these aspects, indicating a losing streak rather than the opposite. The campaign tends to make her lose the power she has, instead of increasing it. The same planet had a conjunction with her native Saturn on September 30, 2006, and again (because of retrograde movement) on June 20, 2007. At those two dates her power was at its peak. It will have a decline in the years to follow.

       Her last moment of a power surge will be when Saturn moves ahead over her MC, which is late June or early July, if the birth time around 8 AM is to be trusted. After that, Hillary Clinton will experience a long decline of power and importance.

       At the democratic convention on August 25-28, there is no astrological support for Hillary Clinton being elected as the democratic presidential candidate. Instead, Venus and Mercury in opposition to her moon indicate disappointment, and Uranus in conjunction with her moon is likely to inspire seclusion and introversion. She is likely to start reconsidering her life-path, and what it really gives her.

       I can't see that Hillary Clinton will be a presidential candidate. Actually, it is quite possible that she starts to back out of politics completely. Considering the graveness of her Leo planets, she should.

The presidential election

The presidential election is on November 4, 2008. At that date, Neptune is in opposition to Hillary Clinton's Saturn, showing clearly that her dream was not realized. This may very well make her give up her dream of great power, and retreat from politics.

       Mars is conjunct to her Ascendant and Mercury, which means that she will make a change of attitude, and signal it very clearly, demonstratively. Maybe on the very day of the presidential election, as some kind of protest.

       The Mars conjunction with the Ascendant and Mercury is a power aspect that could also mean that Hillary Clinton wins something that increases and enriches her gestalt, the way she is perceived by others — such as the presidency. I still doubt it, though, since there is no other astrological support for it. Instead, I think that the Mars conjunction will be the trigger for her to change her life, away from politics — at least the politics of elections and elected office.

       On the day of the presidential inauguration, January 20 of 2009, there are no transits of any significance in Hillary Clinton's horoscope. That day just has no particular meaning to her.

Comments July 28, 2015

Preparing Hillary Clinton's horoscope for the 2016 presidential election, I glanced through the above reading and found the need for some comments.

       First of all, when comparing Hillary Clinton's horoscope to that of Barack Obama (in the second paragraph) I based the latter on a mistaken birth time for Obama. Then his birth certificate surfaced and I could correct his horoscope, which is here:

Barack Obama's Horoscope

       Still, it means that what I said above when comparing their horoscopes should be ignored. I don't change my predictions afterwards, so I have to live with that flaw. It is a minor one regarding my reading of Hillary Clinton's horoscope, anyway.

       My main objective when checking her horoscope was to figure out if she would win the 2008 presidential election, which I concluded that she would not. And she didn't. Obama beat her in the primaries, as we all know.

       I wrote above: "Hillary Clinton is quite destined to have power — but not necessarily by being voted on. Mostly through her life, so far, her power has come from being married to Bill. Whether she gets elected as the democratic presidential candidate or not, she will certainly still have power within that organization and elsewhere." Well, Obama made her Secretary of State, which is not that bad either...

       I also wrote: "I can't see that Hillary Clinton will be a presidential candidate. Actually, it is quite possible that she starts to back out of politics completely." She didn't back out of politics as such, but she certainly put her presidential ambitions on a long hold. At first she even seemed satisfied with the comparably humble position of New York senator.

       Well, now she is on the move again towards the White House. So, I felt the urge to have an astrological look at her chances this time around. Here it is:

Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Election Horoscope


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