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Joe Biden

Joe Biden's Horoscope and the Election

(November 2, 2008)
Frankly, I have not been the least bit tempted to do Joe Biden's horoscope, although I did so with all the other final candidates at the presidential election of 2008. I saw that pearly white smile of his, and concluded that I would not buy a used car from him.


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Joe Biden        But now I've learned some more about Joe Biden's past, and that triggered me to finally check out his horoscope. In particular, I was moved to learn about the car accident that killed his wife and his daughter on December 18, 1972, very soon after he was elected senator for the first time.

       I can understand that it made him ponder life, god, and everything. Sublime success followed by monstrous tragedy — it could be an old Greek drama.

       I was also impressed that Joe Biden continued as a lonely father for his two sons, who survived the car crash just barely, giving them higher priority than the senate. Before the accident, he had been a man of sometimes questionable character, but he matured into someone whose used car I would dare to buy — and whose horoscope I had to check out.

Birth Time Uncertainty

As is often the case with celebrities, Joe Biden's birth time is not confirmed. He was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. That's no discussion. But the birth time to be found on the internet, 8:30 AM, is in no way certain. I have not even been able to ascertain where it's from. It's just there — as so much on the internet.

Joe Biden's complete horoscope chart.

Joe Biden's complete horoscope chart, based on the birth time 8:30 AM.

       Anyway, it puts his ascendant in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom and independence. And it makes his 12th House in Scorpio full of planets: Mars, Mercury, the sun and Venus. That House is called the Hell of the horoscope, and surely the tragic car accident confirms that Joe Biden has had to live through one. Still to this day, he always refuses to work on December 18th.

       The 12th House is in Scorpio, the sign most connected to death and the unknown beyond it.

       Joe Biden's ascendant is in an almost exact opposition aspect to Uranus by the cusp of his 7th House — that of partnership. Interestingly, the planet is on the way from the 6th House, that of work, to the cusp of the next House, indicating that from the perspective of his work he moves toward the realization of the fundamental importance of a life partner. Since the accident, he has been quite aware of the importance of not letting the former stand in the way of the latter.

       Saturn in the 7th House shows the serious problems Joe Biden's partnership has experienced. That's enhanced because the planet is in retrograde (seemingly moving backwards, from a geocentric perspective), which is a weakening and frustrating ingredient that is particularly grim when it happens to Saturn.

       In spite of Joe Biden's impressive political career, what has made the most impact on his life is definitely that accident.

Joe Biden

       In the 8th House, which is the one dealing the most with death, Joe Biden has Cancer — the motherly sign — and the planet Jupiter in retrograde. Jupiter is normally a lucky planet, but in retrograde it is more likely to be unlucky.

       It is connected with trines to three of the planets in the 12th House. Again, the trine is normally a benevolent aspect, but connecting the 8th and the 12th House it can have quite drastic expressions.

       Pluto in the 9th House and Leo suggests that Joe Biden will have several drastic changes in his life, moving from one place to another, and finding himself in need of personal change as well. He is causing most of those changes himself, but destiny tends to push him further than he might have planned. Pluto's sextile to Saturn in the 7th House implies that several of these changes have to do with his partnership.

       Joe Biden's Neptune is by the end of the 10th House and in Libra, showing his dream of really making a difference in the world, correcting and renewing it. It is a dream more than reality, since the planet has not reached the cusp of the 11th House, and it is a planet of dreams. His failures at running for president show this clearly. That dream just doesn't become real.

Joe Biden

The Accident

I have mentioned the car accident of December 18th, 1972, where Joe Biden's first wife and daughter died. The transits at that time speak quite clearly.

       Mars was in an almost exact conjunction with Mercury, the planet of childhood as well as communication, in his 12th House. Saturn is moving in retrograde toward his native retrograde Saturn in the 7th House, that of his partnership. Pluto has recently passed over Neptune at the end of his 10th House, indicating the election of Joe Biden to the senate. Transit Neptune has recently passed an opposition to his native Uranus by the cusp of his 7th House, as well as to that cusp.

       Put together, these transits seem to fit that tragic event. Also the Houses make so much sense that I have to wonder if the birth date given for Joe Biden has been chosen by an astrologer just to make this happen. That suspicion is increased by the fact that the transit moon is in an almost exact opposition to the ascendant, right on the cusp of the 7th House.

       On the other hand, a rectified birth date would not land on such an even clock as 8:30. Also, a few minutes differ for the moon to be exactly on the cusp of the 7th House. The same is true for the other transits. None of them is exact. At least one of them would be, if an astrologer had rectified the birth time.

Joe Biden's transit chart for the election day, November 4 in 2008.

Joe Biden's transit chart for the election day, November 4 in 2008.

Election Day

Looking at the transits on the election day, November 4th, one thing is very striking: Mars is on just about exactly the same position as it was on the day of the car accident in 1972. On the coming election day (noon) it will be 2144'28" Scorpio, and on the day of the accident it was 2153'44". That's a difference of little more than a tenth of a degree.

       So, Mars indicates that it will be an unfortunate day for Joe Biden.

       Mars travels through the whole Zodiac in a year and a half, so that's how often Joe Biden experiences this transit — but still it's striking that this time it happens on the very day of the election.

       Transit Neptune in Joe Biden's 3rd House is in square with his native Mercury, mentioned above. Neptune is much slower around the Zodiac, so this transit happens to him only once. It means that hopes and dreams about meeting and befriending new people are obstructed by his inability to communicate as he really wants to.

Joe Biden

       The transit sun is in an even more exact conjunction with his native Mars, also in the 12th House. That would add force to Joe Biden, but since it's in that House it will be held back, leading to frustration.

       There is more. Transit Saturn is about to pass over Joe Biden's Medium Coeli, showing heavy duties about to land on him. The same MC (as well as transit Saturn) is opposed by Uranus in his 4th House, that of family and home. Revelations about the latter have to stand back for a serious boost of his career — or the other way around.

       Also, transit Venus in his 1st House is in square with his MC. It suggests that things improving his character and making other people enjoy him more, are obstructed by his approaching responsibility. Joe Biden may have trouble seeing this himself.

       Transit Mercury in his 11th House opposes the moon in his 5th, which means that talks and other activities in the public arena makes Joe Biden unsatisfied and unable to care for himself as he would like to.

       That's quite a lot of transits for Joe Biden on election day. Still, it's not that easy to decide if they mean victory or defeat at the election. I tend toward the latter. Most of these transits indicate trouble and disappointment.

       But becoming vice president is no picnic. It is bound to cause both trouble and disappointment, especially since that would mean another guy is still in charge.

       So, I hesitate to decide. But I can tell you this: the transits for Joe Biden on election day show that this day is much more important and significant to him than it is to Barack Obama. It's a strange world we live in.

Inauguration Day

At the day of inauguration of the next president, January 20, 2009, transit Saturn is moving retrograde toward Joe Biden's MC, which implies that he is about to lose a position he seemed to be granted. It can also mean that he is about to get a position he earlier seemed to escape.

       Saturn is also in an almost exact sextile to Mercury in Joe Biden's 12th House, so whatever Saturn indicates about his social position, it means that he is not hindered by his tendency to suppress his communication with others.

       Pluto is in square with his Neptune and trine with his moon. I'd say it suggests a drastic change of his role that conflicts his dreams of leadership, but benefits his personal needs. Instead of a high office, Joe Biden gets time for himself.

       There's a cluster of transit planets right before the cusp to his 3rd House — Mercury in retrograde, the sun, and Jupiter. They have a trine to his native Neptune, and a square to his moon, which is the reversed of what transit Pluto has. This implies that Joe Biden is about to gain new friends and contacts that do improve his chances of leadership in the future, but at the cost of his personal life.

       Jupiter in that transit cluster is in a sextile with Joe Biden's ascendant, again suggesting that he will be able to present himself to new people.

       So, he may not get closer to power, but to people who are.

       Uranus has moved to an all but exact opposition to Joe Biden's Medium Coeli — the difference is less than two minutes of a degree. Here, Uranus is as powerful as it gets in this opposition, so his home life is definitely where it's at for him at this moment. He experiences things in his home and family that mean the world to him, even if he doesn't fully understand it. He may even be reluctant to accept it.

Joe Biden        Inauguration day transits to Joe Biden's horoscope are several and quite important, making this day significant to him — but again, it's a bit difficult to say how. I guess that the vice president is sworn in, just as the president is, but still, the day is one more for the latter than the former.

       Therefore, the vague indications of the transits can very well mean that Joe Biden shoulders the vice presidency on that day, but if so, he will certainly not be as important in that role as his immediate predecessor has been.


Joe Biden's horoscope is unclear about the result of the election. There are astrological signs of importance on both the date of the election and that of the inauguration — but there would be, whatever the outcome. A presidential election is of vast importance to the lives of its main characters, whether they win or lose.

       Oddly, though, the whole thing seems to make much more difference to Joe Biden's life than to Barack Obama's. I must admit that I have to wait until after these events, to find an explanation as to why.

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