by Stefan Stenudd


Pete Buttigieg's complete horoscope

Great sucess at a high price

Pete Buttigieg's complete horoscope

(January 21, 2020) Pete Buttigieg’s horoscope chart reveals an odd combination of discipline and spontaneity, order and chaos. His strong social ambition is really a path towards wisdom. He is not what he reaches, but what he learns from it. And his personal life pays the price.


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       I planned to make an astrological prediction about Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign, but that needed a closer look at his birth chart. This reading got so wordy, it needed a webpage of its own.

       I will continue with a text on his chances in the election, and when that is posted you will find a link to it here.

Speculations about Pete Buttigieg’s birth time

The time of day when Pete Buttigieg was born is not publicly known. The common practice among astrologers in such cases is to use 12 noon for the horoscope, since it is the time when the error can’t be more than 12 hours.

       But several astrologers on the web use 9 PM for Pete Buttigieg’s birth, which is derived from what he himself writes in his 2019 autobiography Shortest Way Home (page 9), when he pokes fun at South Benders gladly exaggerating past winter weathers:

“Thus, when we celebrate my birthday each passing year, their story of that night in January of 1982 seems to grow in meteorological ferocity, the temperature further and further below zero and the snow cover ever higher above eye level, to the point that if you take them literally when they tell the story of the night I was born, it is an utter miracle that I made it out of the hospital — or indeed that anyone survived at all.”

       On January 19 in South Bend, Indiana, the sun sets at a quarter to 6 PM, so it would be nocturnally dark at 9 PM – but it would still be more appropriately described as evening. The night Buttigieg describes, and he writes “night” twice in the quote above, would be an hour or so later. That leaves little time for him to be born before the next day.

More likely born in the morning

If, on the other hand, Pete Buttigieg was born in the night hours leading to the morning of January 19th, there would be plenty of time. Sunrise on the 19th of January in South Bend comes a few minutes after 8 AM. Civil Twilight dawn, when the sky is light enough for outdoors visibility, begins half an hour earlier.

       Another argument for Buttigieg being born in this time period is that statistics show it to be significantly more common than other times of day, especially if no medically induced birth is used. The most likely time is around 4 AM (BBC News source).

       Now, there is a specific birth time of 07:11 AM spinning around a little on the web. At that time the night would still be deep, albeit for no more than 20 minutes, and the hours of delivery preceding it would definitely be nocturnal. So, the time is worth checking out.

7:11 AM

The earliest reference I’ve found to the 7:11 AM birth time is on the blog of Alex Miller, where he wrote on April 16, 2019:

“On April 16th a reader approached me with a birth time for Pete Buttigieg, allegedly received from the daughter of one of her YouTube channel viewers, who had inquired of the candidate, while signing his memoir at a campaign event, what time he was born. His reply, ‘without hesitation,’ was 7:11 AM.”

       In a comment to the blog post, one Gary C Calderone wrote on May 21: “I found a blog by an astrologer in South Bend who claims that a friend of hers who was at Pete’s book signing asked him his birth time and without hesitation he said, 7:11 AM.” It is a pity he did not include a link to that blog. He gave the same information in a Facebook comment on April 24.

       They must refer to the same source and book signing event.

       Also on April 24, Jim Eshelman wrote on the astrological forum Solunars: “This morning, I was told that a South Bend astrologer approached him at a book signing, asked his birth time, and he immediately answered 7:11 AM.” Again, it is very likely to be about the same event.

       It would be good to find that South Bend astrologer’s blog, in order to confirm the above. I tried without much success. Anyway, even with that astrologer it is just hearsay.

       I find the time 7:11 AM quite likely. It is specific, it is on a probable time of day, and I have not found any dismissal of it on the web. Nor is it odd that Buttigieg would know it well enough to answer immediately, since it was an adventure recalled in the family at every birthday of his.

       At least, it makes more sense than 9 PM.

No reply from Buttigieg’s staff

A few days ago I emailed Pete Buttigieg’s campaign office, asking for his birth time. No reply yet, and I don’t really expect one. They have a lot of other matters to handle, and might even be hesitant to help with something today often described as pseudo-science.

       I take the risk of using 7:11 AM as Buttigieg’s birth time, but try not to allow too much on parts of his horoscope that change quickly by time – such as the Ascendant (and therefore the Houses) and MC, also to some extent the moon.

       As for the planets, they move so slowly across the Zodiac, a few hours to and fro don’t make much difference.

Pete Buttigieg's birth chart horoscope.
Pete Buttigieg's birth chart horoscope, based on his birth on January 19, 1982, in South Bend, Indiana, at 7:11 AM. Click the image to see the chart enlarged.

An exceptionally prominent social figure

Pete Buttigieg’s birth chart has several distinctive features. Immediately visible is that all the planets are concentrated to one area, from Libra to Aquarius and the 10th to 2nd House.

       As many as four planets plus MC are in the 10th House, which shows one’s social position. That in itself is a great asset for a politician, so we start there.

       In Buttigieg’s horoscope the 10th House is divided between Libra and Scorpio. The former stands for balance and principles, the latter for intrigue and surprises. So, in every social setting – like a work place, or a school class in younger years – Pete starts by bringing and sticking to order, being trusted and respected.

       Mars in that sign shows that he is also active and firm. Surely, some will regard him as stubborn and pushy. Next comes Saturn, which indicates that he gets a position of increased authority and power, but also responsibility.

       Soon after that, it is time for Pluto, the planet of dramatic and lasting change. Most likely, the change is caused by Pete and no one else, and there are no regrets.

       Then the House enters Scorpio, the hidden and mysterious, sign of passion as well as deceit. The unpredictable. In a social setting it is a person causing unease and speculations. That is quite a change from the Libra influence.

       Pete has his MC here, which means he must be aware of this trickster side to him and how it confuses the people around him. Not only that, but MC is conjunct Jupiter, the expander and bringer of good fortune.

       Pete’s change of behavior is a winning recipe. It brings success, not only to him but to the others in his social surrounding. The highly established order from Libra is tested in Scorpio and found to dissolve in a beneficial way, so that the chaos comes with lots of new opportunities.

       These dynamics follow a timeline, but all of the ingredients are constantly present. Pete can shift from utter order and discipline to bold experimenting or just letting chance rule his decisions. It seems to work out fine.

       None of these planets is in retrograde, so their influence is clear and forceful. The 10th House is the stronghold of Pete’s horoscope, and he knows it. He is sure that playing this important role in his social setting is what he is meant to do.

An ambitious personality, but pensive, too

There are several aspects between the 10th House and the 1st, which is the one showing his personality and how others see him.

       It starts with the Ascendant, also called the Rising Sign, which shows what we pretend to be. In Pete’s case it’s Capricorn, the competent builder and organizer, who strives to reach grand results and make a mark. A leader.

       The Ascendant has a sextile aspect (60°) to the Jupiter and MC conjunction in the 10th House. That means Pete can effortlessly and convincingly behave in the manner called for, even when it’s not exactly what others would expect. Also, people can immediately upon meeting him sense that he is successful, someone to bet on.

       The Ascendant also has a square aspect (90°) to Mars in the 10th House. He wants to show that he is firm and decisive, and that he is not the one to back down on matters of principle. It can make him rather blunt at times, but also convincing. When he gives orders, people tend to obey, though sometimes objecting at first.

       His capacity is confirmed by the sun appearing later in the same House and sign. Pete is a Capricorn, but at the very last degree of the sign. That is famously a frustrating and complicated position in any sign – but even more so in a cardinal sign like Capricorn, where the beginning of the sign is its most strong and typical.

       With the sun at the end of Capricorn, Pete finds that there is always so much more he should accomplish, but somehow it gets lost, or he runs out of time, or it is just too much for him. Those who know him also see this tendency of shortcomings in spite of his great capacity.

       The sun has a square aspect to Pluto in the 10th House. This indicates how some of his grand plans fail, while others succeed through big efforts of his.

       It is sometimes tremendously demanding on him. He wants great changes and goes through them during his life, but they take a toll. And even at moments of success he can feel that he has somehow still failed, compared to what he set out to do. It pushes him to go on and aim for even bigger challenges.

       The sun has a conjunction with Venus, which is in retrograde and in the next sign, Aquarius. Venus is a creative force, even in retrograde. What it implies here is that when Pete fails, he is able to somewhat save the day – and to learn from the experience. Next time he will know what to do.

       While the Ascendant shows how we want others to see us, the rest of the 1st House shows what people see when they gradually get to know us better.

       In Pete Buttigieg’s case it is a movement from Capricorn to Aquarius, and at the very border of that change is the sun and Venus in a conjunction. Because of their presence right there, people can sense on Pete that there is more to him than the ambitious Capricorn they see at first, and they get curious as to what that is. It makes him intriguing, also quite attractive.

       The change is one from ambition to contemplation. Aquarius is the sign of the thinker. That is what people discover when they get to know him. What seemed to be a builder, even a conqueror, is in fact a philosopher.

       Pete Buttigieg is at his finest and his happiest, not when he accomplishes big things, but when he contemplates the whole endeavor afterwards – including, as any philosopher must conclude, is futility and transience.

Buttigieg the debater

Another planet in Aquarius, but in the 2nd House, confirms the philosopher in Pete Buttigieg. It is Mercury, the planet of intellect and the spoken and written word.

       In Aquarius it is advanced, learned and sophisticated, and in the 2nd House it is a personal capacity that he controls and has developed very much by himself. It is his major asset.

       Mercury has a trine aspect (120°) to Mars in the 10th House. It means he uses his rhetoric to accomplish things in his social role, and likes it as much as he knows he manages it. A discussion or a debate is where he shines, and his arguments are not easy to counter. Usually, he both sounds right and is right.

       Of course, that can be annoying to a lot of people. He can live with that.

       Another indicator of the role of his intellect is Uranus in Sagittarius and the 11th House, which deals with his public life and his ideals. It is an important House to any politician, and should be. Uranus shows that this is where Pete Buttigieg gains his greatest insights, where he connects the dots and comes to conclusions fundamental to his world view.

       Uranus has no aspect to Mercury, but to Venus in Aquarius and the 1st House. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so the connection is particularly beneficial. Pete gets wiser along the ride, and people who know him see it and their respect for him grows.

       The moon is also in the 11th House, but in Scorpio. The moon is the urge that drives him to the public stage, where he finds excitement and a deep sense of fulfillment. It is almost instinctual, and the reward he feels is in his soul and not his conscious mind.

       At times he can even feel that his lust for public life is kind of a forbidden pleasure.

       His moon has a sextile aspect to the sun in the 1st House. The two giants of personality are joined. He should be quite pleased with himself, especially when he is at rest.

       This sextile also means that his parents form a happy couple, pleased with one another. Pete is surely also pleased with them, but his relation to his mother is more complicated, even distant, with mutual worries and uncertainties. He feels he is more like his father, and people who know them both say the same.

One can dream

Pete Buttigieg’s Neptune is in his 12th House, which is the one of personal sacrifice – things restrained in life for the sake of other things. Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy, is the only one thriving there. The very nature of dreams is that they are internal, so restraint makes them bloom even more.

       What Pete dreams of is freedom and going to places far, far away – worldly or ethereal ones. His busy life doesn’t give much room for personal freedom, but inside his head there are no chains or borders. Without this inner freedom, it would be very hard for him to engage so much in his social life.

       This is shown by Neptune’s sextiles to Pluto and Saturn in the 10th House. His dreams of distant grandeur inspire his efforts socially, and the burdens of his social life are relieved by his dreams wandering free.

Pete’s private life pays the price

The last ingredient in Pete Buttigieg’s horoscope chart to consider is the pair of the Moon Nodes, opposite one another and showing the general direction of life – which can go either way, and sometimes even reverse. They are also called Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail.

       In Pete’s birth chart the former is in Cancer and the 7th House, while the latter (not marked in the chart) is in Capricorn and the 1st House.

       The 7th House is that of any partnership, and Cancer is the sign of emotions. So, Pete’s life can have a general tendency away from emotional relations to expressing himself, or the other way around.

       It should be rather clear from the above reading that in his case the Moon Nodes mainly describe a direction from the 7th to the 1st House. He has things to do, and his partnership can’t compete with that.

       Both Nodes have a square aspect to Saturn in the 10th House. Duties in Pete’s social life decide what direction his life is heading. Like so many public figures, his private life has to stand back.

       In his case it is very clear. His 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th House, governing his private life, friends, family, and relatives, are all void of planets. Nothing much happens there.

       Pete Buttigieg devotes his life to being a public figure, and that sets the rules for how his private life must be: secondary.


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