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Astrological predictions for the 2024 presidential election

Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's horoscopes for the 2024 presidential election compared.

Donald Trump's and Joe Biden's horoscopes compared

(March 1, 2024) A first glance at the horoscopes of Joe Biden and Donald Trump shows positive indications for both presidential candidates, as if somehow they will both win the election. Thatís impossible, of course, but there are many ways in which they can claim to be victorious, whoever gets elected.


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       Trump has even done so before, when refusing to accept the result of the last election. He is not likely to take a defeat better this time around.

       Biden is more likely to concede if the votes donít go his way, but if he wins the popular vote and loses the electorate count he can still feel successful and leave the White House a proud man.

       Anyway, the ambiguity in their horoscopes makes it difficult to predict a winner of the race.

Here is my conclusion after looking closer at their horoscopes:

       Donald Trump seems to win the Republican Convention vote without problem, also the popular vote at the November 5 election and the Electoral College vote on December 17, though maybe with less of a margin than he would like. Still, he is most likely to be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2025.

       Joe Bidenís horoscope shows progress on the important dates, but not necessarily in the presidential race. Already at the Democratic Convention he may retreat from the race, or at least consider it profoundly. His success seems to be that he is step by step in this process relieved from the sacrifices of the presidency, happily retiring to his home.

       So, in a way they are both winners: Trump by getting the presidency and Biden by letting go of it.

       And here follows how I came to that conclusion:

The Party Conventions

There are four events to examine astrologically:

  1. the party conventions where they elect their presidential candidate,
  2. the election on November 5,
  3. the Electoral College vote on December 17,
  4. the Inauguration on January 20, 2025.
       The first event is the easiest one to consider, since it is already clear that both Biden and Trump are almost certain to be elected presidential candidates. Still, the dates need to be checked, because something might stop their candidacies beforehand. Already their high age is a risk.

Donald Trump at the Republican Convention

The Republican Convention is July 15-18. The transit aspects of that time to Donald Trumpís horoscope are not splendid, but they need not be. He is expected to get elected there, it would be a sensation if he were not. So, as his horoscope doesnít hint on anything sensational, he is most likely to be approved.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the Republican Convention 2024.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the Republican Convention 2024.

       Not without complications, though. Transit Uranus and Mars are in a square aspect to his natal Mars in the 12th House and to his Ascendant, both in Leo. So, there is quarrel and there are second thoughts about the whole thing Ė from him as well as from his surroundings. But with Donald Trump there usually are. He is always questioned, which is indicated by his 12th House being in Leo.

       On the other hand the Mars and Uranus transits are also in sextile aspect with his natal Venus and Saturn conjunction in the 11th House, which shows his public influence. The transit sun is also there. That is definitely a boost of his popularity. So is transit Jupiter in his 10th House, although not in conjunction with the planets there. It was a beneficial position of transit Jupiter that won him the 2016 election.

       These transits to his horoscope show clearly that Donald Trump is successful at the Republican Convention, as expected.

Joe Biden at the Democratic Convention

The Democratic Convention will be held on August 19-22. At that time there are several important transits to Joe Bidenís horoscope, some of them positive and some negative. So, the event will definitely be significant in his life, but it is harder to predict if it will be a success or a failure for him.

       Most important is the transit Uranus opposition aspect to the conjunct sun and Venus in his 12th House. One possible outcome of this aspect is that Biden realizes it is time for him to retire, since transit Uranus is in his 6th House, which relates to his work. The 12th House is about his sacrifices, and it could mean that he decides that he has sacrificed enough as a president for the nation.

       Biden has a Uranus return on the way, which is when the planet returns to the position it had at his birth Ė at the very end of his 6th House. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, since Uranus takes more than 80 years to travel through the Zodiac. But in his case it will not be exact until June 2026. If he hasnít retired before, he will most likely do that then. But it is possible that he does it already at the Democratic Convention Ė at least that he realizes he should.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Democratic Convention 2024.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Democratic Convention 2024.

       Another aspect to consider is the square between transit Pluto and his natal moon. But the moon moves rather quickly through the Zodiac, about 13į/day, and Bidenís birth time is not certain. The 8.30 AM is little more than hearsay, but it is partially confirmed by a local newspaper mentioning his birth at the day of it, though only giving the time as ďthis morningĒ. So, 8.30 is plausible, but should be used with the uncertainty in mind.

       Anyway, what the Pluto and moon square suggests is a considerable and lasting change for the worse in Bidenís resources and economy Ė for example by losing the presidential power and salary. But the time of that event is uncertain.

       Bidenís horoscope also has several positive transits at the time of the Democratic Convention. The transit sun is conjunct his Moon Node in the 9th House and Leo, indicating changes beneficial to him personally, and trine to his moon, which confirms that the changes are good to him.

       Transit Venus conjunct his MC in the 10th House shows improvement in his social role, and the sextile to his Mercury in the 12th House hints at sort of the same.

       Finally, transit Neptune has a trine aspect to his sun and Venus conjunction in the 12th House, which shows that he envisions inspiring improvements in his home and family life Ė as someone enjoying retirement would.

       It must be said that the above transits to Bidenís horoscope seem to indicate that he retires before or at the convention, and someone else is elected as Democratic candidate for the presidency. But itís not so clear that other significant dates in the election process can be ignored. They should also be checked with Bidenís horoscope.

The Presidential Election November 5, 2024

It is odd that the presidential election doesnít end on the election day, but the process continues with the Electorate, where another candidate than the one with the popular vote can be elected. But there it is.

       Therefore, what the horoscopes show on the election day is mainly how the candidates manage in the popular vote, whether that leads to the presidency or not.

Donald Trump on the Election

The first thing to check with Donald Trumpís horoscope is transit Jupiter, since it was what won him the 2016 election. On November 5 itís in the 10th House, conjunct with Trumpís Moon Node, which indicates the direction his life is taking from that point on. It doesnít necessarily say he wins, but that his social position will remain center stage and consume his time. He will feel like he is destined to be at the top and enjoying it, even having fun with it.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the presidential election 2024.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the presidential election 2024.

       The only drawback is that Jupiter is in retrograde (seemingly moving backwards), which weakens its influence. So, he may not get as many votes as he expected, but definitely enough to feel victorious. He has previously showed that he doesnít need a majority of the votes to feel that, but with Jupiter at this position he might succeed, or at least get enough votes to feel like a winner and being perceived as one. Since his MC is involved, nobody can convince him he didnít win, whatever the vote count.

       There is also a sextile aspect between transit Uranus and the Venus and Saturn conjunction in his 11th House, which is the one showing his role in society as a whole. Uranus is also in conjunction with his MC. So, these aspects are sort of confirmations of what Jupiter signaled. It is a time for Trump to shine Ė and to act with more insight this time around.

       Like Jupiter, transit Uranus is in retrograde, nuancing its influence, but this is a mighty planet due to its slow orbit. Its influence will still be distinctive.

       There are no other transit aspects of significance, but these are definitely enough to read as strong support for his success in the election Ė at the very least in his and his supportersí minds. They will definitely feel that the election is a triumph of his.

Joe Biden on the Election

Contrary to Trump, Joe Biden has a high number of transit aspects to his horoscope on Election Day, forming a complicated web hard to decipher.

       Jupiter has a square aspect to his MC, which doesnít bode well Ė but MC moves rather quickly through the Zodiac, so it depends on the accuracy of his birth time. The same can be said for the square between Mars and his moon, as well as the conjunction of Mercury and his Ascendant. But Mercury is also in opposition to his natal Uranus, which remains long enough to be trusted even without an exact birth time, and it means his intellectual expression has trouble accessing his wisdom. He is not at his fullest capacity, and might even appear thoughtless.

       The rest of the aspects are positive. The transit sunís conjunction with Bidenís natal Mars in the 12th House is not of exceptional importance, but a good sign of mild progress in spite of adversity and problems. His Mars is also in a trine aspect to transit Saturn in the 4th House, which is of greater importance. It indicates that his heavy obligations yield and adapt to necessary duties towards his home and family.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the presidential election 2024.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the presidential election 2024.

       Also in the 12th House, his conjunct sun and Venus are in trine to transit Neptune in the 4th House. That pretty much repeats what transit Saturn indicates. His home life dominates more, distancing him from his obligations elsewhere.

       There is also a sextile between transit Uranus in Bidenís 6th House and natal Jupiter in his 8th. Again, his relatives are involved, and here he makes realizations in his work that lead to improvement in relation to them.

       It seems Bidenís horoscope signals that the election frees him of formal duties, instead to concentrate on his private life. At the date of the election he is still President, whether on the ballot or not. It is just one more step towards the termination of his job to spend time with his family instead.

       The transits really donít signal him a winner of the election, maybe not even a contestant in it.

Electoral College December 17, 2024

This is the decisive date of the Presidential election, whatever the popular vote is. So, itís the most important date, especially if the result of it goes against that popular vote, which has happened more than once in recent years.

Donald Trump on the Day of the Electoral College

On the day of the Electoral College vote, Donald Trumpís transit Jupiter is still in the 10th House, but backing away from the cluster of the sun, Uranus, and the Moon Node there. The positive influence on his social status remains, but is lessened.

       It could indicate that the result of the Presidential Election is so clear, there is no question what the Electorate outcome will be. Another possibility is that Trump wins the Electoral vote with a smaller margin than he got at the popular vote. Jupiterís position makes it less likely, but not impossible, that he loses the Electoral vote.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the date of the Electoral College 2024.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the date of the Electoral College 2024.

       Transit Uranus remains in conjunction with his MC and sextile to his Venus and Saturn, which also have the transit moon passing by them. The moonís effect, adding some shine to Trump as a public figure, is sweet but also short and lacks lasting influence.

       Trumpís natal Neptune in the 2nd House shows that he dreams of amassing fortunes and comes up with imaginative ways of doing so. It has sextile aspects to transit Mars in the 12th House and transit Mercury in the 4th. This indicates that heís mainly in it for the money, but that seems to work for him.

       The transit sun is in a trine aspect with Trumpís natal Mars in the 12th House, which is again a beneficial aspect, though not with a lasting influence.

       All the transit aspects to Donald Trumpís horoscope on this day are positive. So, it would be strange if the day didnít end well for him. Considering his temperament, it strongly suggests that he wins the Electoral vote.

Joe Biden on the Day of the Electoral College

Joe Biden has a number of transit aspects to his horoscope on this day, and most of them positive. Still, the outcome for him is uncertain.

       Transit Mars is backing away from a conjunction with Bidenís natal Pluto in the 9th House, which would otherwise signal important and dramatic changes for him. The transit moon is conjunct his Jupiter in the 8th House, but that means little more than a good mood and satisfaction with the outcome of the day, whatever that is.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the date of the Electoral College 2024.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the date of the Electoral College 2024.

       Of much greater and lasting significance is the trine between his natal Neptune at the end of the 10th House and transit Pluto in the 2nd House. These are the two planets that move the very slowest through the Zodiac, so this aspect is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It indicates that big changes in his resources and capacities have a positive effect on his fame and reputation, also on what he himself imagines about his role in society.

       That could mean a success of lasting importance in the Electoral vote, or simply being released from heavy official burdens by losing that vote. In any case, to him personally it is a change for the better Ė also regarding his reputation. The trine aspect is about progress as a process, not just a lucky instance. I would say this one has to do with what his legacy will be, how he will be remembered.

       This transit is very likely to be the most important one for the rest of his life.

       But there are more transit aspects to Bidenís horoscope of importance. Neptune in the 4th House forms a trine to his natal sun and Venus conjunction in the 12th House. Again, thatís a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It shows that his home and family inspire him to overcome burdens and sacrifices that he has carried through his life, like recurring rains on his parade. He is no longer that attracted to the pretense and intrigue of politics.

       If Biden still remains on the political scene, he is surely distracted by his longing for the home he dreams of.

       Also transit Saturn is in his 4th House, with a trine to Bidenís natal Mars in the 12th House. That means duties in his home demand of him to make decisions about what struggles to quit. So this aspect, too, turns his attention towards home. Since both aspects are trines, he does so willingly and with ease.

       Another trine is between his natal Pluto and transit Mercury in the 1st House, close to his Ascendant. It is not a very important aspect, but shows that he adapts with ease to a new situation, and people around him can see that he is pleased to do so, of letting go, and even joking about it.

       All the aspects mentioned above are positive for Joe Biden, but he has two negative ones Ė both squares. Transit Pluto, mentioned above, has a square to his natal moon. The exact position of his moon is uncertain, though, since it moves so fast through the Zodiac, but the Pluto influence should be there at some point. It reveals that the dramatic changes to his resources bring him some unease and frustration, maybe even bitterness. Those are emotional things, but that doesnít make them any less significant. Even though he gains on the changes, he canít help being disappointed.

       Heíll get over it, when experiencing the benefits. All things considered, this is a lucky day for him, whether he is elected president or not Ė and I must say that most indicators say he is not.

       But there is ambiguity here. Astrologically, this day is more of a success for him than the day of the popular vote. It could mean that he loses the popular vote but wins the Electorate. That would be ironic, considering Trumpís win in 2016 Ė and it wouldnít be without a lot of noise from the latter and his fans. Itís not the likeliest outcome, though.

Inauguration January 20, 2025

The Inauguration is, of course, the day of one presidency ending and another commencing. That way, it is an astrologically important date for both Ė well, less so if itís the same person being reelected. Still, it needs to be checked with the horoscopes of the candidates, as a confirmation of what can be read from the previous dates or as an aid to interpret the process preceding it.

Donald Trump on the Inauguration

The conjunction is the most powerful of the aspects, and Donald Trump has two on the date of the Inauguration, which are linked with a sextile. That is a prominent combination.

Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the Inauguration 2025.
Donald Trump's transit horoscope for the Inauguration 2025.

       Transit Uranus is still conjunct his MC in the 9th House, though not as precise as it was on the date of the Electoral vote. Still, it is there. And transit Mars is conjunct with the natal conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the 11th House. These are all connected with a sextile. The 9th House points to a profound change and the 11th to a forceful public advancement. These are strong indicators of him being inaugurated. Saturn shows that he shoulders bigger responsibilities and Venus shows he does that with joy.

       Transit Jupiter has moved farther from its previous conjunction with Trumpís natal cluster of the sun, Uranus, and the Moon Node in the 10th House, but if he has already been elected, the job of Jupiter is done.

       Transit Venus and Saturn are conjunct and in a square aspect to the above mentioned cluster in the 10th House. That indicates trouble in his partnerships Ė his wife as well as the Republican party. They might not be totally pleased with him, to put it mildly. Especially Saturn is a grave entity in a square aspect. It will demand serious attention and respect, which is not Trumpís forte.

       These are the important transits, but there is also a conjunction with the transit moon and Trumpís natal Jupiter in the 2nd House, which is in turn linked by a trine aspect to the cluster in his 10th House. This is additional support for his chances to get the presidency, but because of the moonís quick movement it is uncertain and its effect short lived. Iíd call it a temporary success that delights him.

       Trumpís natal Jupiter also has a square aspect to transit Mercury in the 5th House. It indicates that he acts rather impulsively for personal gain, but it backfires somewhat and can cost him both influence and money. Nothing very serious, though. He is a bit too eager, and people hear it.

       Thatís about it. It looks good for Trump in the presidential race, no doubt. But Bidenís horoscope for the Inauguration should also be checked.

Joe Biden on the Inauguration

Joe Bidenís horoscope for the Inauguration has some strong indicators of the date being significant to him, but that would be the case whether he leaves or continues the office as president. Either way, his life will be heavily affected and therefore marked by transits to his horoscope. It is not easy to spot the difference. Still, let us try.

       The trine between transit Neptune in the 4th House and the conjunct natal sun and Venus is the 12th House remains from previously described events. It is even more accentuated now, since it is to a point between those two, sort of gluing them together. But its meaning is still that he dreams of a home life making his sacrifices easier to bear, even lightening them. That would be the case if he leaves the office, but probably not if he were to remain in it.

Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Inauguration 2025.
Joe Biden's transit horoscope for the Inauguration 2025.

       Also the transit Pluto trine to Bidenís natal Neptune at the end of the 10th House is still there, even enforced by the transit sun making a conjunction with transit Pluto. But its message is the same as before: a big change of his resources benefits his legacy, how he is appreciated by society. That could mean he steps aside honorably, or he remains in power much to the surprise of the public. The transit sun enhances the importance of the day, but doesnít really give a clue to how it turns out. He can even be perceived as the star of the event without being its main character, i.e., the one swearing the oath.

       The transit conjunction of Pluto and the sun also has a square aspect to Bidenís natal moon in the 5th House, as Pluto alone did at the Electorate date. The meaning is the same, just enhanced: unease and some frustration, maybe even bitterness oven the outcome. This, too, suggests that he leaves the office. If not, why would he be disappointed?

       There is also a conjunction between transit Mars and Bidenís natal Jupiter in the 8th House. Both are retrograde, making their influence weaker and more nuanced, but they are still powerful planets. They show that things outside of his control, good or bad, happen and have a strong emotional effect on him.

       Because the natal planet is Jupiter, it is most likely to be positive for him. For example, if he is freed from the presidency it is definitely a relief to him. I would say that the likeliest interpretation of this aspect is just that Ė the relief of all those heavy responsibilities of the president. Now, he can enjoy the approaching end of his life without other worries.

       The above is hard to interpret as a Biden victory, but makes a lot of sense if he leaves the office at this point. And if so, he will find that it pleases him.


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