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Sanjaya Malakar Horoscope

Complete Birth Chart

Sanjaya Malakar

(June 2007) This is the horoscope for the American Idol season 6 contestant Sanjaya Malakar, who was voted off as seventh, but became more of a celebrity than any of the others.


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       It is a nativity horoscope, based on his birth on September 10, 1989, in Seattle, Washington. Unfortunately, I don't know the time of his birth, so the calculation is made for midday. That way, it can be no more than 12 hours wrong.

       Because I don't have the exact time of his birth, the horoscope chart has no Ascendant, no MC (Midheaven), and no Houses. These things move through the whole Zodiac in 24 hours, so it would be pointless. The planets, though, move so slowly that 12 hours make little difference. The fastest is the moon, traveling 13/day, so its position in the horoscope should be regarded with hesitation.

       The fact that I don't have the exact birth time is actually one of the reasons for choosing to interpret Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope. It serves as a good example of what can be seen and said, when this information is missing.

       The other reason is curiosity: I want to see what kind of talent he has, and what might become of him. I got so fed up with the Idol jury repeatedly dismissing him with the strange argument that it was a singing competition. Why then is it not called American Singer? There are so many ways to become an idol, and a singing voice that hits the right notes is one of the rarest. Idols need to have other qualities — for example a distinct personality, and what we call charisma. Sanjaya and his singing voice have both.

       Below, I explore what the horoscope has to say about it. I hope that you find it interesting, whether it is Sanjaya or astrology you are curious about.

       If you are Sanjaya Malakar, please pardon me for using astrology to explore your person. My only excuse (and I admit it's a bad one) is your fame. If you want me to close this page, or parts of it, just let me know.

       For explanations about astrological terms and components used below, see HOROSCOPE BASICS.

Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope.

Sanjaya Malakar's birth chart.


Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope has its planets concentrated to a few of the twelve Zodiac signs. As many as four of the planets are in Capricorn, which is the sign of ambition. Already by that it is evident that Sanjaya is going places. He has great focus on his career, and several resources at hand. Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and the moon, are all in Capricorn. Saturn rules over that sign, so it is quite powerful although it is retrograde.

       Two planets are in Virgo, two in Libra, one in Scorpio, and one in Cancer. That makes a total of seven out of ten planets in Cardinal signs — that is, signs of a leading nature. Again, it clearly points out Sanjaya's ambition and drive, as well as his firm control of his own life. He is determined to get somewhere, and he has the power to make it come true.

       Six of his planets are in Earth signs, which stand for the material world, the concrete and palpable. He has his feet firmly on the ground, and what he accomplishes will be of a lasting nature. He has no planet in Fire signs. They stand for activity, the energy to move and to move on. Therefore, he may run the risk of being passive, when activity is needed, and it can happen that he periodically gets quite lazy.

       Sanjaya Malakar has a good amount of aspects in his horoscope. There are as many as ten of them, although the Ascendant and MC are missing, and I demand the small orb of 4 at the most. It means that many of his different talents and abilities are integrated, so that they work in relation to each other. This indicates a complex personality, with many ways to express himself.

       The cluster of planets in Capricorn is involved in most of the aspects. That part of the horoscope is absolutely the most important, and should be studied the most closely. It seems to be the "primus motor" of Sanjaya, what his life is all about.

Ambition — Capricorn

Capricorn, where Sanjaya Malakar has four of his planets, stands for ambition — the urge to make something, to get something done. Without knowing the positions of his Houses, I can't say in what parts of his life this ambition is foremost expressed — in his home, at work, in his love relations, and so on. But Sanjaya has so much of Capricorn in his personality, it is likely to affect all parts of his life.

       Uranus in Capricorn shows that Sanjaya Malakar is determined to reach profound knowledge, to learn from all that life has in store for him. It's both a quantity and a quality thing: he wants to know a lot, and he wants to know it well. Sanjaya's basic principle about knowledge, is that he knows he understands something when he can use it. There is always a practical side to his learning — it should be applicable.

       The Sextile aspect that Uranus has to Venus in Libra, in Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope, shows that he has a logical sense that is quick to conclusions. Mercury in the same sign says the same: Sanjaya has a logical mind, analysing and reaching conclusions with ease. A sharp mind. Also the sun in Virgo shows an aptitude for analytical thinking. It is safe to say that Sanjaya Malakar is what is commonly called intelligent.

       It hints at musical talent, as well. To a large extent, music is mathematics and logics, especially when it comes to composing. So Sanjaya should manage it well.

       Capricorn in Sanjaya's horoscope also contains a Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune. The former planet stands for tradition and responsibility, the latter for imagination and inspiration. This is almost an occult talent — the ability to see what's hidden in the past, and in things beyond the reach of our normal reasoning. It is a contradiction of sorts: Saturn stands for the ultimately real, what will always be, whereas Neptune deals with what is not, like dreams and fantasies. As they join in this Conjunction, Sanjaya's mind will move comfortably between what Tao Te Ching calls mystery and manifestation — what could be, and what must be. His mind moves in the borderline between the two.

       Both planets are in Retrograde, which means that they are slightly weakened and nuanced. So, this ability of his is more subtle than spectacular. It offers hints more than overwhelming impressions. On the other hand, it is in Capricorn, so it will manifest itself concretely. What goes on in Sanjaya's mind will be clearly expressed in his life and work. He makes use of this sense of living in between the imaginary and the real.

       The Conjunction of Saturn and Neptune is in an Opposition aspect to Jupiter in Cancer. The latter marks emotional success, a life rich with feelings, and with blessings that call for joy. Whatever happens around him, he mostly has a tingling sense of happiness within. But his ambition enters some dark clouds. When he engages in his career, his happiness is alienated and dimmed. The price of success. He may never really come to that conclusion, but in his life ambition and happiness cannot be combined. It is one or the other, never both simultaneously.

       The Opposition to Jupiter also shows that advances he makes in his career are never the result of luck, or pure chance. They come from his profound understanding of how such things work, and his ability to use this understanding. His methods are often so odd that others have no way of seeing their relevance. He is so sophisticated and unconventional in his strategy, that others are sure that he doesn't know what he's doing — but he does, and it works.

Sanjaya Malakar        The Saturn-Neptune Conjunction also has a Square aspect to Mercury in Libra. This means that his ability to sort of stay in the borderline between the real and the imaginary, is something he is quite unable to explain to others. If he tries, it just leads to confusion and misunderstandings. He might as well keep it to himself.

       But he wants to convey it, wants to make others understand what he experiences, so here is a complication that sometimes burdens him. People often have trouble understanding him, at least correctly. He has to get used to such misconceptions, because what he means is in another perspective than that of his listeners. That's hard to get across.

       The fourth heavenly body in Sanjaya's Capricorn is the moon, which relates to his soul and emotions. Because it's in Capricorn, Sanjaya Malakar keeps his emotions in control. He makes use of them. Of course, that is not very passionate, nor is it very liberating. But it is a powerful tool for progress. He has self-discipline, and is not likely to let his emotions run away with him.

       Sanjaya's moon is in Trine with his sun in Virgo, which shows that his ability to control his emotions helps him focus on what he perceives as his primary work — to get the things done that he needs to get done. His moon serves his sun's goals. He has clear goals in life, and he works diligently at them. By keeping his feelings in control, he can stay free of distractions.

       The moon also has a Sextile aspect to Pluto in Scorpio, which stands for a constant possibility for drastic, dramatic change in life. The Pluto position is shared by his generation, but few have the moon Sextile to it. So, the drama of this time, the sense even of imminent doom that is shared by his generation, is not that upsetting or disturbing to Sanjaya Malakar, simply because he has control over his emotions. He will not let things worry him that much, until they actually happen. And even then, he can keep surprisingly cool. He is well equipped to withstand the drama of life.

       So, he gains a lot from keeping his emotions controlled. But the price is high.

Complicated mind — Mercury

Mercury represents the everyday intellect, how one thinks about daily matters, how one communicates with people in the surroundings, and so on. Sanjaya Malakar has his Mercury in Libra, the sign of balance and logics. That means he can always express himself sensibly. His mind works in an analytical way — also when dealing with everyday matters. He thinks before he speaks, but that takes little time for him, and he prefers to express himself by conclusions — not questions or speculations.

       He makes perfect sense to himself, and thinks that he makes just as good sense to others. But there are complications.

       One of them has already been mentioned, above. Mercury's Square aspect to Sanjaya's Saturn-Neptune Conjunction shows that his mind goes places that others just can't follow. He experiences a borderline between what's real and what's imaginary, the facts as well as the potentials, and that is very hard to get across to others.

       Since this perception of things is very present in Sanjaya's world-view and his conclusions regarding just about anything, there is a lot of what he thinks that he has trouble making others understand. They don't see what arguments he has, except for the obvious ones. They may even think that he is confused, because his overall perspective is partly beyond their reach. He takes things into consideration that others would not understand the meaning of.

       Well, sometimes he has trouble explaining it to himself. Also, he tends to think rationally, although so much in human life is essentially irrational.

       There is one thing that Sanjaya Malakar has trouble understanding: happiness. He feels it frequently, as delight or joy or plain well-being, but he can't figure out what triggers it. Again, this is because of his mind working rationally, whereas such things as happiness and comfort are quite irrational. If he lets go of his urge to understand, he would probably comprehend it better.

       That frustrates him. Sanjaya Malakar wants everything to be understandable, he wants all of life to be possible to analyze logically. Sometimes, he may even refuse himself to indulge in feelings of happiness, just because he does not understand them. Therefore, he is the most happy when he shuts up and lets his mind wander off, when he doesn't think about it.

Persistence — Mars

The only planet I have not mentioned so far is Mars, which represents constructive power and aggression. In Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope, Mars is at the end of the sign Virgo. It shows persistence, the determination to continue working on even the smallest detail, no matter how much time and energy it takes. Actually, he is particularly dedicated to detail, whereas he sometimes neglects the big picture.

       Sanjaya Malakar's Mars has kind of a frustrated position, at the end of Virgo. Mars is a dominant, intense planet, preferring to have more elevated positions, and to work expansively instead of sort of introverted, as it does in Virgo. Sanjaya can feel this Mars frustration as an irritation coming and going, and a short temper — especially when involved in nitty-gritty work. He can also be overly critical at times, showing little patience with others involved in his work.

       But Mars has no aspects to other planets in Sanjaya's horoscope, so it will not be involved in much else in his life and personality. Therefore, people will be surprised when they see his irritation, or meet his impatience — but that will not happen too often.

Sanjaya Malakar

Predictions — Transits

There are several methods in astrology to make specific predictions. The most important one is by transits, which means to follow the continued movement of the planets and analyze when they make aspects to the planets in the birth chart. That can be done with any planets, but the fast moving ones mark little more than everyday events. The slower ones, though, mark significant events in a person's life. Below, I trace a few of the most important transits in Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope.

       Since Sanjaya's horoscope is based on the approximated birth time of 12 o'clock, midday, there is some uncertainty about the exact positions of the planets in his chart — especially the faster ones. This has to be remembered when looking at transits. For the slow outer planets, it makes little difference, though — and in transits, they are the most important ones.

       I start by checking the date when Sanjaya made his first audition for American Idol, which was on September 19, 2006, according to Wikipedia. Oddly, there were no exceptional transit aspects at that date. Pluto was approaching, but still far away from a Conjunction with Sanjaya's Uranus in Capricorn, Neptune had no aspects, nor did Uranus or Saturn.

       Jupiter had recently passed over Sanjaya's Pluto in Scorpio, which indicates a dramatic positive change of circumstances, including strong emotions and feelings of great consequence. That seems applicable to the Idol experience to follow. But this aspect occurred already in late August — maybe marking the time when he decided to go to the audition? Actually, because of Jupiter's retrograde movements, this Conjunction occurred first already in December 2005, retrograded over it in May 2006, and made its final passing in August 2006. It could indicate a December 2005 decision that he regretted in May 2006, but anyway in August decided to pull through.

       But astrology is never that straight a line. We can only say that he had a first strong experience of dramatic positive change in December 2005 — some turn of events that engaged him deeply, and felt as if it could change just about everything, thereafter. Later, it seemed to become undone or lead nowhere, but turned for the best in August. If this is related to his Idol experience, which is quite likely, it implies that he thought about it for a long time — or tried other, similar things, but failed with them.

       Jupiter takes twelve years to go through all of the Zodiac, so its events are significant in a person's life, and always positive, exciting, and enriching. None of the quicker planets marks events of similar significance, and rarely of a lasting nature.

       Seven months later, on April 18, 2007, Sanjaya was voted off American Idol. At that date, Uranus in Pisces was in an Opposition aspect to Sanjaya Malakar's sun. That's a difficult aspect, showing an insoluble conflict between the involved planets. In Sanjaya's case, it shows that he had come to realize something about the uncertainties in life, to which his own capabilities and efforts were of no use.

       Jupiter had no aspects with Sanjaya's horoscope on that date, but Pluto was retrograding toward a Sextile with Sanjaya's Venus. Pluto made its first passing over Venus in late January 2007 or early February, indicating that a great, positive change was in the process, helping him in his creativity. That would be about the time when American Idol season 6 started airing, and it dawned on Sanjaya just how far this might take him.

       The retrograde in April, getting exact somewhere in May, entered the fear that the whole thing might end right there. Sanjaya would be unsure about his future, and things around him indicated that he might just fade away as yesterday's news. It has indeed happened to other participants in the competition — no matter how popular they seemed to be while still in it.

       But early September Pluto will stop its retrograde movement and start toward the Sextile with Sanjaya's Venus, for a final pass in late November or early December. Already when Pluto turns in September, it will start to be obvious to Sanjaya that his fame and artistic possibilities will remain, and by November-December it will be evident to all.

       Note that on the day of Sanjaya's birth, Venus moved one degree from midnight to midnight. Therefore, the dates for transits with this planet are a bit uncertain, without knowing Sanjaya's exact birth time.

       Pluto will continue into Conjunctions with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and the moon, in Capricorn of Sanjaya Malakar's horoscope. All of those Conjunctions are far more important transit events than the ones mentioned above. Therefore, it is very likely that Sanjaya's career will have future peaks that surpass the spectacle of American Idol — at least in his own experience. But they take time.

       Already in late December 2007, Jupiter will pass over Sanjaya's Uranus, giving him great insight into how he should pursue his career, and success in applying this insight. In January 2008, Jupiter passes over Saturn and Neptune, making the start of the year quite successful for Sanjaya — and he will very much be in control of the process.

       Pluto passes over Sanjaya Malakar's Uranus in January 2009, indicating great revelations for Sanjaya, a deep understanding of how he should pursue his ambitions. It's like the world is his oyster, because he knows how to open it.

       In March 2011, Pluto passes over his Saturn. This is a grave moment, a great and necessary change that will be felt for the rest of his life. He has introduced it, but it is not sure that he was aware of all its consequences. Still, in spite of the serenity of it all, the change is for the better. It works in line with Sanjaya's ambitions — although maybe more than he prepared for.

       In April 2012, Pluto almost reaches Neptune in Sanjaya's horoscope, but goes into retrograde right before. He will feel that he almost got to realize his dream. But he should not grieve it, because in January the following year, it does happen. Whatever he has dreamed and fantasized about before — maybe all his life — comes true. The success he has had before, no matter how spectacular, seems to him much less than what he is now able to accomplish. It will take at least until November 2013 to complete, but it will be completed.

       Sometime later — probably a few years — Pluto will pass over Sanjaya's moon. But the moon moves so fast through the Zodiac, there is no way of telling when that will happen, without knowing the exact time of Sanjaya's birth. Anyway, it will be a tremendous emotional release. And it might be what Sanjaya has longed for, through all his life so far.

       The years of Pluto's passing through Sanjaya's planets in Capricorn, will no doubt be the most important and dramatic ones of his life. The events seem likely to be in line with his jump into fame through American Idol, but it will not be just that same Sanjaya going on. With Pluto as the motor, drastic change is sure to come, and his career will move in unpredictable directions, making all kinds of surprising manifestations. Fame is not necessarily part of it, all through, but it seems likely. At the end of it, Sanjaya will be quite free of obligations, and his projects from then on will probably be quite modest in comparison, and he will be fine with that.

       All in all, this is a time span of about ten years. Not very long, but in Sanjaya Malakar's case very spectacular.

       If you want to express your opinion about what I have written here, please use the "Visitor response" listed under MISC in the menu. I plan to do more interpretations of celebrities that I find interesting. Because they are well known, any reader can relate to what I get out of their horoscopes. I hope that the celebrities themselves are not offended. I know that it's quite an invasion of their privacy. Since astrology is far from an established science, I take comfort in the fact that what I write can only be described as speculation. Fine with me.


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