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The Houses in Your Health Horoscope

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Health Horoscope

There are four major ingredients in the horoscope: The planets show the active powers — what is happening. The Zodiac signs show the characteristics of these events — how it's happening. The aspects, special angles between planets, show why it's happening, and the Houses of the horoscope show where it's happening. That's true also for indications about your health.


Your Health in Your Horoscope. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Your Health in Your Horoscope

This book by Stefan Stenudd explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. The book contains a quick introduction to astrology, as well, and instructions on how to read a birth chart in general. Click the image to see the book (and Kindle ebook) at Amazon (paid link).

       The twelve Houses are different settings, environments of your life. They are related to the twelve Zodiac signs, but they still function independently. Here are the twelve Houses, the Zodiac signs they correspond to, and the life environment each of them governs:

The astrological houses. Woodcut after Georg Peurbach, 1515.

The astrological houses. Woodcut after Georg Peurbach, 1515.

  1. (Aries) Identity. How others see you.

  2. (Taurus) Resources. Your personal resources (economy, ability).

  3. (Gemini) Communication. Your friends and acquaintances, also education.

  4. (Cancer) Home. Your home and family.

  5. (Leo) Pastime. Your personal preferences, pleasures and interests.

  6. (Virgo) Work. Your daily work.

  7. (Libra) Partners. Your partners (in love and other relations).

  8. (Scorpio) Unknown. What you cannot control (fate as well as bloodline).

  9. (Sagittarius) Travel. Changes in your life.

  10. (Capricorn) Career. Your social status.

  11. (Aquarius) Ideals. Your ideals, and your interaction in the community.

  12. (Pisces) Shortcomings. Your sacrifices, what you are unable to express.

Blank horoscope chart with Zodiac signs and corresponding Houses.

Blank horoscope chart with Zodiac signs and corresponding Houses.

       Regarding your health, some of the Houses are far more important than others, but planets in any House can cause illness or other health issues — according to the planet and to the Zodiac sign it's in.

       The exceptions are the 12th, 6th, and 8th House, in that order of importance. They reveal something about your general health, whether there are planets inside them or not. Health issues of those Houses rarely get serious without any planet in them, but they still affect your general well-being, although in less dramatic ways.

Twelfth House in the horoscope.

The 12th House

The 12th House shows your weakness, what you have to yield in life in order for the rest of your talents to bloom. Therefore, this House shows what aspects of your health might be less dependable, and more at risk.

       To figure that out in your own horoscope, just consider the Zodiac sign occupying the House, and any planets that might be there. The Zodiac sign shows what body part is prone to cause health problems:

  • Aries   head, brain

  • Taurus   neck, throat, ears, nose, teeth, hearing

  • Gemini   lungs, speech, smell

  • Cancer   skin

  • Leo   heart, blood

  • Virgo   food intake intestines

  • Libra   food processing intestines, excrement

  • Scorpio   genitals, hormones

  • Sagittarius   eyes

  • Capricorn   bones, spine

  • Aquarius   arms, legs

  • Pisces   nerves

       Any planet in the House shows the type of problems you may get in that body part. You can read my web page about the planets and your health to learn more about it, but here are keywords for each planet and its possible effect in the 12th House:

  • Sun   fatigue

  • Moon   worry

  • Mercury   uncertainty

  • Venus   unpleasantness

  • Mars   accidents

  • Jupiter   misfortune

  • Saturn   complication

  • Uranus   confusion

  • Neptune   hypochondria

  • Pluto   malfunction

       The Ascendant is never anything but the cusp of the 1st House, so it is excluded here. Medium Coeli almost never gets that near the horizon, except maybe on latitudes very far from the equator. If it's in the 12th House, it can cause serious loss in trust in your own health, or your ability to heal — whether that's true or not. It may even cause you to lose your will to heal.

       Remember that the 12th House shows constant weaknesses, which remain all your life — although they can sometimes change for the better or the worse. You do wisely to be aware of them, so as not to challenge your weaknesses too much. Understanding them will also make it easier for you to come to terms with the conditions you have to accept in your life.

Sixth House in the horoscope.

The 6th House

The 6th House is traditionally called the "House of Health", because of its vast importance to your general well-being. It is actually the House of your work, describing what you do for a living, and how you handle it. And of course, the everyday struggle in your profession is the most important influence on your physical and mental state.

       Most work wears us down, after decades of daily struggle — some more than others, and in very different ways. If you have a job demanding hard physical activity, it's bound to cause corresponding physical problems at length. Similarly, a job with daily mental strain is sure to take its toll one day or other.

       Contrary to the 12th House, the Zodiac sign in this House indicates a body part of yours that is particularly resourceful and trustworthy, so it will normally take long before it gives you trouble — but at length, it will. So, pay attention to this risk early on, and you can save yourself some serious trouble. Here are the body parts that are particularly strong, but also strained, in the 6th House:

  • Aries   head, brain

  • Taurus   neck, throat, ears, nose, teeth, hearing

  • Gemini   lungs, speech, smell

  • Cancer   skin

  • Leo   heart, blood

  • Virgo   food intake intestines

  • Libra   food processing intestines, excrement

  • Scorpio   genitals, hormones

  • Sagittarius   eyes

  • Capricorn   bones, spine

  • Aquarius   arms, legs

  • Pisces   nerves

       Any planet in the 6th House shows increased activity and intensity in your work, whatever it is you do. That means you run a higher risk of tearing down the strength you initially have in the body part of the Zodiac sign of that House. But the planets also specify what type of problem you can expect — when your work is not going as well as it should, or when you allow yourself to get carried away in it.

       A planet in the 6th House does not necessarily lead to an illness or other health issue, but it increases the risk of it — simply because the planet increases the activity of that House. You can read my web page about the planets and your health to learn more about how the planets function, but here are keywords for each planet and its possible (but not necessary) negative effect on your health in the 6th House:

  • Sun   exertion

  • Moon   depression

  • Mercury   stress

  • Venus   unpleasantness

  • Mars   irritation

  • Jupiter   exaggeration

  • Saturn   burden

  • Uranus   confusion

  • Neptune   distraction

  • Pluto   destruction

       Neither the Ascendant nor Medium Coeli can ever be in the 6th House, so they are excluded here.

       Remember that the 6th House ingredients are normally ones of strength and capacity, and not the opposite. But when going too far, or too long, they can become exhausted and thereby cause lasting health issues.

Eighth House in the horoscope.

The 8th House

The 8th House is traditionally called the "House of Death", which is certainly something related to health in many cases. The House indicates how you will die.

       I know that this is quite serious, so I hesitated about including it. Please don't be alarmed. The House is mainly about things in life that you cannot control at all — of very varying kinds. The occult and supernatural are here. So are your relatives, because you can't choose them, and death in a symbolical way, since that's also something mostly out of our control — or most of us would keep it off forever.

       Since this is the House beyond control, not much can be done about what it shows. But for health considerations, you may want to take extra care of the body function indicated by the Zodiac sign of the 8th House. That might increase your chances of not being struck by that kind of death prematurely. But again: don't let this perspective get to you.

       Here are the body types connected to a person's death suggested by the Zodiac sign in the 8th House of that person's horoscope:

  • Aries   head, brain

  • Taurus   neck, throat

  • Gemini   lungs

  • Cancer   skin

  • Leo   heart, blood

  • Virgo   food intake intestines

  • Libra   food processing intestines

  • Scorpio   genitals, hormones

  • Sagittarius   eyesight

  • Capricorn   bones, spine

  • Aquarius   arms, legs, movement

  • Pisces   nerves

       Any planets in the 8th House may have some influence on the type of death, but it's far from certain. Many of us have no planets in the 8th House, but we will still die someday.

       Some planets indicate other things in the 8th House. For example, the sun in that House suggests a lack of contact with the father, for example by his early demise. The moon suggests the same about the mother. Of course, these are no sure indicators, but that's one thing they can imply.

       Mars or Pluto in the 8th House suggest a sudden death, the latter coming as a complete surprise to all. Venus in the 8th House indicates a painless death, so does Mercury and Jupiter, whereas Saturn tends to suggest the opposite. Neptune would hint at a death in one's sleep. Uranus in the House gives awareness of death before it arrives.

       Generally speaking, where a planet in the 8th House is active at the moment of death, it suggests the following about that passage:

  • Sun   natural, after exertion

  • Moon   angst

  • Mercury   carefree

  • Venus   painless, peaceful

  • Mars   sudden

  • Jupiter   gradual, fortunate

  • Saturn   troublesome

  • Uranus   awaited

  • Neptune   unawares

  • Pluto   surprising

       The Ascendant cannot be in the 8th House, so it's excluded. Medium Coeli can be in that House, although it's far from common. It indicates that the person feels quite aware of death approaching, and how far away it is — whether that's accurate or not.

       Again, these are suggestions only. Death is a mystery that resists scrutiny.

The 11th House of the horoscope.

Other Houses

The other Houses have indirect effects on your health. Mainly, they indicate where you catch a disease or get another health problem. For example, if it's in the 7th House, chances are that you were infected by your partner, or the other way around. If it's in the 4th House, you got it in your family or home environment, in the 6th House you got it at work, in the 11th House you got it from a stranger, and so on.

       The nature of the disease is shown by the Zodiac sign of that House, and any planet therein.

       Here is a list of the Houses, and what they suggest about where or from whom you catch a certain disease:

  • 1st   Personal habits

  • 2nd   Chronic from birth

  • 3rd   Friends

  • 4th   Home and family

  • 5th   Pastime activities

  • 6th   Work

  • 7th   Partner

  • 8th   Unknown, probably genetic

  • 9th   Travel

  • 10th   Work-place or social life

  • 11th   Strangers, the community

  • 12th   Weakness, low resistance

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Click the image to see the book at Amazon (paid link).

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