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Reading the US Horoscope Chart

The USA Complete Horoscope 8

(April 23, 2008) Here is my reading of the USA horoscope, based on the congressional decision on the Declaration of Independence, on the 4th of July 1776 in Philadelphia. I have estimated the time of the signing to 11:15 AM — see the below links for my arguments on that.


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       One striking feature of the US horoscope is the cluster of planets in the 9th and 10th Houses, where more than half of the horoscope's planets are. The 10th House is particularly strong, with the MC, Venus, Jupiter, the sun, and Mercury.

USA horoscope.
The USA horoscope for July 4, 1776, at 11:15 AM. Click the image so see the enlarged chart.


The 10th House in a mundane horoscope is that of leadership and international position. The US importance on the international scene, and in relation to other nations, is quite obvious in the horoscope.

       The House is in the sign of Cancer, the motherly protector and guardian, which is a cardinal sign — one of leadership, although in a softer way than by brute force. It shows that the USA is regarded as sort of a protector of human values in the world, with a strong capacity to make its own values those of the world.

       It is still a powerful rule, like that of an overprotective mother, and it meets with the kind of opposition that such a mother would from her children when they reach their teens. But the values preached by the USA, and its choices of priorities for how to run a nation, no matter influence the world tremendously.

       The MC marks how the USA sees itself. The position of the MC is at the very cusp of the 10th House (although this horoscope is Equal, which means that MC can be anywhere between the 7th and the 12th Houses). This position makes it quite obvious that this world-leader is how the USA regards itself. The nation is convinced of being a role-model, and of knowing just how any nation should function, and what should be strived for.

       The strength of the 10th House, and its focus on dominating the international arena, conforming the world to its own values, makes it obvious that the USA will have this powerful influence on the world as long as the nation exists in its present form. Only a new formation of the USA, rendering a new horoscope, could change that.

       The rest of the world will have an increased frustration as a result of the US dominance, and protests will mainly be emotional, relating to the character of the sign Cancer. There will always be passionate arguments, protests, rebellions of sorts — but also strong attachments, delight toward anything American, and a tendency in every other nation to approach the values of the USA.

       And the USA will never be able to adapt a more modest attitude toward the rest of the world.

       The strength of the 10th House in the US horoscope is so striking that this is clear: If the nation was founded by persons knowledgeable of astrology, they would definitely choose this date and time if they wanted to form a powerful nation of immense importance in the world.

       Venus and Jupiter in the beginning of the 10th House clearly show the charm of the American way, and the success of the spread of its values. Whatever other nations say, they are attracted by what goes on in the USA, and they want their countries to be the same.

       It's indeed a success story — with the envy and other complications that come with it.

       The sun in the middle of the 10th House confirms US dominance on the world arena. The sun's position is that of a ruler on his or her throne, close to Zenith, shining on the world. Of course, such an elevated position is bound to meet with reaction: a dominant leader is either loved or hated, never something in between.

       Mercury toward the end of the 10th House is in retrograde, which shows an inability of the USA to communicate well with other nations. There is a lot of communication going on, but the USA still has trouble making its views clear and understandable. There is also a tendency that the USA cuts communication short, when prolonging talks would lead to much better solutions and less agitation. And there are definitely US shortcomings in the field of diplomacy.

       The USA can dictate, but not negotiate. When it tries, there are many misunderstandings. Also, the USA is not very skilled at handling open-minded discussions with other nations and international bodies. It lacks modesty, and the very important ability to listen.

       What is said about the US leadership above is also true for how its leaders relate to its own people. The domestic leadership is also dominant and overprotective, though quite successful, and it lacks the ability to have constructive dialogues with the US population. The very size of the nation, and the level of its progress and success, are hindrances when it comes to the contact between the people and its leaders.

Innovative communication

The 9th House shows social change and innovation. The sign Gemini shows that in the USA, this mostly has to do with communication — spoken and written words, exchange of thoughts, and so on, in quite a light-hearted mood. The USA is talkative, and the whole nation is quick to establish and expand new moods of everyday communication.

       Uranus in the House indicates that the USA is indeed a renewer an innovator in the field of communication, making discoveries and progress simply because the nation is so fond of communication. The US culture is also such that it knows to appreciate profound thought expressed in an easy manner, such as in the writing and tradition of Mark Twain. Intelligent thoughts can be expressed with words that everybody understands.

       Mars later on in the 9th House stands for a determined and authoritative way of using language, and any other form of communication. It also shows that drastic changes in the field of communication are made with surprising ease, and their effect is still vast and impressive.

       It is within the fields of communication that the USA makes its most important and radical innovations. That includes the communication of thoughts between people, but also for example travel, especially long distance — even beyond our planet.

Law and order

The US Ascendant is Libra, at the beginning of the sign. It shows how the USA wants to present itself, the national character that it wants others to perceive, and the attitude its leaders want to transmit.

       Libra, especially in the strong beginning of the sign, signifies principles, ethics, law and order. It is the sign of someone who is certain that he is right, and who is prepared to defend his principles at any cost. It has a touch of the fanatic.

       It may look like pride, but that is not completely accurate. It is consistency and perseverance, when it comes to ideology and moral principles. A nation with this attitude is quite hard to have a reasonable dialogue with. It proclaims and dictates, but does not really listen or enter a dialogue openly.

       The Ascendant in the US horoscope is linked with a square aspect to the MC, which means that the USA has great difficulty and reluctance to admit that it presents itself — and is perceived — as so hard-headed. Its leaders prefer to think of themselves as caring and listening, also to foreign interests, but in reality there is not much of that. They dictate, as if they were the rulers also of other countries. And they still fail to see that this is what other nations perceive.

       The Ascendant also has a trine to Pluto in the 4th House, which shows that this stern official attitude of the nation is for the benefit of its domestic situation. There are times of great domestic unrest in the USA, and in such events a firm and decisive leadership is essential. So, this attitude is not really aimed at foreign relations, but domestic ones. It is just not possible for the USA to have one style of leadership internationally, and another within its borders. It is probably not possible for any country.

       The 1st House continues in Libra, and in the middle of it is Saturn, the planet of tradition, rulership, and social principles. This enforces the determined attitude of the nation and its leaders, as if given the right by principles older and higher than mankind. It also makes the US attitude quite grim when its values are challenged. Other nations as well as the people of the USA are very well aware of the danger of challenging the US principles and policies.

       Saturn has a square to the sun in the 10th House, confirming the dedication with which the USA enforces its stands and commitments. Internationally, it regards itself as the evident leader and authority, and is never open to have that questioned.

Overprotected people

The domestic situation has its ups and downs, as mentioned earlier. The 4th House, which governs the regular life of the citizens of the country, is in Capricorn. That means there is progress constantly, where prosperity increases and the US society is like a construction site, all the time improving, expanding, and modernizing.

       This sometimes leads to reaction and torment, which is shown by Pluto at the end of the sign. After a long time of construction, there is a short period of destruction, and then a long time of construction again. Pluto is in retrograde, so these moments of destructive social behavior are not that violent, not that overly destructive, but they do cause drama and severe complications.

       Pluto has an opposition aspect to Mercury in the 10th House. This means that many of the domestic crises (if not all of them) are the result of the US leadership being rather unable to have constructive dialogues with the population. There are misunderstandings, and not enough is discussed, so the discontent of the people increases, until there is an outburst. The US leadership is usually quite surprised when that happens, and therefore its actions are hasty, often inappropriate.

       The nation's leadership is devoted to protect its people, but this protection is done with too much control, and in too much detail, which causes reactions. The people wants to be protected, but not guarded like children in a nursery, and they don't want to be told how to live their lives.

       Pluto's trine to the Ascendant in Libra shows that the government attitude of strict rules and moral firmness, which is also a distinct national character for the USA and its citizens, fits well with the turmoil sometimes appearing domestically. It is like the government and its people compete about who is the most moral, the most correct. This aspect is not very exact, but close enough to count in everyday life.

       There is a constant tension between the US citizens and their leaders about who is morally superior, and who lives up to the moral standards the most. One can also say that the leaders and the people of the USA compete about who is to represent the American spirit and mentality.

       This competition between the people and leaders of the USA is quite a rewarding and constructive process. It clarifies the way the nation presents itself internationally. Also, it makes the occasional domestic turmoil and uproar lead to a healthier state, a consolidation of values and a social order that adapts better to them. These are good dynamics of social reform.


The 5th House governs a nation's pastime activities, entertainment, and other things done for amusement and relaxation. What occupies the minds of people when they are free of obligations and commitments.

       In the USA horoscope, this House is in the sign Aquarius, which indicates devotion, curiosity, and the development of expertise. Americans are good at entertaining themselves, and making good use of their pastime. The moon in that House shows that this I a great need of theirs, something that makes life worth living.

       The silvery moon also shows that there is a lot of money involved in it.

       Aquarius is a serious sign, not pleased by superficial satisfaction — like a laugh or a tear. More is needed to keep the Americans entertained. They want to learn, and they want to make experiences at depth. Devotion is a key word for the moon in Aquarius. What people do to entertain themselves, they do with dedication and fascination.

       The moon is linked with a trine aspect to Mars in the 9th House, mentioned above. It shows that the drastic changes and innovations that the USA makes in the field of communication is done to a large extent for the sake of entertainment. The entertainment industry pushes the development of communication forward, and the US population is eager to adapt and make use of it.


Another interesting point in the US horoscope is Neptune in the 12th House and the sign Virgo. The 12th House shows is one of sacrifice — what is not realized, because other things are in the way.

       Virgo in this House means that hard labor and basic health have problems in the USA. The population is not as healthy as it should be, considering its high living standards. And the working force is neither as big nor as productive as could be expected. Also, there is a lack of attention to detail, of analyzing and making use of constructive criticism. Quality suffers.

       The USA hurries on with its development, with no patience to reexamine, repair, or reconsider.

       Most planets indicate diminished capacity or power when they are in the 12th House, but there is one exception: Neptune, the planet of fantasy and dreams. It thrives in this House, because it deals with things hidden and suppressed. Imagination is internal, but its results — the ideas it generates — can be expressed externally.

       In the US horoscope, Neptune is in the 12th House, stressing the innovative climate in the USA. Most of the best ideas deal with material things, and basic solutions to practical problems. So, although the work-force of the USA is not the most effective in the world, Neptune shows that ideas and innovations come that compensate for it. Clever machines do the work instead. Smart solutions diminish the work-load. Not a bad solution.

       Neptune is linked with a square aspect to Mars in the 9th House. The latter is instrumental in many radical innovations and changes regarding communication, and the square aspect shows that the Neptune imagination is what feeds the ideas for these changes. Neptune is the "What if...?" and Mars makes it come true. This link between Neptune and Mars is very important for finding solutions that were until then unheard of, and making society leap forward.

       Neptune also has a sextile to Mercury in the 10th House. This aspect shows that the imaginative climate of US life and enterprise is supported and stimulated by the nation's leadership — although more in words than in deeds. Still, this encouragement from the leaders is very fruitful in triggering an ever improving innovative industry, especially in fields of communication.

Empty Houses

Above, I have covered all the Houses where there are planets. The remaining six Houses have no planets at all, which means that they are not that significant or important in US society.

       The fields of social life that these Houses govern are given their character by what signs the Houses are in. Still, not too much emphasis should be put on them. Without planets, they become peripheral to the Houses that contain one or more planets.

       The 2nd House shows the US economy. It is in Scorpio, which reveals a dramatic situation, where the US economy seems always to be threatened and in some danger of collapsing — but it is more of a threat, a worry, than reality. The US economy is quite dynamic, and there is a tendency not to trust it at length — but mostly it really works fine, anyway.

       The 3rd House in Sagittarius deals with lower education and everyday communication. Sagittarius shows that it is advanced, and on the route onward, upward. There is a lot of change, and a national eagerness to progress — far away. It is stimulating, but it also means that both the school system and communication infrastructures are somewhat neglected in the impatience to improve.

       The 6th House shows the work-market and labor politics, also discussed about the 12th House above. This is in Pisces, which means confusion and shortcomings. The work-force of the USA is not what could be expected, and the situation for the workers is unsure. The nation celebrates business but neglects its workers. Of course, this is a weakness that might also explain some of the economic uncertainties mentioned above.

       The USA is so innovative that it neglects the people who actually have to do the job, eventually.

       The 7th House concerns partnership. For the nation as a whole, it shows bilateral cooperation and contacts, and domestically it shows the attitudes to marriage and other partner commitments among the citizens. It is in the sign Aries, which is one of impatience and individualism. There is little patience in the USA for partnerships to last in a trustworthy way. Instead, the nation fosters a belief in each one for himself, and any partnership sought is one where there is a definite winner.

       This also explains somewhat the US government's shortcomings in diplomatic dialogue. Leaders and citizens alike reason in the terms of winner-loser, and that does not lead to many lasting relations.

       The 8th House controls things that are beyond planning and human action — such as fate, death, and the occult. Taurus shows that the general US attitude toward such matters is one of passive acceptance. When there is not clearly something to do about it, leaders and population tend to do nothing. Although understandable, this leads to passivity even when action could improve or prevent things. There is even a kind of refusal to recognize fate and chance as real — as if ignoring them would keep them off.

       The 11th House shows ideals and long-term political aims — what utopian visions the nation strives for. The sign Leo marks individualistic ideals. The USA as a nation wants to shine in the world, and its citizens want to shine among each other. There is little sympathy for collective ideas, such as the thought that the strong should protect the weak, or that cooperation is good for everyone.

       Just like Aries in the 7th House, Leo in the 11th House shows that "Each man for himself" is the most popular and praised ideal of the USA and its people. On the other hand, this means that they can really appreciate and praise individual feats. Someone who has succeeded in the USA will be respected and applauded for it, whereas those who fail are quickly forgotten.

I posted the above interpretation of the US horoscope on April 23, 2008. I will probably revise or expand it in the future. I also plan to make some predictions for the future of the USA, at least about major events in the coming few years. When I have done so, you will find a link to it here.

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