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Donald Trump's 2016 Election Horoscope

He is unlikely to win, if he is in the final race at all

Donald Trump 2016 presidential election forecast.

(February 10, 2016) Donald Trump's horoscope is one of fame and fortune, but not the one of the next US president. He should actually be glad that he fails with that, since he is bad at using what power he gets.


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       Donald Trump's birth chart can be trusted to the minute, since it is based on his birth certificate. I guess he had to publish it, after all the accusations he voiced regarding that of Barack Obama. Here is Trump's certificate, which has only been questioned jokingly here and there:

Donald Trump's birth certificate.

Donald Trump's birth certificate.

       Donald Trump's horoscope is one of significant success and personal resources. His fame and fortune are clearly marked by the planets in the 10th, 11th and 2nd Houses. It is just about impossible for a man like him to go unnoticed or to fail miserably. But it's not the horoscope of one who is most likely to win the presidential election of 2016.

A Man with Many Advantages

In his birth chart, the conjunction of the sun, Uranus and the Moon Node in the 10th House and Gemini make a very strong joint force to have him dominate just about any social setting. Gemini tells that he is not taken that very seriously, but there is still no way of going around him or ignoring him. And he is quite clever about how to play this ability.

       Venus and Saturn form an odd conjunction of gentleness and power in the 11th House and Cancer. That means his fame is forever increasing, and his role in society as a whole inspires both fondness and awe. He is the one everyone likes so much to laugh at that he sort of becomes a household pet to us all. But sometimes he barks, and we don't really know how to think about that.

       Mercury is also in that House and Zodiac sign. It means he can sweet-talk. He knows what to say to catch attention and to gain sympathy from anyone who hears him, whatever he is actually saying.

He Gets Richer, No Matter What

Donald Trump's ability to make a fortune and hold on to it is shown by Jupiter in the 2nd House and Libra. He is good at balancing his accounts and making it through the ups and downs of the financial world. Not winning the presidential election (if he is even a runner at that time) doesn't change it. Actually, it boosts his income.

       Transit Jupiter is approaching Donald Trump's birth chart Jupiter at the time of the election, and they form an exact conjunction in the beginning of December. That conjunction comes only every twelve years, so it is a moment of significant luck and success. He is surely back at what he does best, which is his own business.

Some Serious Shortcomings

Everything is not jolly in the Donald Trump horoscope. He has two sinister planets, Pluto and Mars, in the 12th House, which is that of sacrifice. They are in the Zodiac sign Leo, indicating that in spite of all, he has trouble using the power he seems to have.

       In spite of his money and his dominating social role, as well as his abilities, he is often surprisingly helpless and things don't work out the way he intended them to. So, he sounds like a boss, but he really isn't one.

       Pluto and Mars in Leo and the 12th House also indicate that he has recurring health problems with his heart and his blood. It can become critical, so he should definitely not skip regular checkups.

Election Day

Now to the transits to Donald Trump's horoscope chart on election day, November 8th. That is shown in this figure, where the planets in the inner circle are those of his birth chart, and the outer ones are the transits.

Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election horoscope.

Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election horoscope.

       What is immediately visible is the cluster of transit planets in his 4th to 5th House opposing those of his birth chart in Houses 10 and 11. Oppositions mean trouble and insoluble dilemmas. So this general view is almost enough to conclude that Donald Trump is not having any kind of success on November 8th.

       He might not even be in the race at that time, since there are no clear indications of loss on that particular date. No exact oppositions are formed on the date or the days surrounding it. It's just a period of his life with trouble coming and going, and not much success — until the Jupiter conjunction in early December mentioned above. It makes him richer, but not necessarily more powerful.

       He should not cry that many tears. Donald Trump will do fine without moving in to the White House. Actually, he will do significantly better outside of it. He can keep on amusing us and not having to prove anything at all.

More Election Horoscopes

You can also check my readings of the Mike Pence and Hillary Clinton election horoscopes. As far as I can see, Hillary wins.

Getting It So Wrong

(January 22, 2017) As can be seen above, I got the result of the 2016 presidential election completely wrong. I was not alone making that error. Almost all polls predicted the same. Days before the election, Hillary Clinton had more than 80% chance of winning, according to several of them. As for what other astrologers predicted, some googling shows both candidates had been suggested, but Clinton more often than Trump.

       Indeed, the result of the election was a surprise to just about everyone except Donald Trump. Well, I suspect he was just as surprised, in spite of what he had claimed beforehand about his chances.

       And it was a contradictory result. Trump won the presidency, but Hillary the popular vote — with as much as three million more votes. So, in a way she definitely won. For her personally — and her fans — it may very well count as a victory of sorts.

       Furthermore, Trump's victory was what is called Pyrrhic. It was a brutal campaign and his reputation sure took a beating. It still does and there is little doubt it will continue. He might conclude that one more such victory would destroy him.

       Still, looking at his horoscope in hindsight, it is obvious that he had a good thing going at the time of the election. I even said so in my failed prediction: "there are no clear indications of loss on that particular date." Also, I wrote about Jupiter, the very planet of success: "Transit Jupiter is approaching Donald Trump's birth chart Jupiter at the time of the election, and they form an exact conjunction in the beginning of December. That conjunction comes only every twelve years, so it is a moment of significant luck and success."

       I should have sensed that there was astrological room for a surprise.

       I know why I failed: prejudice. In February 2016 (and all through the campaign), Donald Trump seemed like such an odd outsider I could not fathom him becoming president. Wasn't he just a clown in the media circus? That blinded me. I made kind of the same mistake with the 2008 election. I thought Obama would lose, since I couldn't believe the US majority would vote for a black president, especially not one with the name Barack Hussein Obama...

       I admit that the 2008 election result impressed me more than the 2016 result disappointed me. At least I got the 2012 election right.

       So, the lesson I have learned twice now, is to read the horoscopes without prejudice. It is easier said than done. But I will definitely go on with my predictions, as long as I feel my mistakes are my own and not evident shortcomings of astrology.

New Donald Trump Horoscope Reading

(January 22, 2017) I got it wrong about the presidential election, but that doesn't stop me from having another go at Donald Trump's horoscope — with his victory in mind. I try to see what is to be expected from his presidency, for him personally as well as for how he does the job. Click the header to read it.


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