by Stefan Stenudd


Donald Trump's Presidential Horoscope

About him and what his presidency will be to him

President Donald Trump and his horoscope.

(January 22, 2017) So, now Donald John Trump is POTUS, president of the US. This world is one full of surprises. Here is my reading of his horoscope, with particular focus also on what we can expect of his presidency.


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A surprise to us all

I failed miserably to predict that Donald Trump would be elected US president. I was probably biased, thinking from the start that it would be absurd. I picked Hillary Clinton as a winner. On the other hand, who didn't?

       Just about every poll before the election made the same faulty prediction — and they are regarded as properly scientific. Most political experts said the same. Hillary was sure to win.

       Well, she did, counting the popular votes, with the good margin of three million votes. But she got them in the wrong places. So, Donald Trump still became the president.

       Although humbled by my faulty prediction, I still dare to return to Donald Trump's horoscope. This time I will edit my reading with his presidency in mind. What are we to expect, and how is he likely to act as POTUS? Time will tell if I get it somewhat right or make a fool of myself yet again.

Trump's Horoscope Exact to the Minute

It's not common with public figures, but we have an official documentation of Donald Trump's birth time. His birth certificate was released to the public. I guess he had to publish it, after all the accusations he voiced regarding that of Barack Obama. Here is Trump's certificate:

Donald Trump's birth certificate.

Donald Trump's birth certificate.

       That means his birth chart below can be trusted as correctly showing where the planets were at the exact time of his birth.

Donald Trump's birth chart horoscope.
Donald Trump's birth chart horoscope.

       It is also possible to make a correct transit horoscope, showing where the planets were at the time of his inauguration, compared to his birth chart. That horoscope, which will indicate how his presidency will play out, is further down on this webpage.

       I will use both his birth chart and the inauguration transit chart in my reading.

Donald Trump's Personal Traits

We start with having a closer look at Donald Trump's birth chart, which reveals how he is as a person and what his personal life is like — privately as well as in his public roles.

       Donald Trump's horoscope is one of significant success and personal resources. His fame and fortune are clearly marked by the planets in the 10th, 11th and 2nd Houses. It is just about impossible for a man like him to go unnoticed or to fail miserably in his business pursuits.

A Man with Many Advantages

In his birth chart, the conjunction of the sun, Uranus and the Moon Node in the 10th House and the Gemini Zodiac sign make a very strong joint force to have him dominate just about any social setting. Gemini tells that he is not taken that very seriously, but there is still no way of going around him or ignoring him. And he is quite clever about how to play on this ability.

       Venus and Saturn form an odd conjunction of gentleness and power in the 11th House and Cancer. That means his fame is forever increasing, and his role in society as a whole inspires both fondness and awe. He is the one everyone likes so much to laugh at that he sort of becomes a household pet to us all. But sometimes he barks, and we don't really know how to think about that.

       The sextile (60) to his Medium Coeli (MC) tells that he is very aware of this forte of his, and quite proud of it too — both the gentleness and the bark.

       Mercury is also in that House and Zodiac sign. It means he can sweet-talk. He knows what to say to catch attention and to gain sympathy from anyone who hears him, whatever he is actually saying.

       But sometimes he says more than he should, and it can cost him promising business opportunities. This is shown by Mercury's square aspect (90) to Neptune in the 2nd House and Libra. But it can also help him talk his way out of financially risky situations.

He Gets Richer, No Matter What

Donald Trump's ability to make a fortune and hold on to it is shown by Jupiter in the 2nd House and Libra. He is good at balancing his accounts and making it through the ups and downs of the financial world. He is lucky, too, which is essential to succeed in business. He knows how to profit on anything — including the presidency.

       Jupiter in his birth chart has a trine aspect (120) to the power point mentioned above of the sun, Uranus and Moon Node conjunction. That means his economic success helps him get an enhanced social position — and that enhanced social position helps him make more money.

       Transit Jupiter approached Donald Trump's birth chart Jupiter at the time of the election, and they formed an exact conjunction in the beginning of December. That conjunction comes only every twelve years, so it is a moment of significant luck and success.

       That very transit won him the presidential election. It indicates that being elected will increase his fortune considerably.

Some Serious Shortcomings

Everything is not jolly in the Donald Trump horoscope. He has the two sinister planets Pluto and Mars in the 12th House, which is that of sacrifice. They are in the Zodiac sign Leo, indicating that in spite of all, he has trouble using the power he seems to have.

       In spite of his money and his dominating social role, as well as his abilities, he is often surprisingly helpless and things don't work out the way he intended them. So, he sounds very much like a boss, but he really isn't one.

       Well, he can be. That's shown by the Mars sextile to the powerful trio in the 10th House. He can boss people around, occasionally — but at a price. When he lashes out at others, it comes right back at him, one way or other. And it can be damaging, to his pride for sure but mainly to his health. He should really cool down.

       Pluto and Mars in Leo and the 12th House also indicate that he has recurring health problems with his heart and his blood pressure. It can become critical, so he should definitely not skip regular checkups. The Mars square aspect to his MC shows that he is aware of this, but he tends to refuse to accept it. That makes it worse.

Family Frustration

The powerful trio conjunction in the 10th House, mentioned above, is in an opposition aspect (180) to the moon in the 4th House and Sagittarius. That shows his family life suffers from his elevated social role. It is quite common among the famous and powerful, and no mystery. As he devotes himself to success in society, his family becomes second.

       It is particularly true for Donald Trump, since the north Moon Node (also called the Dragon's Head) in the 10th House cluster has a counterpart in the south Moon Node (Dragon's Tail), which is conjunct with the moon in the 4th House.

       The Nodes describe a direction of life from one Node towards the other. It can go either way, but the powerful cluster in the 10th House of Donald Trump's horoscope makes only one direction possible for him: away from his family towards his social role. Much to their regret — and his — Donald Trump's family often finds themselves all but deserted, when society calls on him.

       The moon shows that he has a fundamental need for his family and therefore suffers as they do from not spending enough quality time with them. On the other hand, it is in Sagittarius, which reveals that he does really need also to distance himself from them and not allow them to limit his options. He loves his family, but there is no way they can keep him home at length — although he sometimes wishes they could.

       Jupiter's sextile aspect to the moon shows that his vast fortune is good consolation for the family. He is definitely generous and happy to spoil them with chunks of his riches.

Dad Up Here, Mom Down There

In the horoscope, the sun also represents the father and the mother is represented by the moon. Their positions say something about a person's relation to the parents.

       Donald Trump's father was a social figure, much like he is, while his mother was at home — where Donald was not that eager to be, even when growing up. He aimed for his father, sort of like a role-model, and enjoyed spending as much time with him as he could. The feeling was mutual.

       With the moon in the 4th House, his mother was likely to spend most of her time at home. But that's in Sagittarius, as mentioned above, which makes the home less of a castle and more like an airport: a place where people were passing through, rather than staying and resting — including all the family members except the mother.

       A mother bound to the household was very common indeed in those days. But when Donald grew up, this was particularly the case with the Trumps. Other family members did not spend much time at home. His mom was at times almost isolated there. She was appreciated, but often from a distance.

Houses and Zodiac Signs Joined

It should be noted about Donald Trump's birth chart that the Zodiac signs and the Houses are almost exactly connected. His Ascendant (deciding all the cusps in the Equal House system) is at Leo 2948'53", which is just a small fraction from the House cusp at 30. This precise fit is rather rare.

       It means that there is little change to the different aspects of his life over time. His home life remains pretty much the same, his social life, his way of presenting himself to others, his marriage (though spouses may change), his friends, his favorite leisure activities (mostly work, work, work) and so on — it all stays basically the same through his life.

       Most people do sometimes in their lives change habits and preferences. Not Donald Trump. There is a consistency through his life, making very little of his everyday situation and his attitudes change in any significant way. He has got it as he likes it to be, and makes sure it remains that way.

Inauguration Day

For a closer look at how Donald Trump will be as the US president, the transit horoscope of the inauguration is best suited. It compares his birth chart to the positions of the planets at the time of the inauguration, when he officially became president. Here it is:

Donald Trump inauguration transit horoscope chart.
Donald Trump's presidential inauguration transit horoscope chart. The outer planets mark their positions at the time of the inauguration, noon of January 20th, 2017. The aspects marked by lines in the inner circle are those between the transit planets and those of Donald Trump's birth chart.

       It must be remembered, though, that this transit horoscope speaks mainly about how the presidency will affect Donald Trump, what it will mean to him and his life. For a general view of his presidency's effect on the USA, the horoscope chart of the nation must be used. I did so with the transit date of the presidential election, which was the nation's point of decision as its people got to vote about it. A link to that horoscope and the reading of it can be found further down below.

       But here I concentrate on Donald Trump's presidency from his personal perspective. It also says a lot about how he will behave as president.

Honeymoon Soon Over

At first, let's look at Jupiter, which was the planet signalling that he would win the election. It was conjunct to his native (birth chart) Jupiter at that time. It remains in Libra and the same 2nd House of Donald Trump's birth chart, increasing his resources and success, for a while longer. But already on February the 5th, the planet starts a retrograde movement (as seen from earth).

       That means his luck will seem to run out, and he has to work hard to keep the benefits and resources he got so easily before. This period continues until the 8th of June, when Jupiter's retrograde phase is over for this time. His luck returns and he succeeds with several things that up to then seemed out of reach.

       But this streak of luck definitely ends on October 9th, when Jupiter leaves his 2nd House. That's when his luck runs out — well, mostly. What he accomplishes thereafter, depends on his ability and efforts. Nothing is for free anymore, but he does occasionally make quite successful moves.

His Home Pays the Price

There is but one conjunction and one opposition aspect in the transit horoscope — and it is with the same transiting planet: Saturn, conjunct to the moon in the 4th House and opposite the sun, Uranus and Moon Node cluster in the 10th.

       It started already in late November 2016 and passed its peak in mid-January this year — but its influence will remain all through Donald Trump's presidency.

       Saturn has a solemn influence, maybe even sinister. It is the planetary force of duty and obligations, of what the past demands of the present as well as the future. In Sagittarius, this force is frustrated, alienated and protested. Traditions are questioned, duties are disobeyed in an effort to alter them.

       Donald Trump will have this conflict mainly between his home life and that of his presidential function and office. The home and family will suffer, but not silently so. They will not accept to be deserted. He has to make rather costly compromises to make both his home and his office function. He may regard this as the highest price he has to pay for the presidency.

       By December 2017, there is some partial ease to this conflict as Saturn leaves the 4th House. Instead, Saturn enters the 5th House, which makes Donald Trump devote himself even more to work and to what he wants to accomplish. A trine to his Ascendant at that time shows he goes wholeheartedly in for the role of being president and devoting himself to that alone.

       His family seems to be Ok with it, or they just surrender to it.

Money Changing Hands

Transit Pluto in Capricorn and his 5th House has a square aspect to his native Jupiter in the 2nd House. That means there is radical change in how he spends his leisure time, affecting his control of his economical and other resources.

       As for his leisure time, he will simply have just about none. He doesn't mind that much, since he has always been the kind of guy spending most of his time working, anyway.

       But his loss of control of his assets will be costly to him — and frustrating. He continues to be fortunate also with his fortune, but while being president he is unable to enjoy it to the extent he did before. He finds it is not as much fun making money, when he is not the one making it.

Uncertain Allies

The above mentioned are the most important transit aspects at Donald Trump's inauguration. There are others, but their influence is less significant.

       Some minor square aspects cause him irritations. Some sextiles and trines give him helping hands.

       Among the latter are links to transit Mars in Pisces and his 7th House. The planet implies strong partners, although Donald Trump finds it hard to really be sure of them and trust them. They seem to change their minds repeatedly and question their loyalty to him.

       Still, the sextile to his Medium Coeli (MC) makes him well aware of them and learning to make good use of them. The trine to the native Saturn and Venus conjunction in his 11th House makes those allies ease his public functions and help improve his popular image and influence. He is in dire need of that.

The 2020 Presidential Election

Finally, I had a little look at the transits to Donald Trump's birth chart for the next presidential election, on November 3rd, 2020. It really doesn't look good for Donald Trump getting reelected. Here is that horoscope:

Donald Trump's 2020 presidential election transit horoscope chart.

Donald Trump's 2020 presidential election transit horoscope chart.

       Transit Saturn is in opposition to his native conjunction of Saturn and Venus in the 11th House, which is the very House of public influence. There seem to be some serious complications and duties in Donald Trump's private life, not flying well at all with his public image.

       Transit Pluto and Jupiter form a conjunction in the same 5th House, suggesting a big and successful change for him privately. But it has no aspect to any native planet of his, so it is hard to say what it does to his chances in the election. Instead it indicates that he has so much going on privately, he might not even be that interested in getting reelected.

       On the other hand, the Moon Node has returned to the position of his native Moon Node, in the 10th House and conjunct to the sun and Uranus. It suggests that he would have the opportunity to get reelected, if he chooses. But it can just as well indicate some other big venture of his, maybe the kind of big business he has dedicated his life to before getting to be POTUS.

       If I had to bet, my bet would be that he doesn't get reelected in 2020, if he agrees to run for the presidency at all. But I have certainly been mistaken about such matters before...

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My Previous Trump Horoscope Prediction

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