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Mundane Pluto in Each Zodiac Sign

The Planet Pluto in the World Horoscope 3

Mundane Pluto in the Zodiac.

Here are the twelve Zodiac signs and how Pluto affects society in each of them.


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Aries sign (glyph).


Extremist activism

Pluto in Aries challenges the ambiguity of the Pisces phase, daring new directions although uncertain. Order is threatened, borders are crossed. Initiatives often lack considerations as well as lasting effects.
29 years in the sign.

Taurus sign (glyph).


Conservative materialism

Pluto in Taurus settles the unrest of the Aries phase. Here the established order is cemented, focus turns toward economic stability and lasting prosperity.
32 years in the sign.

Gemini sign (glyph).


Reformist intellectualism

Pluto in Gemini enters change and a sense of adventure, after the calm of the Taurus phase. New thinking is awakened, experiments and debate flourish, although not much leads to lasting results.
30 years in the sign.

Cancer sign (glyph).


Extremist emotionalism

Pluto in Cancer brings consideration to the careless Gemini phase. Sentiment triumphs over reason, common needs over common sense, and what feels right overweighs what seems right.
25 years in the sign.

Leo sign (glyph).


Conservative activism

Pluto in Leo turns the emotional dogma of the Cancer phase into rules for the oppression of the masses and the exaltation of those in power. Hierarchies are fortified and leaders glorified.
18 years in the sign.

Virgo sign (glyph).


Reformist materialism

Pluto in Virgo questions the authorities of the Leo phase, scrutinizing rigid orders and replacing them with more practical structures. Investigations lead to readjustments, power is decentralized.
15 years in the sign.

Libra sign (glyph).


Extremist intellectualism

Pluto in Libra gives birth to principles opposing the pragmatism of the Virgo phase. Agitation arises, always with justice as the strongest argument, and a social equilibrium as the goal for all.
12 years in the sign.

Scorpio sign (glyph).


Conservative emotionalism

Pluto in Scorpio threatens to break the all too abstract order, which people had to conform to in the Libra phase. Rules are questioned and secretly ignored, social unrest is felt and suppressed by authorities.
11 years in the sign.

Sagittarius sign (glyph).


Reformist activism

Pluto in Sagittarius releases the tensions built up in the Scorpio phase. Rebellion against the old order, liberation from old incarcerations. Contracts and traditions are broken, new paths found and followed.
13 years in the sign.

Capricorn sign (glyph).


Extremist materialism

Pluto in Capricorn returns firm order to the restless phase of Sagittarius. With fresh systems in operation, huge projects are pursued, investments made, new lands explored as well as exploited.
16 years in the sign.

Aquarius sign (glyph).


Conservative intellectualism

Pluto in Aquarius halts the forceful expansion of the Capricorn phase, to reflect upon its consequences and learn to adjust to all that, which is new. To properly utilize what is, so as not to waste it.
20 years in the sign.

Pisces sign (glyph).


Reformist emotionalism

Pluto in Pisces expresses the unease from revelations made in the phase of Aquarius. Alienation replaces complacency, weakening any system of values. Trial leads to error, confusion to inconsistency.
25 years in the sign.


Pluto through the years

Mundane Pluto


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The twelve Zodiac signs and what they mean in astrology.

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