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Mundane Pluto Through the years

The Planet Pluto in the World Horoscope 4

Mundane Pluto in the Zodiac.

Here are some of Pluto's effects on society in its most recent visits to each Zodiac sign.


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Aries sign (glyph).


Extremist activism

Pluto entered 1823.
[1823: Monroe doctrine, against colonization of the American continent. Petroleum industry begins. First Humane society.] New challenges inspiring politics, revolt or forced change, hasty decisions leading to immediate action — not always wise, not always successful.
Pluto returns 2070.

Taurus sign (glyph).


Conservative materialism

Pluto entered 1852.
[1852: Invention of the lift. 1853: Admiral Perry opens Japan.] Consolidation of victories won, territories gained and advances made. Politics returning to old values and protectionism, to firm order and little tolerance. Prosperity as a leading star, profit a goal in itself.
Pluto returns 2099.

Gemini sign (glyph).


Reformist intellectualism

Pluto entered 1884.
[1884: Photographic film produced. Chromosomes discovered. 1883: Machine gun invented. Orient Express.] International perspectives on politics, with negotiation rather than war. All things communicational on top of the agenda: transport and exchange of thoughts.
Pluto returns 2131.

Cancer sign (glyph).


Extremist emotionalism

Pluto entered 1914.
[1914: Start of World War I. 1930: Pluto discovered.] People in passionate circumstances — on the battlefield, in living and working. Politics dealt with the masses, protective more than successful, engaged more than thoughtful.
Pluto returns 2161.

Leo sign (glyph).


Conservative activism

Pluto entered 1939.
[1939: Start of World War II.] Great figures on the arena, fighting each others by all means, to see who is the most prominent one — and lesser folks would pay and suffer. The pompous leader was the triumphant one, the low-voiced was not heard.
Pluto returns 2186.

Virgo sign (glyph).


Reformist materialism

Pluto entered 1957.
[1957: Rome treaty, start of EC. First satellites, Russian Sputnik.] A time of wealth for all, widespread luxury and joyous consumption. Technology and industrial production increasing, so that all is new and therefore better.
Pluto returns 2204.

Libra sign (glyph).


Extremist intellectualism

Pluto entered 1972.
[1972: Watergate break in. US withdraws from Vietnam.] The time of ideals and the eagerness to fight for them, at any cost. Terrorism seemed ethical to many, high principles in government were demanded by all. Thoughts were radical, when logic lead to it.
Pluto returns 2219.

Scorpio sign (glyph).


Conservative emotionalism

Pluto entered 1984.
[1984: AIDS virus discovered. 1985: Gorbachev leader of Soviet. 1986: Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion. 1988: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is formed. 1989: The Berlin wall falls. 1990: Nelson Mandela released.] Fall of communism. Political suppression increased, tension also, eruption to follow — but not as violent and explosive as was expected.
Pluto returns 2231.

Sagittarius sign (glyph).


Reformist activism

Pluto entered 1995.
[1995: The Internet went public and privatized. 1999: The Y2K bug scare. 2000: The dot-com crash. 2001: The 911 terrorist attack. 2002: The Euro is introduced in a number of EU nations.] Old political order is ended, reforms and upheavals come naturally. Politics find new directions and leave old ways behind. Far-fetched goals are more attractive than near ones, big perspectives more than small.
Previous entry 1748.

Capricorn sign (glyph).


Extremist materialism

Pluto entered 2008.
[2008: The US credit crisis. The Large Hadron Collider is completed. 2010: WikiLeaks Afghan war documents. 2011: Arab spring. 2013: Edward Snowden's NSA leak. 2016: Brexit. Donald Trump wins the US Presidential election.] Political imperialism for economic reasons, aggressively guarding interests in existing markets as well as new ones. Firm political order established and protected.
Previous entry 1761.

Aquarius sign (glyph).


Conservative intellectualism

Pluto enters 2024.
Serious questioning of material values as basis for politics, instead an intense debate to find higher ideals and to unite the world accordingly. New ideas are gaining trust — and force to convince the unwilling.
Previous entry 1777.

Pisces sign (glyph).


Reformist emotionalism

Pluto enters 2044.
Principles and cherished ideals are being questioned, found not to be that flawless. Politics are weakened, policies inconsistent, confused. A time of social unrest, though not of upheaval.
Previous entry 1797.

Mundane Pluto


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