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Eleventh House in the Complete Horoscope

Your Ideals in Classical Astrology

Eleventh House in the horoscope.
The ideals and big perspectives,
acting for the sake of others,
what is best for all.

The 11th House governs your ideals and your relation to the greater social scene. One could say the people around you that you don't know by name or face. Your interaction with your community.


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       That's why ideals belong here. The House shows what you do for others, unselfishly. Fame is usually indicated by this House. So are one's political views and how one might promote them.

Zodiac sign and Planet

If the House changes Zodiac sign somewhere in its span, that means you will change your ideals and your relation to society as a whole, at some point in life. If the House is mainly in one and the same Zodiac sign, you probably keep your childhood ideals all through your life, and your role in society is unlikely to change significantly.

       Planets in the 11th House show events regarding your role in society as a whole — or at least big chunks of it. These changes are often introduced through activity coming from your ideals and political convictions. A lack of planets in the House suggests that this part of your life is rather uneventful and not as important to you as it otherwise would be. Of course, it doesn't mean that you lack ideology and a role in society.

       Here are simple keywords describing the nature of your ideals and social role, depending on what Zodiac sign you have in the 11th House:

  • Aries competitive
  • Taurus traditional
  • Gemini curious
  • Cancer compassionate
  • Leo individualist
  • Virgo scrutinizing
  • Libra ethical
  • Scorpio secretive
  • Sagittarius indifferent
  • Capricorn constructive
  • Aquarius contemplative
  • Pisces self-sacrificing

       Here are keywords for how your ideals and social role are expressed if you have a planet in your 11th House:

  • Sun constant
  • Moon emotional
  • Mercury discussion
  • Venus attractive
  • Mars challenge
  • Jupiter successful
  • Saturn demanding
  • Uranus revelation
  • Neptune inspired
  • Pluto dramatic

       The keywords are just simple clues to understand the 11th House. You need to consider the whole before deciding on the meaning of one single ingredient.


The 11th House has the following aspect relations to other Houses:

  • Opposition 180 5th House
  • Trine 120 3rd House, 7th House
  • Square 90 2nd House, 8th House
  • Sextile 601st House, 9th House

       These relations between the Houses are quite important when analyzing their influence. The opposition aspect to the 5th House, that of your leisure, is evident: what you do for yourself rarely agrees with your ideals and your commitment to society as a whole. You frequently need to choose between them.

       The trine to the 3rd House, friends, shows that your friends have much to do with how you form your ideals and act upon them. Also, you often find and keep them through your social life and ideological standpoints. The trine to the 7th House, partnership, says about the same. You find and express your ideals and social role in cooperation with your partner — and you find it hard to remain with a partner who doesn't agree with you on these issues.

       The square to the 2nd House, personal resources, states the obvious: ideals are costly, and so is usually social commitment. Assembling riches usually means abandoning these commitments. The square to the 8th House, things beyond your control, is not as evident, but ideology and social interaction is all about believing in the ability to change things. That's not always the case. Still, both squares are possible to resolve, if you find the solution. Not easy, but possible.

       The sextile to the 1st House, identity, shows that your identity to a large part consists of your ideals and social role. It also shows that the success you will have with your social aspirations depends very much on what impression you make on others. The sextile to the 9th House, travel and new perspectives, indicates that your ideals and commitment easily lead to big changes in your life — and vice versa.

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