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NASDAQ Horoscope

Classical astrology chart for the stock exchange market

Nasdaq complete horoscope chart.

(2001) NASDAQ is the very modern integrated, computerized stock exchange, which is dominant when it comes to trading shares related to the business of Information Technology.


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       Suitably, it is not that old at all, having operated no longer than since 1971, but without a doubt it has become the most important stock exchange market of the world.

       Its horoscope, then, might reveal not only possible events for the Nasdaq stock market, but for the world financial economy, depending so heavily upon it.

Time of birth

It is rare that a social institution has got a moment of birth as well defined as that of Nasdaq, which opened for business the first time on February 8th, 1971. It seems to have taken place at 10 AM, according to several sources — but I would have liked to see a primary source on that, for example a newspaper from that date (or rather the next day).

       Unfortunately, that is out of my reach. Still, I trust the clock given as a very likely one.

       Most astrologers note the birth place to be New York City, an assumption which is reasonable for anything belonging to the US stock market. In the case of Nasdaq, though, it is not true.

       What happened back in 1971 was that their big computer in Trumbull, Connecticut, connected with more than fifty business computers around the USA. By this joining of forces, they created a new powerful tool for the stock market. The birthplace, then, must be Trumbull, where the main computer is actually still situated.

       The complete horoscope chart for that moment and place is seen above.


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The NASDAQ Stock Exchange Horoscope


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