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The US Credit Crisis

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US credit crisis.

(October 2, 2008) Yesterday, the Senate approved the 700 billion dollar bailout plan, and the Congress is likely to do the same. That may do the trick for now, but the basis of the credit crisis is a fundamental change in the USA, which will go on for decades.


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       I checked the transits to the USA horoscope, and there are two major things at work here: Jupiter is going through the 4th House in Capricorn, and in doing so the planet forms an opposition to the many planets in the 10th House. Also, Pluto is entering the 4th House, and it will remain there all the way until the autumn of 2025 — that's 17 years.

Complete USA transit horoscope chart for October 2, 2008, noon.

Complete USA transit horoscope chart for October 2, 2008, noon.

Spending on homes

Jupiter shows that there is a vast overspending on American homes and family structures, which is what the 4th House is all about. Capricorn enhances the real estate side of family life. Since the last days of September, this forms an opposition to the sun in the US 10th House, showing the burden it causes on the government, but also the action initiated by its leadership.

       In mid-December, transit Jupiter will form an opposition with the US Mercury in the 10th House, indicating debate and agreements that decide the issue. Either the present 700 billion will not get into work until that date, or there will be additional solutions introduced.

       But this is not a lasting thing. Jupiter moves through a House in about a year, and now it is midway through it. The planet entered the House around New Year 2008, and will leave it in the beginning of January 2009. After that, the real estate side of the credit crisis should be over, essentially.

       The US economy will return to some balance. Probably, the inauguration of the next President will be done in an air of optimistic trust that the economy is back on its feet.

Homes are changing

Pluto's transit through the 4th House is another thing completely. If it did not take place in the same House as Jupiter mentioned above, the economic crisis would not have been this severe.

       Pluto causes great and dramatic change — in this case it has to do with homes and family life. Americans are about to change drastically their way of living, especially as to how they organize their families and build their homes.

       The world is in a turmoil, and it seems that the US population struggles against this uncertainty by finding new ways of forming the homes that are their castles. They will find that they have greater values in their homes than what the crisis at the moment implies, and they will use those resources to create a change for themselves.

       Pluto transformations are difficult to predict in detail, but after this change the American homes will be more splendid than before. Maybe present buildings need to be torn down in order for new and prouder ones to be erected.

       But they will be different, as will the way Americans in the future organize their families and homes altogether. These changes, whatever their nature, are disliked by the government, which tries to halt the process — unsuccessfully. It is time for a change.

The first Pluto return

The process will go on for some 17 years, and at the end of the period Americans will feel like they have founded sort of a new USA. This becomes very clear in December 2022, when transit Pluto meets with Pluto of the US chart, enforced by Venus and Mercury passing the same chart position.

The complete USA horoscope chart for July 4, 1776, at 11:15 AM.
The complete USA horoscope chart for July 4, 1776, at 11:15 AM. Click the image so see the enlarged chart.

       It is the first time in the history of the USA that Pluto makes a return, passing over its position at the birth of the nation in 1776. Pluto takes almost 250 years to pass through the whole Zodiac. This will make the USA rejuvenate, almost like forming a new nation. It starts with the population and their home life, but of course it will be noticed all through the USA, in many different ways.

       During the process, the government is constantly fighting this change, trying to reverse or halt it. This leads to several conflicts between the Americans and their rulers, particularly heated when transit Pluto passes an opposition to one of the planets in the US 10th House.

       The first such accentuated conflict between the people and its leaders is when Pluto opposes MC in January 2009 (this dating is uncertain, since MC moves fast and the US birth time is approximated). The government figures will declare that they are opposed to the direction their citizens are moving.

       This will be repeated until the beginning of 2021, when transit Pluto opposes Mercury in the 10th House. Then the government finally commences to negotiate with its citizens and starts to adapt to circumstances. That will probably accelerate the social change, so that it becomes quite complete by the Pluto-Pluto conjunction in 2022.

       So, the present credit crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.

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