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Angelina Jolie's Health Horoscope

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Angelina Jolie health horoscope

Health Horoscope I trust Angelina Jolie's birth time more than those of Madonna and Justin Timberlake. It's given as 9:09 AM, which is odd enough to be to the point, and her chart makes a lot of sense.


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       Her 1st House is indeed Leo, what else could it be? Her ascendant is Cancer, but at its very end, only slightly more than one degree from Leo, so it just adds an emotional flare to Angelina Jolie's Leo appearance. As many as 29 of the sign's 30 degrees are in the 1st House.

Angelina Jolie's horoscope.
Angelina Jolie's horoscope, based on her birth on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, at 9:09 AM.

       Venus is in conjunction with Angelina Jolie's ascendant, which accounts for her charisma. She also has the sun in the 11th House, indicating fame, and a bunch of planets in the 9th House and Leo, showing her ability to "conquer the world," and some other ingredients explaining her success.

Angelina Jolie health horoscope

       But here, we are interested in what Angelina Jolie's horoscope says about her health. Her 12th House is in Cancer, the sign that governs the skin, so she may have some problem in that area. It can be severe at times, because Saturn is in that House, which is a particularly frustrating position for that planet. A frustrated Saturn can cause serious and lasting problems.

       Saturn has a square aspect to the powerful conjunction of MC and Jupiter in the 9th House and Aries — a conjunction that generally makes her able to intentionally accomplish great changes in her life, all of them for the better. But the square to Saturn introduces complications, so Angelina Jolie might have a skin condition that can get triggered by drastic changes she makes in her life, and this health issue sometimes risks standing in the way of such changes.

       But the conjunction of MC and Jupiter is too powerful to yield to Saturn in the 12th House. So, things work out every time, although Angelina Jolie might need to do some adaptions to the needs Saturn creates. Because MC, her self-awareness, is one of the planets in square to Saturn, she is probably reluctant to accept that weakness. This resistance of hers can cause increasing problems, especially at length.

Angelina Jolie health horoscope

       Angelina's sun is in Gemini and the 11th House, indicating her fame as an entertainer. It has a sextile aspect to Mars and the moon in the 9th House, showing that the changes in her life increase her fame. But the sun is also in opposition to Neptune in her 5th House, showing that her fame stands in the way of her dreams of freedom and independence, the ability to leave everything else, just to indulge in her own fantasies.

       This opposition can cause some Gemini type health issues — expressed in her breathing or speech. But the sextile to the 9th House makes this rather unlikely. Mars and the moon in that House also have a trine to Neptune, which releases the tension of the opposition, and explains it: In order to accomplish the big changes in her life, Angelina Jolie needs both her fame and her fantasies.

       The center of her horoscope is the 9th House, with its two powerful conjunctions. Change of an often adventurous nature is what drives her — and not fame. If she tries to hold that urge back, she will get severe headaches and a frustration that can escalate quite quickly.

Angelina Jolie health horoscope

       Angelina Jolie's Pluto is in Libra, which she shares with her whole generation, but also in the 3rd House, and that's personal to her. It can cause sudden changes of what friends she has, often for moral reasons, but it is not likely to cause her some specific health problems.

       Actually, apart from the skin problem, Angelina Jolie is quite healthy.

       That skin problem follows the cycles of Saturn, so it is intensified every 14 to 15 years, when transit Saturn moves into opposition and conjunction with it. Also, it may enter a new phase, maybe much more serious, when transit Pluto moves into opposition with it, which is in the year 2017.

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