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David Beckham's Health Horoscope

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David Beckham health horoscope.

Health Horoscope The birth time of the world-famous soccer player David Beckham seems quite trustworthy. It's realistically uneven, 6:17 AM, and the chart contains some plausible ingredients — such as Jupiter in Aries and the 11th House.


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       That indicates fame through success in challenging ways, like sports. Fame is something he wins.

       As for David Beckham's health, his 12th House is in Taurus, which makes for weaknesses in his throat, ears, and nose. He is most likely to easily catch a cold. His sun is in that House, so his Taurus weakness is something he just has to live with. The sun has no troublesome aspect, though. Therefore it is improbable that he gets very serious problems — but conditions in his throat, ears, or nose will repeatedly fatigue him.

David Beckham's horoscope.
David Beckham's horoscope, based on his birth on May 2, 1975 in the vicinity of London, England, at 6:17 AM.

       In the summer of 1988, when he was just 13, David Beckham had some health crisis related to the Taurus organs. It was when transit Pluto passed an opposition aspect to his sun. Pluto did so in Scorpio and Beckham's 6th House, which suggests that the problems were related to threats in his work. Surely, his work was already at that time soccer more than school or anything else. He will not experience any that serious threat to his health again.

       Apart from the above, I don't see much of health problems in David Beckham's horoscope. He has a nice spread of planets, so there's no particular cluster that he needs to be wary of.

David Beckham health horoscope.

       Saturn in Cancer and his 2nd House might occasionally cause some skin irritations, especially when David Beckham's fame makes him neglect duties he has to himself personally. But that is probably never serious or lasting.

       Mars is in Pisces, which is the sign where Mars is the least comfortable. That might lead to occasional nervousness, and instants of short temper that seem to be completely uncalled for. Again, probably never serious.

       That's about it. Every athlete should be this healthy, but few are.

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Click the image to see the book at Amazon (paid link).

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