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The Combinations in the Sex Horoscope

What Sexual Astrology Reveals 6

Sex Horoscope

6. How to combine the ingredients

Previously, I have presented how to read the following influences on your sexuality in your horoscope: the sun, the moon, Venus, and Mars. They show different sides of your sexuality:

The sun shows your basic nature.
The moon shows your basic needs.
Venus shows how you want to be pleased.
Mars shows how you want to please.

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       It's when you understand and combine all the above ingredients that you learn what your horoscope has to say about your love life and your sexuality. Other parts of the horoscope can add some information and perspectives, but these four are by far the most important ones.

       So, if you want to make sure that your partner, too, gets as much out of it as possible, you should compare your horoscopes regarding these four ingredients. How does your sun match your partner's sun, and even more importantly: how does your sun match the partner's moon, and vice versa? The same goes for Venus and Mars.

       The sun and moon relate to basic urges of the personality, whereas Venus and Mars in this case deal more with the actual sex act, and how it is played out. Therefore, in a lasting relation the former pair is far more important than the latter, but in casual sex it might very well be the other way around.

       This is the astrological explanation to the fact that you might have very satisfying sex with a stranger, but less so with your life-partner, and for some people that is almost never the case. I am sure that you see these patterns when reading what is said about the four ingredients in detail, above.

       Finally, don't trust my text on the subject more than your own feelings and experiences. The horoscope is complicated, as is the human character, so there are many ways that personality traits can be altered or even reversed, wherever the aforementioned heavenly bodies are in your horoscope — and in that of your partner.

       So, whatever the horoscope predicts: try it, you might like it. And if you don't, maybe the horoscope can give you some clue or idea about how to improve things. It's worth trying.

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