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The Moon in the Sex Horoscope

What Sexual Astrology Reveals 3

Sex Horoscope

3. Sex and your Moon Sign

The moon. In your horoscope, the position of the moon shows your longings and urges, what you need in order to feel fulfilled. This is certainly significant in your love-life, although kind of indirectly.

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       The best way to describe it is that the moon shows something that your sex life needs to include, for you to be satisfied with it.

       Now, the sun and the moon are a pair, somewhat like lovers. One is your nature, the other your needs. In a sexual relation, it helps significantly if your sun is in some kind of harmony — or exciting opposition — to your partner. That will tell you much about how fulfilled you both will be.

       There is not that much you can do about it, though, if your sun and your partner's moon contradict, or the other way around. If your nature doesn't match your partner's need the least, or if your partner's nature does little to satisfy your needs, then you may have some casual sex, but you're not likely to repeat it much. You will have difficulties staying a couple, even apart from the dissatisfaction of your sex life.

       On the other hand, if your sun and moon combine well with those of your partner, you are very likely to twine for long, or even for good.

       Here's what the moon reveals about your sexual longings and needs in each of the twelve Zodiac signs:

Aries sign (glyph).Moon in Aries moon makes you long for action. You quickly get impatient, no matter how fine the moment is. And you do enjoy feeling like the one in charge.

Taurus sign (glyph).Moon in Taurus moon makes you crave for physical expressions of love, and sex without sweat can't be enough. It should take so long that it feels like the baby might be born before the end of it.

Gemini sign (glyph).Moon in Gemini moon needs to have fun. Sex like a game, almost a joke at times. If it's too serious, it loses some of its charm and attraction. It should be improvised, and preferably a little bit naughty.

Cancer sign (glyph).Moon in Cancer moon needs the emotions, all of them, and in abundance. The sex act should be flooding with passion and compassion. Most of all, there should be strong links of mutual need and commitment between the two lovers.

Leo sign (glyph).Moon in Leo moon needs to be proud, and to be admired. Sex should feel like a rite or a celebration, something much more important and remarkable than what is experienced in everyday life. Like a festival, where there is no doubt about who is the center of attention.

Virgo sign (glyph).Moon in Virgo moon needs scrutiny and attention to detail, where little or nothing happens by chance, not even the climax of the act. It should feel like it all went according to plan.

Libra sign (glyph).Moon in Libra moon needs mutual satisfaction, or it's like there was no sex at all. Preferably, it should be equal, too, the satisfaction as well as the activity on the way to it. And mostly, there should be a strong feeling of joining, like melting into one.

Scorpio sign (glyph).Moon in Scorpio moon needs excitement, surprise, even uncertainty to the point of genuine worry. It should somehow feel like magic, even if next to nothing happens. Also, if the partner is completely swept away, it's perfect.

Sagittarius sign (glyph).Moon in Sagittarius moon is impatient and unattached. Sex is rarely more than an impulse of the moment, but still it should feel like a rocket taking off. Then, that moment can expand to last forever.

Capricorn sign (glyph).Moon in Capricorn moon is devoted to the act, long before and long after it, even when it's not that much. Mostly, though, it is. That's when it's deeply satisfying, like eating a full meal after a long day's hunger. Otherwise it would be just a tease.

Aquarius sign (glyph).Moon in Aquarius moon needs a sex act full of deep meaning and contact, where superficial things are almost neglectable, but their significance and meaning are instrumental. Making love should be two souls exploring each other at depth.

Pisces sign (glyph).Moon in Pisces moon is restless, eager to please, but difficult to satisfy. Making love should be like a sacrifice to the partner, a ritual where the partner is the object of devotion. Sex should be somewhat bitter-sweet, or there is something lacking.

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Zodiac symbols (glyphs).

Zodiac sign symbols (glyphs). From left to right: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


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