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Venus in the Sex Horoscope

What Sexual Astrology Reveals 4

Sex Horoscope

4. Venus shows what pleases you

Venus The two planets closest connected to sex are Venus and Mars. The former shows what pleases you, and the latter how you want to please your partner. These pleasures are rarely the same, which is why it's necessary for any couple to find a way of giving their sex life two characteristics, rolled into one.

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       That's not easy. Trying to treat your partner just like you want to be treated might be much easier, but also much more likely to lead to disappointment. Not to mention the complication if both subscribe to the same method, but differ in needs.

       It's not even that easy to understand and come to terms with how you want to be pleased. Here's what Venus implies about it, according to the sign it occupies in your horoscope:

Aries sign (glyph).Venus in Aries Venus wants to be taken by storm, suddenly, surprisingly, and overwhelmingly. This Venus likes to be seduced, or at lest to be able to feel seduced. It should be quick and intense, almost aggressive.

Taurus sign (glyph).Venus in Taurus Venus wants it to go on for very long, and to be very physical, like hard work. There must be patience and perseverance, and a strong sense of presence. This Venus likes it rather hard, but slowly.

Gemini sign (glyph).Venus in Gemini Venus wants to be tickled. There should be playfulness and humor, even in the midst of intense intercourse. Foreplay is even more important. Sex should be fun.

Cancer sign (glyph).Venus in Cancer Venus wants nearness and affection, skin to skin, and everlasting embraces. Feelings are much more important than the physical exercises of it all. Sex should be a way of confirming love, even on a one-night stand.

Leo sign (glyph).Venus in Leo Venus wants a lot of attention and admiration, to feel like the main character in any sex act. There should even be an ingredient of exhibitionism. The partner must spare no efforts to please.

Virgo sign (glyph).Venus in Virgo Venus wants to be treated exactly according to personal needs, with great attention to detail. Sex can become elaborate, as if according to a detailed plan. No surprises.

Libra sign (glyph).Venus in Libra Venus wants balance, where there's just as much giving as there is taking, and a sense that both want exactly the same thing — as if there is a right and a wrong way of doing it. Commitment is essential.

Scorpio sign (glyph).Venus in Scorpio Venus wants to be surprised, maybe even a little shocked. Things out of the ordinary, where much is left unspoken, clouded in mystery. Passion under a surface of control and restrain.

Sagittarius sign (glyph).Venus in Sagittarius Venus wants freedom of obligations, like sex at the spur of the moment, no strings attached. Even when it's repeated frequently. Foreplay may not be that important, but the sensations that remain afterward sure are.

Capricorn sign (glyph).Venus in Capricorn Venus wants devotion and sincere efforts. Sex is a commitment for which there should be plenty of time and a lot of hard work. Each time there should be a feeling of big difference between before and after.

Aquarius sign (glyph).Venus in Aquarius Venus wants profound experiences, whatever they look like or however they feel. Sex is a way of getting contact between spirits, not just physical satisfaction. There needs to be some exploration and experiments.

Pisces sign (glyph).Venus in Pisces Venus wants just about nothing but the satisfaction of pleasing the partner, and takes delight according to how much this is evident. Pleasure comes from giving more than from receiving.

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