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2012 World Complete Horoscope

Classical Astrology Predictions for 2012

2012 World Horoscope

(December 7, 2011) Drastic changes to home and family structures, tougher tones in politics, continued focus on new modes of communication, increased impatience in all kinds of partnerships, growing unemployment, but also a blooming entertainment industry and new directions for art - those are some of the events to expect in 2012, according to the world horoscope.

The World Horoscope Chart

Although we have no date for the birth of the world, it's easy to make an astrological forecast based on the year to come. That's done by making a complete horoscope chart for the start of the year, January 1, at Midnight GMT.

       The choice of GMT, Greenwich Mean Time, is obvious: it's the starting point for the world clock system on which all countries agree. Well, there are some local exceptions, but they are insignificant compared to the whole.

       So, this is what the horoscope looks like for January 1, 2012, Midnight GMT, with Greenwich, England, as the location:

2012 World Horoscope

The 2012 World Horoscope.

Now, this type of annual horoscope is consistent from year to year in some ways, and differs in others. The Ascendant (AC), therefore also Medium Coeli (MC) and the astrological Houses, remain in just about the same position from year to year. So does the sun, of course, since it's the heavenly body on which we base the year.

       But the other planets move from year to year. That's why they should be observed the most closely, when reading the 2012 world horoscope. Also the aspects, certain angles they form to one another and to the above mentioned persistent points of the horoscope. That, too, changes from year to year.

       The Greenwich base for the annual world horoscope will remain as long as we keep the present time zone system. Since the horoscope is based on what the global society has agreed upon, it primarily shows what happens to this our society. Well, that's what we're the most curious about, anyway.

The Starting Point of the Year

We also have to remember that this 2012 world horoscope shows the starting point of the year. This gives a good astrological image of what we are to expect of the year, but a complete reading includes observing how the planets move through the year.

       This continued movement indicates what happens to tendencies and circumstances shown by the January 1 complete horoscope chart. And when the planets form new aspects or pass from one House or Zodiac sign to another, this signifies changes of what was expected from their January 1 positions.

       It's a dynamic system. So is society, indeed.


The World Horoscope Chart

The Starting Point of the Year

Constant Characteristics of the World Community


Upholding Balance by Power

The World Economy Constantly Shivering

The Era of Communication

Revolution at Home

Entertainment Blooming and Art in Transformation

The Hardship of Labor

Impatient Partnerships

Uneventful Sides of Society

Compassion Meets with Obstacles

Crisis in Labor

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How to Chart and Read the World Horoscope

For information about how to make an annual world horoscope, and what to consider when doing it, click the header.

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