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The 2018 World Horoscope

Predictions for 2018 Based on Classical Astrology

The 2018 World Horoscope
The complete 2018 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2018. Click on it for a bigger image.

[January 1, 2018] Whereas 2017 was very much about social fear and a wide-spread sense of insecurity, 2018 is almost all about money. It comes and it goes, simultaneously, without much control. Although there is a lot of it floating around, it seems that nobody is getting richer, at least not for long.


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What Stays the Same Every Year

A world horoscope is calculated on New Year, Greenwich Mean Time, since that is the calendar on which the world agrees. Therefore, much of the world horoscope chart is almost exactly the same from year to year. It will remain so until our world decides on another calendar.

       So, what is the same from year to year? First of all, the position of the Ascendant.

       The Ascendant decides the cusps of all the twelve astrological Houses, so they are also the same from year to year. That means the main areas of society and life in it have the same basic characteristics.

       Also Medium Coeli (MC) returns to the same position every New Year.

       The sun, which is the most important of the celestial bodies in the horoscope, will also be in the same position each New Year. It can deviate a little from year to year because of the Leap Year system, though just one degree at the most. In the 2018 World Horoscope it is at 10°30'28" Capricorn.

       In the below reading of the 2018 World Horoscope, I will focus on what distinguishes 2018 the most from other years.

Most Important in 2018

The most important constellation in the 2018 New Year World Horoscope is the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and the 2nd House. This conjunction is also connected to several other points of the 2018 horoscope with aspects (specific degrees of significance).

       That makes the Mars and Jupiter conjunction pretty much the core force influencing events in 2018.

Economy in Turmoil

The 2nd House is about economy, or to be more precise the access to and handling of resources. In the World horoscope, this points clearly to the world of finance.

       The major part of the House is in Scorpio every year, because of our calendar as explained above. Scorpio is the sign of uncertainty and vague threat. Catastrophe seems to wait right around the corner, and there is little to do about it.

       That means the world of finance is always in disorder, seemingly on the border to chaos. This is particularly true for 2018, which starts with Mars and Jupiter in conjunction in that sign and House.

       Mars instigates a number of drastic events, often deceitfully and in secrecy, making the world of finance quite dramatic. Jupiter makes it involve a lot of money – a great lot. Fantastic sums flow this way and that, without any kind of control.

       The two planets in unison risk ruining the whole world, wasting tremendous resources by drastic financial actions.

       Irresponsible initiatives are behind it, and the dreams of immense fortunes behind them will prove to be utter illusions. At length, nobody gains. A lot of money is wasted.

Peak on January 7

This economical instability really started in October 2017, when Jupiter entered Scorpio – which was on the 10th. But it becomes evident and acute with the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter, in the beginning of 2018.

       Already on January 7, the conjunction is exact. It means that at this date, decisions are made and actions started that will show very costly. After January 7th, things will get more diverse. But the financial drain continues, behind the scenes.

       Not until the beginning of November will the financial tumult settle and find its solutions, when Jupiter leaves Scorpio. That happens on November 8th, when the planet enters Sagittarius.

Almost Nobody Gains

The Mars and Jupiter conjunction has a square aspect (90°) to the north Moon Node (also called the Dragon’s Head) in Leo and the 11th House. This indicates that money will flow from the common good towards private interests, but a lot of it will just disappear along the way. As said above, nobody gains at length.

       The trine aspect (120°) to Neptune in Pisces and the 6th House repeats this bitter outcome: many dream of making money, but soon wake up finding that it was just a dream.

       Well, there is an exception, and a surprising one. Sextiles (60°) to the sun and Pluto in the 4th House and Capricorn indicate that families in their homes somehow get to gain something from this financial turmoil.

       It could be something like interest rates and mortgages dropping as a consequence. Banks might lose some of their tight grip on regular consumers.

Firm Control of Communication

There are few more things of significance to find in the 2018 New Year World Horoscope. Here is one: During the previous year, Saturn has traveled from Sagittarius to Capricorn, but remains in the 3rd House.

       Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so it will be particularly significant while in that sign. It’s a stern thing. Ambition without much care, bold construction without bothering about drawbacks. Firm control of technical and administrative structures.

       The 3rd House concerns communication in particular. It means that 2018 will see increased control of all manners of communication – such as the internet, and also systems of transportation. These things will be more firmly governed, with additional rules and regulations, and the control of them gets more concentrated.

Buildings at Risk

In the beginning of April, Mars and Saturn will form a conjunction on the positions of the 2018 World Horoscope sun and Venus. That’s a strong concentration of planetary influence. With Mars and Saturn combined it is also a severe thing, which should be taken seriously – especially in Capricorn.

       Destructive events take place, with rather grim consequences. People’s homes will be affected, but also other buildings and big structures of significance in society.

       In just a few days, though, things will get better. There are some complications for the rest of the month and a bit into the next, but the worst has passed.

Summing 2018 Up

First and foremost, 2018 is about money – the flow and waste of it, in a turmoil nobody is able to control or gain from. Bad decisions in the beginning of the year make it worse. Only by November, the world of finance will manage to solve the problems to some extent.

       Also, the year will see additional government control and regulations of all sorts of communication – such as the internet as well as transportation. And these resources will be in the hands of fewer.

       In the beginning of April, there will be serious problems affecting homes as well as other buildings and other big structures in society. The crisis is soon over, but some complications remain into May.

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