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The Complete 2017 World Horoscope

Predictions for 2017 Based on Classical Astrology

The 2017 World Horoscope
The complete 2017 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2017. Click on it for a bigger image.

(January 20, 2017) The world horoscope shows that 2017 will be a year of fear of unclear threats, and some nationalist frenzy lasting until December. Then, economical perspectives demand attention.


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Not That Easy

Astrology and the horoscope don't give precise answers. They show planetary movement and interaction in the horoscope chart, needing to be interpreted by the astrologer. That takes some advanced guesswork as to exactly how celestial events will manifest in the world we live.

       Checking the previous annual world horoscopes, I have found that they are quite lengthy, making it difficult for the reader to extract the most significant things to expect of the year ahead. So, with the 2017 horoscope I have done my best to compress the forecast. Let's see how that works out.

What Stays the Same Every Year

A world horoscope is calculated on New Year, Greenwich Mean Time, since that is the calendar on which the world agrees. Therefore, much of the world horoscope chart is almost exactly the same from year to year. It will remain so until our world decides on another calendar.

       So, what is the same from year to year? First of all, the position of the Ascendant.

       The Ascendant decides the cusps of all the twelve astrological Houses, so they are also the same from year to year. That means the main areas of society and life in it have the same basic characteristics.

       Also Medium Coeli (MC) returns to the same position every New Year.

       The sun, which is the most important of the celestial bodies in the horoscope, will also be on the same spot each New Year. The sun's position can deviate a little from year to year because of the Leap Year system, though just one degree at the most. In the 2017 World Horoscope it is at 1045'19" Capricorn.

       The planets Mercury and Venus accompany the sun in the horoscope. They never get farther from the sun in the geocentric perspective (as seen from earth) of the horoscope than 28 for Mercury and 48 for Venus. Still, their positions each New Year vary enough to be astrologically significant, when reading the World Horoscope.

       In the below reading of the 2017 World Horoscope, I will focus on what distinguishes 2017 the most from other years.

2017 a year of fear

Most outstanding in the 2017 world horoscope is the conjunction of Neptune and Mars in Pisces and the beginning of the 6th House. That implies drama: fear of threats, imagined or real.

       Already in the very beginning of 2017, dangers seem to lie ahead. There are serious threats to the order, security and productivity of society. Whether these threats will play out is another question, but the fear of them is felt all through society.

       People feel helpless, like victims. They can do little more than pray for the best. Many imagine the worst. But again, it is not at all sure how the threats will play out — or not.

       The two planets have a trine aspect (120) to Medium Coeli in the 10th House and Cancer in the 2017 world horoscope. That shows quite clearly that the leaders of society stimulate and utilize this fear of the citizens. They may even intentionally start it. The age-old idea of ruling by fear is getting la mode.

       The sense of threat will gradually fade as the year progresses, but not disappear completely.

Kind of a mine field

The Neptune and Mars conjunction has an opposition aspect (180) to the north Moon Node (also called the Dragon's Head) in Virgo and the end of the 11th House in the 2017 world horoscope, which means that the south Moon Node (Dragon's Tail) is conjunct with the two planets. The Moon Nodes are always 180 apart.

       The Moon Nodes show the direction of a development — either from the Head to the Tail or the other way around. Because of the conjunction of Neptune and Mars at the Dragon's Tail, the direction will definitely go that way. A conjunction of three is quite powerful.

       It means that society is turning from an orderly one where everyone knows pretty much what to expect, into uncertain territory where anything can happen and nobody is really in control. It's kind of a mine field — anyone would hesitate to take a step.

       Also, it suggests that the focus of society moves from the big picture to the small one. Instead of working for a better tomorrow for all, it narrows the focus to better for me — and me, and me. The problem is that nobody seems to know what that better is.

Each man for himself

Jupiter is in the 1st House and Libra of the 2017 world horoscope. That means society still looks like it's doing well — even spectacularly so. That's what it looks like. The flags are held high. There is pomp and circumstance, regardless of how much it is motivated.

       Jupiter has an opposition to Uranus in Aries and the 7th House, showing that nations tend to focus on their own sovereignty instead of taking the initiative to coexist fruitfully with other nations. It's sort of each man for himself. They think this is profitable, and it might be for a while. But not in the long run. No man is an island.

       The Jupiter sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius and the 3rd House shows that this rhetoric is supported by nationalism as well as provincialism, the conviction that man's main duty is to look after oneself and one's own kind — to break free of any commitments to other entities.

       Saturn has a trine aspect to Uranus. It suggests that this kind of isolationism works out, because other nations are really doing the same. Eventually, it will lead to a better understanding of how nations can come to cooperate with mutual trust — and why they need to. But it may take a while.

       The nationalist pride and frenzy indicated by Jupiter in the 1st House will remain until December, when economical perspectives take over. But Mars passing through the 1st House in November and part of December makes sure there is some nationalist calamity before money starts talking.

The arts try their best

Both Venus and the moon are in Aquarius and the 5th House of the 2017 world horoscope. They show that the arts are stimulated and even inspired, especially when embracing philosophical topics. Their expressions also include sharp criticism of what happens in society and politics — more than usual. That goes for entertainment, too.

       But neither Venus nor the moon have any aspects to other planets of the 2017 world horoscope. So, the question is how much — or little — society listens to what the arts proclaim. The calls of the artists and entertainers might not reach many other ears than their own.

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