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The 2013 Complete World Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for 2013

The 2013 World Horoscope

We struggle to stick to our social values in the midst of changes sometimes leading away from them. Our homes and families are in a process of dramatic change into new habits, in spite of government resistance. The world economy approaches chaos, demanding firm and costly decisions.

       The Internet and other types of communication continue to accelerate and find new forms, increasing their accessibility worldwide. The work market changes away from regular employment and fixed jobs, where those who can adapt prosper and others are left behind.

       This and more can be seen in the 2013 world horoscope.

       The 2013 world horoscope stands out already with its great number of aspects (special angles between planets). It has 18, although I demand a small orb (4), which usually leads to half that amount.

       Aspects create relations between different powers at work, mainly those of cause and effect. It works both ways: either one side of the aspect is a cause and the other side is the effect, or the other way around. Many aspects in a horoscope lead to a complexity and also intensity.

The 2013 World Horoscope The 2013 complete world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2013. Click on it for a bigger image. For more about how the world horoscope is calculated and how to read it, go here: How to chart and read the world horoscope.

       Some of the 2013 world horoscope aspects form closed geometrical figures, which intensify the exchange and stimulation of the powers involved. There's even a kite, a figure made by the joining of three trines (120), two sextiles (60), and an opposition (180). That occurs rarely in horoscopes.

       In the following reading of the complete world horoscope chart, I will present the aspects and what they mean. It's a lot, so I hesitate before commencing.

       To make it simple, I follow the counterclockwise order of the twelve astrological Houses, which represent separate environments in which the planets and Zodiac signs are expressed.

1: The Illusion of Justice

The 1st House is that of how the world presents itself, what it pretends to be — in Libra it's an image of justice and fairness. That's not necessarily how the world really works, as we know quite well, but it's the common idea of what we'd like it to be.

       But it's an illusion. It's pretense. The rest of the horoscope will expose the accuracy or inaccuracy of it. The end of the House is Scorpio, which indicates that trust will be betrayed. The final outcome is rarely fair.

       There are no planets in this House, so what it says is true for every year, not just 2013. Therefore, we move on.

2: A Grim Time for the World Economy

Because of Scorpio in the 2nd House, the world economy is uncertain with many a crisis, ever since the Greenwich Mean Time was established about a hundred years ago. It will remain that way until another system of universal time is introduced — when society as a whole decides on another date for the start of the New Year than the 1st of January.

       In the 2013 chart, Saturn is at the beginning of the House, making everything much worse than usual. This is a grim planet arriving with hardship and suffering. It returns to this position every 29 years, so it's not an everyday thing.

       Saturn signals the necessity of paying high prices and making costly decisions that nobody really wants. Since it moves so slowly through the Zodiac, what Saturn demands has been possible to foresee at least a couple of years beforehand.

       Now that Saturn acts in the realm of economy, the crisis of the Euro is likely to get worse and lead to some very hard consequences. The prospect of giving up the European currency completely is imminent, but it's also possible that the Euro will be fortified by a set of new rules, which cannot be ignored or manipulated.

       In any case, the whole year (and a couple of years ahead), the world economy will be a rocky boat that many fear will sink. The stern power of Saturn marks the struggle to bring order to the economic chaos.

       The Moon Node in the same House and Zodiac Sign confirms the unrest of the world economy, and the threat of it breaking down completely. If firm decisions and fundamental reforms are not introduced, the crisis is unavoidable.

       The last part of the House is in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom. This suggests that the decision at length will be to break up from economic alliances, as the only way to solve the problems. But if so, that will take a couple of years.

3: Lively Communication

The key word for the 3rd House is communication. That's also the key word for the major development of our civilization ever since the 14th century, when Gutenberg revolutionized printing, and it will remain so for several thousand years.

       In 2013, Venus and Mercury are both in the 3rd House. That's not so rare, since they never move that far from the sun, but still it will influence 2013.

       Venus in Sagittarius promotes continued innovation and creativity in the field of communication, especially the kind that reaches very far. Internet certainly belongs there. Any long distance and far reaching communication will prosper during 2013.

       Mercury is at the start of Capricorn, indicating that the expanded and advanced tools of communication will stimulate innovation of language and other methods by which we exchange our thoughts. Mercury thrives in the 3rd House, so its power will manifest itself clearly during the year. Generally speaking, Mercury will increase the use and application of the systems of communication that are developed and refined.

       We're still just at the beginning of what changes the Internet will make on our society.

4: New Homes on the Ruins of the Old Ones

Pluto is the heavenly body that announces the most drastic and dramatic changes. Metamorphosis, where one situation is turned into another. Revolution. The changes brought by Pluto make their marks and will remain.

       In the 2013 world horoscope, Pluto is at the start of the 4th House, which governs home and family — in a world perspective.

       Already the sun's presence, just a couple of degrees away from Pluto, marks that the world of this era is very much about home and family. The sun returns to the same position in each annual chart, as long as we remain with our present world calendar.

       It's in Capricorn, so the basic drive of our society is to make our homes our castles. The nuclear family and its abode is what our civilization is all about.

       When Pluto enters into a conjunction with the sun (a drama going on for this year and the next, at least), it initiates a great change in how people form their homes and families. They will be more solid than before, bigger too, in some way, but it will be different, once this transformation is completed. That takes a while, but the process has commenced and will be visible this year.

       It's still not easy to see what will be the outcome, since the Pluto change is one into the formerly unknown. We will be surprised. The conjunction with the sun implies that not only will we change our habitats, but also our attitude towards home and family. Our basic urge to settle down with loved ones in a castle of our own will change as well. The nature of that is hard to predict with any precision.

       Both Pluto and the sun have a square aspect to the Ascendant of the chart, which shows what we as a world community pretend to be — just and fair, as mentioned above. In fact, we care more about our own homes and families than about mankind. Much more. But it's not without inner conflict.

       So, in the new homes we form, we tend to try to hide the fact that we partly isolate ourselves in them, locking the imperfect world out.

       The sextile to Saturn in the 2nd House, showing the crisis in the world economy, means that the new kinds of homes we make for ourselves have an increased protection against the ups and downs of the economy. The future homes are less hostage to the banks. Although they are impressive, they're not as costly as homes have used to be. Either we make sure to own our homes completely, not just by bank loans, or we don't bother about ownership at all. That amounts to about the same.

       Later in the 4th House, when it enters Aquarius, we find the planet Mars, a few degrees from the cusp to the next House. Mars and Pluto are sort of siblings, causing dramatic events, so it's remarkable that they are in the same House in the 2013 world horoscope.

       In Aquarius, the action of Mars is mainly intellectual. It should have to do with the necessary intellectual adaption to our new homes. We force ourselves to adapt and understand, also we struggle to come up with new solutions to everyday problems, fitting better to the new situation. It's a forced change of view on issues of family and its domain.

       Mars is connected to the kite aspect figure mentioned earlier, which increases the planet's force and importance. It has a trine to the Ascendant, showing that by the process of rethinking things, we can still keep a sense of being just and fair towards society as a whole, although we tend to isolate ourselves from it.

       Another trine is to Jupiter at the cusp of the 9th House, and there's a sextile to Uranus in the 6th House. But I return to those aspects later, sticking to the order of the Houses.

5: Dreams About Spare Time Sensations

The 5th House is about spare time, what we do for our own amusement. In the world horoscope, it's the entertainment industry and the public taste that show business is so desperate to either predict or decide.

       Most of the House is in Aquarius, which suggests thoughtful entertainment — deep stuff, stimulating us to contemplate life and the meaning of it all. It also indicates experimentation, moving away from conventional and predictable entertainments. From mainstream to independent.

       For the last few years, Neptune has been wandering through this House, so far in Aquarius. But in the 2013 world horoscope, Neptune has entered Pisces, which covers the last eight degrees of the House. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and dreams, so it fits well in the 5th House.

       Previously it has stimulated our longing for profundity and originality, pushing the entertainment industry in that direction. But in Pisces, what our dreams prefer is the longing of the soul, the mysteries that keep frustrating us, our hopes and inner wishes. It's the sign of religion, but more generally speaking it deals with the self-sacrifice of the seeker, never completely satisfied and therefore always on the move.

       This year, then, we can expect entertainment and the arts to focus on our inner longings, the myths and mysteries of life always gnawing our souls. Art as a quest, against all odds. Of course, the old religious and mythological themes will be investigated anew.

       Neptune has only one aspect, a sextile with Mercury in the 3rd House. That reveals how new methods of communication, and languages appropriate to them, will make the art inspired by Neptune spread easily and widely. It also indicates that the new artists and entertainers continue to appear so to speak out of nowhere, from the anonymity outside the entertainment industry. Searchers find each other, without the go-between of show business.

6: Learning to Do Something

Work, the topic of the 6th House, has been in turmoil for the last hundred years, to the extent that industrial society has progressed. In the previous centuries, people were mostly doing the same from adolescence to death, but increasingly the jobs change and workers have to do, too.

       It's Pisces dominating this House in each annual world horoscope, as long as we stick to the present calendar. That causes frustration, uncertainty, and a constant search for something else.

       People rarely stick to one profession for life. Many never get a job at all — that's also the Pisces effect. Unemployment was practically unheard of in history, before well into the industrial revolution.

       Uranus has been traveling through the 6th House the past few years, in Pisces, making us realize that work will never be what it once was. But in 2012 the planet entered Aries, where it remains 2013.

       Uranus, the planet of insight, makes it dawn on us that we can adapt to this uncertain work market by not bothering about the future. We can work now, with whatever comes in our way. Society as a whole realizes the same: adaption and improvisation create jobs, which last as long as they last. Then on to something else. What's the problem?

       So, society adapts more and more to a moving and changing work market, and finds stability in that.

       Uranus is quite important in the 2013 world horoscope, which is proven by its aspects: this planet is at one of the tips of the kite aspect figure. That enhances its influence and how that affects other parts of society.

       Its opposition to the Ascendant shows that fairness and justice is not really to be expected in this changing work market. People who go for it get it, others are left behind. The sextile to Mars in the 4th House indicates that people increasingly work from their homes, or in other ways integrate their work with their home life. That suggests independence and freelance type work settings.

       There's also a sextile to Jupiter in the 9th House, which we will return to later.

7: No Time for Partnerships

The 7th House rules partnerships of any kind, not just those of love. In society as a whole, that means the habits and rules for matrimony as well as alliances between nations.

       Since the early 20th century, alliances of any kind are unstable and break easily. That's because of Aries controlling most of the House. This is true also for 2013.

       The House is void of planets, so there's not much more to be said about it. No significant events regarding alliances of any kind occur this year — well, not anything with global implications, anyway.

       This means that alliances of any importance are neither forged nor broken in 2013. Business as usual.

8: Stubborn Denial of Fate

The 8th House is as empty as the previous one, so there's not much happening in 2013 relating to what this House is about: the attitude to and experience of things beyond our control. You can call it fate, but anything magic belongs here, as well as the ancestral heritage, which is also something beyond our control.

       The modern world stubbornly refuses to accept that there is such a thing as destiny. Everything should be possible to control, be it by science, preparation, or other elaborate measures. That's what Taurus, the Zodiac sign dominating the House, reveals.

       Eventually, the resistant attitude will change to one of carelessness, indicated by the end of the House in Gemini. But that takes far more than a year, although its influence can be observed here and there, constantly.

9: Communication Rushing Ahead

The 9th House rules lasting change in life and explorations beyond what's familiar and close at hand. It also speaks about higher education, which is a way to explore and expand one's knowledge, indeed.

       In the 2013 world horoscope, the House has Jupiter at the very cusp, but the planet is in its Retrograde phase, so it's actually moving back into the 8th House. Still, for the 2013 horoscope, Jupiter's position at New Year is what counts, although its Retrograde movement needs to be considered in the reading of it.

       Jupiter is the planet of expansion and fortunate progress. This means that 2013 will see a lot of new perspectives, as if the whole world takes a leap into the future. Because of the sign Gemini, this will mainly happen in the field of communication. Of course. That's what most innovations have been about, not only for the last hundred years, but since the 14th century and the introduction of the Gutenberg printing technique.

       Our society is all about communication — both that of thought and that of bodies and objects actually moving on earth and beyond it.

       Jupiter will cause a boost, though, introducing some breakthroughs in the field of communication, making it even more quick and convenient, worldwide. There may be obstacles at first, due to the Retrograde, but things get sorted out within this year, and we will see acceleration of several communication processes.

       The Internet will speed up and get even more vast. Regular transport will also benefit, so that it becomes easier for us all to visit new places — even to move to them.

       Jupiter takes twelve years to complete its orbit around the sun and thereby through the Zodiac. So, this position of it appears only every twelve years. It will leave a mark.

       Jupiter is additionally enforced by its aspects to other planets in the 2013 world horoscope. It's three times connected to the kite aspect figure mentioned above:

       A sextile to Uranus in the 6th House shows that the initiatives and adaptability of the work market stimulates the development of communication, and the other way around.

       A trine to Mars in the 4th House shows that people are quite ready to break up their habitats if needed, and welcome another order more fitting with the way things are going.

       Another trine is to the Ascendant, which indicates that the development favored in society is the one benefiting everybody equally. That sure goes for the Internet, but it will also prove to be increasingly valid for other kinds of communication. The world agrees that everyone is entitled to it.

10: Governments Make an Effort to Care

Medium Coeli (MC) appears in the beginning of the 10th House, but that's the same every year. Apart from that, the House is empty, so there shouldn't be too much emphasis on it. Business as usual.

       In the world horoscope, the 10th House describes the government and its intentions. That's in Cancer, so they have genuine concern with people's well-being and prosperity. That's not always obvious, but still true.

       It's particularly true for the world community as a whole, for example as it acts out in the United Nations. There, compassion is the rule. This process continues. Although it meets many drawbacks and obstacles, it moves on and gets stronger.

       This year will not see much happening in this area, because the politicians and other leaders are occupied by two other things demanding their attention.

       These are shown by the aspects to the MC: An opposition to Pluto and the sun in the 4th House emphasizes how people's homes and families take new forms contrary to the wills of the governments. This movement within the population is so strong, though, that no power can reverse it.

       The next aspect is a trine to Saturn in the 2nd House, showing that the governments are actually able to act relevantly to the economic crisis. They do what needs to be done and even benefit from this process, albeit at length.

       There are complications, though. The square aspect to the Ascendant shows that the governments have great trouble presenting themselves as just and fair, although they ache to do just that. Actions are needed that diminish their appeal and thereby also their popularity.

       Although the Medium Coeli has three aspects, none makes it part of the above mentioned kite aspect formation. That sets the government apart from what really counts this year, what 2013 will bring to the table of the future. The people in power are so occupied by certain issues of government, they don't see the whole picture. The most intriguing and important dynamics of the year elude them.

11: Everybody Wants to Be Satisfied

In the modern world, personal satisfaction has become close to a gospel. We foster the myth that each man is on his own and there's neither reward nor punishment in the beyond. So, we praise the idea of personal success, each of us hoping for it — well, demanding it.

       That's Leo in the 11th House, which presents our ideals, how we relate to mankind as such and society as a whole. In the world horoscope, the House stands for what ideals are generally upheld and in what direction society is aiming. Leo makes it all about the individual and his quest for self-realization.

       So, our society tries to be one where everybody can pursue his own dreams. Not that likely.

       In the 2013 world horoscope, the moon is in the middle of the House, enforcing our longing for personal satisfaction and making it kind of the craze of the time. This year in particular, everything in society seems to be about individual cravings and how each of us should pursue them.

       The moon has a trine aspect to Mercury in the 3rd House, showing that improvements and adaptions within the field of communication help us in this quest for personal happiness. Also, they create possibilities that stimulate our attention to personal gratification.

       The moon's square aspect to the Moon Node in the 2nd House shows that our individualism is costing us plenty, but the uncertainty regarding our resources is also something that triggers us to look after our own interests.

       Still, in the long run, we will have to change, because this is just not what makes society progress, nor can it please the population for long. We have other responsibilities, which we will be reminded of — although we are forgetful of that during most of 2013.

12: Not Much Work Done

The 12th House shows what we have to sacrifice for the rest of our talents and powers to be expressed properly. It's called the Hell of the Zodiac, which is a bit dramatic. In the world horoscope, the House indicates what things in society are neglected and tend not to work out, whatever is done.

       The 12th House is dominated by Virgo, not just in the 2013 world horoscope, but each year since the present global calendar was introduced. This means simply that not much work is done, although we're more than ready for the effort. There are distractions and obstructions, making most efforts halt before completion or finish less than perfectly, in spite of our ambitions.

       The end of the House in Libra shows that this will lead to a lack of order, by time slightly approaching chaos. Society, with its enormous complexity, rests on shaky ground, and its structure is prone to malfunction. Things will break or go out of control.

       There are no planets here, so catastrophe is not imminent, at least not this year, which will be rather uneventful in this respect. But this weakness of society creates a constant risk of serious trouble worldwide, which may lead to increased deterioration of basic functions.

       There's constant trouble with the things we need to work in everyday life. Maybe not alarming, but always annoying.

We're Busy Pretending

Although the above completes the tour through the twelve Houses of the 2013 world horoscope, there's need to return to the starting point: the Ascendant, forming the cusp of the 1st House.

       In the 2013 world horoscope, the Ascendant is highly activated and heavily involved in several other circumstances pointed out by the chart. That's because of its many aspects.

       The Ascendant controls what we pretend to be, the image of ourselves we want others to perceive and believe. For society as a whole, it's the values to which we confess, the attitude we regard as commendable and insist that we foster in our civilization. Since we have to act as we claim we do, there's some truth in it, but it's a truth that shouldn't be trusted at face value.

       The Ascendant is in Libra, the Zodiac sign of balance, justice, and moral principles. That's the same for each annual world horoscope since we introduced the present global calendar, some hundred years ago.

       Two of its aspects are also recurring every year: the square to the Medium Coeli in the 10th House, showing that our governments have trouble making their goals fit with the attitude of fairness to which they also confess. They try to do what they believe to be the best for everybody, but doing so they frequently have to sacrifice principles of justice.

       The other recurring aspect is also a square, to the sun in the 4th House, showing that in our homes and families, we don't always live according to how we prefer others to see us. Behind our walls, and in making our homes our castles, we don't care that much about fairness and moral principles.

       This aspect is greatly enforced in 2013, because Pluto is next to the sun, joining in it. So, we can expect intensified conflicts between how we are supposed to act and what we do to ensure the security and prosperity of our homes.

       Some of these conflicts are bound to make noise, and many families will express a distrust in the Libra values or even reject them completely. Others will try to succeed at home in such a way that they don't have to renounce those values. Not an easy task.

       The remaining three aspects are unique for 2013, so they will influence the events of this year in a way that sets it apart from previous and coming years. All those three aspects are part of the kite aspect formation mentioned earlier, so their importance is enhanced.

       The opposition between the Ascendant and Uranus at the end of the 6th House points out that the revelations made in the field of employment, making people go their individual way and freeing themselves from the dependence on employers, are not in accordance with the fairness and balance we all claim to seek. Each works on his own, leaving the others behind or being left behind by them. At times, it's a jungle, albeit a fascinating one.

       The trine aspect between the Ascendant and Jupiter at the cusp of the 9th House shows that innovative steps and reforms in the world actually fit well with our general values and how we want our society to be perceived. Especially in the field of communication, the news is good for everyone, almost equally. That's why the future looks bright.

       The trine to Mars by the end of the 4th House says almost the opposite of what is mentioned above about the square to Pluto and the sun. There are drastic changes in the habits of how people form their homes and families, and those changes agree more with how we all like to see our society.

       We break up from old ways and form new bonds and new abodes that increase balance and well-being also beyond our homes. We accomplish this by not seeing family needs as opposed to those of society, but as two sides of the same coin. It takes a struggle, though, and many conflicts mark the path.

       The way the Ascendant of the 2013 world horoscope is linked to so much of what is going on, makes this sort of the year of the Ascendant. What's constantly involved in processes of many different kinds taking place in 2013, is how we like to see ourselves and society as a whole, what values we claim to live by and what moral standpoint we like to show guiding us.

       It's pretense, to a large extent, but it can still become real, and that helps us remaining civilized.

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