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Complete 2015 World Horoscope Chart

Predictions for 2015 Based on Classical Astrology

The 2015 World Horoscope
The complete 2015 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2015. Click on it for a bigger image.

The world economy will ease up in 2015, according to the New Year horscope. Alliances will form and sharpen their agitation. There's also a boom for individualism, but not without reminders of our collective responsibilities.

       Each world horoscope is calculated on New Year, Greenwich Mean Time, since that is the calendar on which the world agrees. That means much of the world horoscope chart is almost exactly the same from year to year. It will remain so until our world decides on another calendar.

What Stays the Same Every Year

So, what is the same from year to year? First of all, the position of the Ascendant changes minutely. For the 2015 World Horoscope it's at 7.3° Libra. In 2014 it was 7.5° Libra. The difference is only 0.2°, which is so small that it has no astrological significance.

       The Ascendant decides the cusps of all the twelve astrological Houses, so they are also practically the same from year to year (not only in the Equal House system, which is the one I use). That means the main areas of society and life in it have the same basic characteristics – and will remain so until we change how we calculate the New Year.

       Also Medium Coeli (MC) returns to the same position every year: In the 2015 World Horoscope it is at 9.5° Cancer, and in 2014 it was 9.7° Cancer. Again a difference of just 0.2°.

       The most important of the celestial bodies in the horoscope, the sun, will also be on the same spot each year – because our year is based on its rotation (well, the earth's rotation around it, of course). But the sun's position can deviate a little more from year to year because of the Leap Year system, though not that much. In the 2015 World Horoscope it is at 10.2° Capricorn, whereas it was at 10.5° Capricorn in 2014. In 2013 it was 10.7° and in 2016 it will be 10.0°. So, it remains within one degree, which is still almost negligible.

       The planets Mercury and Venus accompany the sun in the horoscope. Because their orbits are between the sun and the earth, they never get that far from the sun in the geocentric perspective (as seen from earth) of the horoscope. For Mercury it's never more than 28° and for Venus never more than 48°. Mostly they hang around the sun much closer than that. Still, their positions each year vary enough to be astrologically significant, when reading the World Horoscope.

       In the continued reading below of the 2015 World Horoscope, I will pay attention to these patterns and focus on what distinguishes 2015 from other years.

       For more about the patterns of the World Horoscope and what they tell about the world we live in, go here:

How to Chart and Read the World Horoscope

What's Unique for 2015

So, what in the 2015 World Horoscope separates it from other years? Well, everything but the above mentioned, which is still quite a lot.

       The planets that move in orbits with no relation to our calendar year are what mainly makes each year different from any other year. Also the aspects (particular angles) they form with one another, as well as with the recurring points mentioned above, change from year to year.

       I would say that the latter, the aspects unique for the 2015 World Horoscope, are the strongest and most active influences on how the year will play out.

       So, here we go having a look at them.

Individuals vs. Teams

The Moon Node in Libra and the 1st House has a Moon Node counterpart exactly 180° opposite it, which is usually not marked in the horoscope chart but still weighed in. It happens to be very near (in conjunction) with Uranus in Aries and the 7th House.

       Now, in the horoscope the Moon Nodes point out a general direction of events – from one to the other, or both ways. Because of the Uranus conjunction in the 7th House, this is where the direction goes in 2015.

       That's from individuality to all kinds of partnership – alliances, bilateral deals, and so on. Also among people, there's a tendency in 2015 away from “each his own” to commitments in partnerships, and not only amorous ones. Uranus, which is the planet of insight, makes us rediscover the values of joining forces.

       It's about forces, since the planet is in Aries, the warrior of the Zodiac. So, alliances are entered because of the benefit each party can get from it, not for some altruistic reasons.

       In 2015 we will on the world scene see all kinds of new deals between countries and other major players. They partner up to profit on it somehow, which may lead to increased conflicts with other alliances. The world is sort of teaming up, and the teams take stands against one another.

       So, what's lost when individualism gets out of fashion is decency and the appreciation of common grounds. As individuals we value the importance of fair play and behaving ethically. As teams we have a tendency to forget that.

       This may cause some conflict in 2015, albeit mainly of an intellectual kind, because Uranus, the planet of the mind, is the driving force.

Alliances For and Against Nations

Uranus as a team builder is quite active. In the 2015 World Horoscope it has additional aspects: a square (90°) to MC in Capricorn and the 10th House, and a square to the sun in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and the 4th House.

       The MC position shows that our modern world wants to see itself as a benevolent civilization, caring for its people and the world as a whole. But the square aspect with Uranus in the 2015 World Horoscope reveals that this self-image is contradicted by the alliances formed, caring only for themselves whatever they say. The world tends to be a pie where some joint forces are out to get the biggest pieces, whatever that leaves for the others.

       They speak not of what they can do for others, but what they claim to have the right to do for themselves. Mainly it's talk, but it includes preparations for taking what they claim to be their right.

       The sun and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the 4th House shows that there is a dramatic and very significant restructuring of homes and families in our society. Old castles are torn down and new ones are built – and fortified. That goes for citizens and how they live their lives, but also for whole countries and how they guard their own territories.

       Pluto has formed a conjunction with the sun since 2012 and will keep it until about the end of 2015, so this enhanced national protectionism has been going on for a while and will leave lasting marks. But it will pass, though probably not completely until Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024. It's a dramatic planet, so it can create quite some calamity in this period.

       In the 2015 World Horoscope, when Pluto is enforced by the Uranus aspect, national interests will sometimes collide with those of alliances, and that's never to take lightly.

The Economy Easing Up

The world economy is ruled by the 2nd House in the World Horoscope. At the start of 2015, Saturn has just entered Sagittarius, after a few years in Scorpio, which covers most of the 2nd House.

       Scorpio induces worries and a sense of upcoming crisis, whether that will be the case or not. With Saturn in the sign from 2012 to 2014, this fear has been ever stronger – and with good cause. Saturn is a stern force, often expressed in one crisis or another.

       So, the past years have been complicated, to say the least, for the world economy. Drastic steps to protect it have needed to be taken, and still the problems have not seemed to get solved. Instead, Saturn in Scorpio has created a sense of the world economy soon collapsing completely.

       But already by the end of 2014 things start to get better. When Saturn enters Sagittarius (right before Christmas), the crisis eases up, mainly because everyone is tired of worrying. Things are pretty much left to chance, which will balance the economy and open for new solutions quite quickly.

       Some decisions are made, ensuring future economical growth. Again, it's mainly about caring less – by loosening the control and regulations. That makes money run freer, which is how it reproduces. Some will gain and others will lose, but as a whole the world economy improves significantly in 2015.

       By the end of the year, it's hardly even an issue anymore. Other things become more important as Saturn continues into the 3rd House. Then, issues about communication, transport and basic education demand attention instead.

Intellectualism vs. Individualism

A significant aspect in 2015 is the opposition (180°) between Mars in Aquarius in the 5th House and Jupiter in Leo in the 11th House. This shows that society as a whole is heading in the opposite direction of what people want to do with their spare time.

       The 5th House shows what we do for fun, when we can choose freely. That's entertainment, hobbies and so on. In Aquarius, the world population tends to spend its spare time on intellectual activities, with the goal of deepening their understanding of whatever raises their curiosity. Of course, that's very individual, so interests vary tremendously. But the curiosity is the same. We want to learn.

       With Mars here in 2015, this urge is even stronger, although maybe not necessarily more efficient. Mars is an impatient force, and that's not the best tool for reaching wisdom of a profound kind. But it's good for pushing one's mind towards break-through and new perspectives.

       The 11th House shows general tendencies in society and how we act for the betterment of all instead of just our individual self. But it is in Leo, the very sign of individualism, where the rest of the world is seen as little more than the mirror in which we reflect ourselves.

       This House position makes our civilization focused on individualism instead of the common good. It's the age of the ego, and will remain so until we change our calendar.

       Jupiter in this House during 2015 makes the individualist urge even stronger, opening up countless opportunities to stimulate and satisfy it. It seems that every success story is about personal success. Those who work for themselves are rewarded, and others not.

       There is also a superficiality to it, which makes it contradict the intellectual needs shown by the 5th House. Those who struggle to deepen their understanding of what intrigues them go unrewarded, whereas those who simply strive to shine in the eyes of the world are much more lucky.

       On the other hand, the increased chance for personal success in 2015 will also make more room for the more seriously minded individuals to pursue their quests, one way or the other.

       It's individualism as such that has a boom in 2015. But it's not without complications. Jupiter moves Retrograde (seemingly backwards in the sky), which makes its effect nuanced and weakened. Not until early April does its Retrograde movement change to prograde, increasing its power significantly.

       It's a rather short boost to individualism, though, since Jupiter leaves Leo for Virgo in August and enters the 12th House in September.

       Of course, Mars is even more restless, so its most powerful influence is gone by mid-January, when it moves into Pisces.

       Although both planets move on, their positions in the 2015 New Year horoscope do influence the whole year as has been described above.

New vs. Old

Both Mars and Jupiter of the 2015 New Year horoscope are linked with square aspects (90°) to the moon in Taurus and the 8th House. The moon also has a trine aspect (120°) to Mercury in Capricorn and the 4th House.

       The moon moves very quickly through the Zodiac, staying just over two days in each sign, so its influence is normally little more than that of a temporary mood swing.

       At the start of the year, though, and with aspects to three planets, it plays a slightly bigger role.

       Its influence is always mainly that of a mood. In the 8th House and Taurus, it awakens worries about destiny and how we handle the resources we are given. So surely, the climate crisis and such perspectives will be on people's minds already at the outset of 2015, remaining as sort of an echo for the rest of the year.

       The individualism showed by the 11th House is challenged by this concern, and so is the intellectual pursuit in the 5th House. What the moon reminds us of is the collective responsibility and potential risks going far beyond personal careers. The moon also acts as a reminder of not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. New directions should not forget the importance of old traditions. There are things that never really change.

       The moon's trine aspect to Mercury in the 4th House shows that there is some understanding of the old necessities and of what we call sustainability, in how society rebuilds itself – especially in how people's homes and family lives transform. In the actual building and rebuilding of our society, needs of old are incorporated, as is the respect for what the future consequences may be.

       Although the moon's effect is quickly passing, the impulse it gives will remain with us, sort of intuitively, as we construct our future.

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