by Stefan Stenudd


Complete 2014 World Horoscope Chart

Predictions for 2014 Based on Classical Astrology

The 2014 World Horoscope
The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image.

People drastically change how they form their relationships, families and homes – in spite of government countermeasures. The world economy crisis deepens and calls for radical measures. Religion has a renaissance in entertainment. Moral values are debated with increased heat and hostility. Social conflict escalates. Those are some of the events the 2014 world horoscope predicts.

       What sticks out first, when looking at the complete 2014 world horoscope chart, is the Big Square of aspects forming an envelope pattern (four 90° aspects forming a square and two 180° aspects connecting its diagonals). Actually, there are as many as 19 of the total 23 aspects of the horoscope involved in the Big Square.

       That separates the 2014 world horoscope distinctly from that of 2013. The latter had a Kite formation of aspects, which is regarded as a benevolent, creative one. The Big Square, on the other hand, presents problems, problems, problems. Judging on that figure alone, and the fact that it engages so many aspects, we're in for a tough year.

       But that's just face value. It has to be examined in detail before drawing conclusions about the fate of the world in 2014.

       The square aspect (90°) represents complications, but also constructive effort and hard earned progress. The opposition aspect (180°) points out conflicting interests or trends that are very difficult to combine. It's one or the other, rarely both. Choices need to be made.

       In the 2014 world horoscope chart, there are twelve square aspects, whereof eleven in the Big Square figure, and five opposition aspects, all of them in the Big Square. That's a lot, especially since I demand a particularly close orb (4°) in order to count them as aspects. So, 2014 faces a lot of sharp problems, conflicts, complications. That takes its toll, but the process also opens up for a lot of healthy changes. The struggle with obstacles is what's needed for improvement.

       I'll be surprised if 2014 will not prove to be a particularly eventful year, with many important and lasting changes taking place all over the world.

       The total number of aspects in the 2014 world horoscope is 23. In 2013 they were 18, and that, too, is quite a lot when the narrow orb of 4° is applied. This indicates a lot of events, since so many different forces at work in the world either clash or cooperate.

       In the horoscope, these forces are symbolized by the planets. Each planet represents a certain kind of force or fuel or incentive. It's when they're connected by aspects that they get really active. That will happen a lot in 2014.

       Like any astrological chart, the 2014 world horoscope speaks for itself, and very exactly so. The planetary positions and the angles between them are absolute. The trick is to interpret those components correctly and to grasp how they will be expressed in the world events of 2014. That's where the guesswork needs to be applied.

       Astrology is good for predicting tendencies and moments when major events happen – but not that good in pinpointing the exact nature of those tendencies and events. You will notice that in the text below, where I describe the astrological components of the 2014 world horoscope and then venture to speculate on how that will manifest in the world around us. Other interpretations are possible.

       Although there are many things astrologers agree on, there is also much where their opinions differ considerably. So, one and the same horoscope can get quite different readings, depending on what astrologer is doing it. That's certainly true for the 2014 world horoscope as well, even more so since mundane astrology (dealing with countries or institutions instead of persons) has even less consensus among astrologers. Anyway, here's my interpretation, to the best of my understanding.

       There are many ways to approach a horoscope. One of the most straightforward ways is to read it House by House, from the first to the twelfth, so that nothing escapes. Also, the astrological Houses describe environments, fields of life, where events take place. That makes a reading by Houses reasonably concrete and understandable, also for those who are not introduced to the cryptic world of astrology.

First House: Fear of the World Order Shaking

The First House begins with the Ascendant, which is 7° into the Zodiac sign Libra. That's true for the world horoscope of every year, since it's based on Greenwich and our modern calendar starting the year on the 1st of January. Therefore, all the twelve Houses have the same positions in the Zodiac – as long as we keep the present calendar system.

       The difference lies in the positions of the planets. They move in their own rhythms, independently of our calendar. So, they end up differently in each annual world horoscope.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, the planet Mars is in the beginning of the First House, and the Moon Node is by the end of it. That double presence makes the House particularly important during 2014.

       The First House is about impression, what kind of society the world seems to uphold and how it can be described. Libra makes society one where order, justice and moral principles are praised. It doesn't mean our modern society is moral and just, but that's the impression it gives – and, as the Ascendant reveals, that's how it presents itself.

       The world community speaks of fairness and ethics as both the basis and the goal. That's not exactly true, but it's the image presented – and we all participate in upholding this facade.

       The planet Mars nearby the Ascendant in the 2014 world horoscope stresses the above strongly. With force and firmness our world insists on moral values and justice for all – at least in words, though not necessarily in action. World leaders compete in trying to sound the most committed to this cause, and they hurry to demand conformity of everyone – if not to say obedience. 2014 will have a hardened public debate on these issues, with sharply made demands and confrontational politics against those who don't comply.

       Libra makes our society seem orderly and balanced, but that's the superficial appearance. And the end of the House turning into Scorpio threatens to shake that order quite a bit. It's a crack in the safety of status quo. This tension is very much enhanced in the 2014 world horoscope, because of the Moon Node's position by the end of the First House – in Scorpio.

       The Moon Node points out a direction the development seems to be heading. There are actually two Nodes, the Northern and the Southern, although just one is normally marked in the horoscope chart. They are exactly 180° apart, forming a line between them which is also the direction they indicate that the development is heading. But it can be either way, depending on other indicators in the horoscope chart.

       As for the 2014 world horoscope, the Node marked in the chart is the North one (also called the Dragon's Head). The South Node (Dragon's Tail) is at the end of the Seventh House in the Taurus Zodiac sign.

       That means society seems to be developing either from a very calm and safe state supported by strong alliances, into a situation of increased worries that the order will tremble and maybe even fall. The Nodes can also be interpreted as showing the opposite direction, but that's not as likely since the First House is more active in the horoscope than the Seventh one is.

       But Scorpio scares more than it actually causes harm. It's the threat that awakens, not as likely any real mayhem. But in our delicately balanced world, threats can cause a lot of problems by themselves. In spite of the Mars enforcement in the beginning of the First House, people tend to trust the world order less and less in 2014. There is fear that already by the end of the year, social stability may crack.

       But again – it's a fear, not necessarily well-founded. The Moon Node says nothing about whether it will come true. Mars and the Moon Node have aspects to planets in other Houses, but I deal with those as we go through the Houses.

Second House: Will Our Resources Last?

The Second House is that of resources, mostly but not only referring to economical matters. In the world horoscope, not only in 2014, the House starts in Scorpio, which is kind of alarming. It means that the world economy is constantly in crisis, threatening to collapse, and that will be true until we change the basis of our calendar.

       But Scorpio is the sign of threat, not of catastrophe, so we constantly fear that our resources will come to an end – the economical ones as well as natural resources. But it's not sure it will happen. Still, in the world of economy, fear is almost as detrimental as the real thing. If we don't trust in the economy, if we don't trust that our resources will last, then we act in ways that may very well destroy the riches we actually have.

       The planet Saturn is in the middle of the Second House in the 2014 world horoscope. That's a somber planet indeed, in astrology. It rarely carries good tidings. In last year's world horoscope, the planet was in the beginning of the sign, now it's almost exactly in its middle, which means that its influence peaks.

       Saturn makes the crisis real. There are many painful measures needed to bring things back into some kind of control: halted spending, new rules and regulations, strict control of how our common resources are handled. It's definitely not just about money. It's also about our natural resources and those produced by society in our industries. The 2014 world horoscope shows that there are hard times ahead for all, in line with what was experienced in 2013.

       We continue to have good reason to worry about how we handle our resources, and if they will last. Most of the decisions made during 2014 will be restrictions to bring down consumption, but it's not that sure they will work.

       The Second House ends in Sagittarius, implying that the only way to solve the threats that appear imminent is to ignore them and look ahead. That may seem risky, but this is how the world economy works: the more we worry about it, the worse it gets. We need to let go and allow the future to unfold as it anyway will.

Third House: Communication in Renewal

The Third House is about communication, which in astrology includes the basic level education systems, but also the everyday aspects of IT technique and the WWW. In the 2014 world horoscope, this House is in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, which is the case for every annual world horoscope until we change our calendar.

       Sagittarius promotes innovation and increases distance. That's something we see very clearly in the development of our communication, and not only with the Internet. All means of communication tend to expand and shrink great distances, so that we are able to have daily exchange with people all over the world.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, the moon is in the Third House, close to its end where it has entered Capricorn. That means increased longing for a fixed and reliable structure by which to guarantee worldwide communication – the infrastructure of it.

       The moon is about longing, but it also represents money: the silvery moon. So, 2014 will see increased investments in communication infrastructures – the Web and elsewhere – as well as increased incomes generated by them. Fortunes are made on the Internet, but now they tend to get the stability that we've often witnessed them lacking before.

       Most likely, there will be some significant business projects emerging during the year, quickly gaining profit and enriching the whole communications market. New projects have a greater chance of success than old ones, although they don't really need to be that innovative. New fortunes are made, but also many others will profit on these businesses.

       The moon has several aspects to other planets in the 2014 world horoscope. There's a square aspect to the Ascendant in Libra. It indicates that the changes caused by the moon, the shifts of capital and initiative from old to new businesses, meet some resistance from the established order and its representatives – but to little gain. The result is instead that resources leak from the present owners of them to the new ones.

       The moon also has a sextile to the Moon Node in Scorpio and the end of the First House. That's also an indicator of new players entering the arena, and many of those who dominated society will see their roles diminished. Old ways cease to function, whereas new structures recreate order of another kind.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, the moon also has a sextile aspect to Neptune in the Fifth Hose, but we get there later.

Fourth House: A New Order to Domestic Life

In the 2014 world horoscope, the most important House is the Fourth, because of the planets in it – especially the extremely powerful conjunction of the sun, Pluto and Mercury. That's a force setting most of the agenda for the whole year.

       The Fourth House is that of homes and families, what domestic life is like. In a personal horoscope that would be one's own home and family, but in the world horoscope it shows the characteristics and major events of domestic life in general, in society as a whole.

       The world horoscope of every year has the sun in this House, as long as we stick to the present calendar. This shows that domestic life is of fundamental importance in modern society. It's in Capricorn, the Zodiac sign of ambitious construction, so very much in society is all about making our homes our castles and settling there.

       We are so used to this that we regard it as self-evident, but there have been times in history where the home and the nuclear family had much less significance.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, domestic life is tremendously enhanced by the threefold conjunction of the sun, Pluto and Mercury. Also in the 2013 horoscope, there was a sun and Pluto conjunction, signaling drastic change in this field, with a lasting effect. It’s a new form for domestic life and how families are assembled – so revolutionary, adapting to it will be hard for many.

       Pluto moves slowly through the Zodiac, taking a quarter of a millennium to complete its orbit. That basically means its effect will last almost as long. It also means that the revolution it causes may be difficult to see clearly in the midst of it. The longtime effect is easier to observe in the rear view mirror.

       Capricorn tells us that the new form of domestic life is a sturdy structure, built to last and to make each home the center of the world to its inhabitants. It may expand beyond the little nuclear family we've seen becoming the standard the last hundred years or so, but it will feel just as tightly knit to its members. And it will definitely catch a lot of the power that drives society forward.

       The latter may be its clearest trait: The emerging new domestic order will grow to be the most dominant force of society, forcing just about everything and everyone to adapt to it. Indeed the home as the castle.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, Mercury is added to the conjunction. That means this new domestic model will find its expression accessible to all. It will be understood and talked about. Well, it will be what's talked about, as if nothing much else matters. The firm structure of home forming stands out as the communication center of the future.

       I wonder if, to some extent, those domestic units are formed with and around patterns of communication instead of blood relations – as if friends in the social media start to mean more than family, even becoming the new kind of family. In any case, that's what it might look like in 2014. But Mercury moves quickly along the Zodiac, so that impression might not be a lasting one. What it will accomplish, though, is a way of defining domestic life by patterns of communication.

       This triple conjunction is linked by several aspects to other planets in the 2014 world horoscope, and to the Big Square mentioned above. I will return to that whole aspect figure later, but now it's time to have a look at one part of it – the square to the Ascendant and Mars in the First House and Libra.

       Mars and the Ascendant represent the firm moral attitude expressed publicly in modern society – Mars making it particularly aggressive in 2014. It’s a proud commitment – in words more than deeds – to principles of justice and ethics. This is in conflict with the trio in the Fourth House, which focuses on internal domestic needs and values. Simply put: Although we all claim to be world citizens of high moral standard, we tend to dedicate our efforts to our own private homes and the ones closest to us.

       It is kind of hypocritical, but on the other hand – where to start building a fair society, if not in one's own home?

       In addition to the trio of planets forming the conjunction in the beginning of the Fourth House, the 2014 world horoscope also has Venus retrograde later in the House, by the end of Capricorn. It is a mildly creative resource stimulating easy transfer from old habits to new ones. It has no aspects to other planets, so its effect will not be that significant or obvious. But it does come up with solutions and opportunities needed for the great change indicated by the triple conjunction.

       Venus lightens up the perspectives of what lies ahead.

Fifth House: Religious Themes in the Arts

The Fifth House deals with spare time activities – hobbies, entertainment, and so forth. What we do of our own free choice. In the world horoscope, this House describes these things from a social and worldwide perspective: tendencies in entertainment and leisure, what rises in popularity among citizens as well as governments.

       Because of our calendar, each annual world horoscope has the same Zodiac signs in the House: Aquarius at the start and most part of it, and Pisces by the end. That means entertainment and leisure around the world is dominated by a search for new knowledge and understanding (although show business frequently gives another impression). There's a constant search for new forms of entertainment, and they need to be learning experiences to attract people for long.

       The end if the House in Pisces shows an increasing interest in the unknown, religion and the search of the soul. Any new form of entertainment has a tendency to develop in that direction after some time.

       Now, the 2014 world horoscope has Neptune at the end of the Fifth House, in Pisces. That was true also for the 2013 world horoscope, and it will be the same in 2015. The only difference is that Neptune each year approaches the cusp to the Sixth House, passing through it in the year 2015.

       Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams and imagination, is lively in the Fifth House, creating boosts in entertainment extravaganzas, stimulating all the arts. In the Aquarius part of the House (where Neptune was from 2002 to 2012), it makes the arts tend towards originality and profundity, one could almost say art as a kind of science. In Pisces, though, art becomes sort of religion.

       While Neptune passes through the Pisces part of the Fifth House, 2012 to 2015, entertainment and the arts will indulge in the metaphysical and the soul's search for meaning. There will be a renaissance of religious themes and art will be pursued as a way to explore the mysteries of life.

       Pisces is the yielding Zodiac sign, so it also means that the arts tend to lose some independence in order to assist in spiritual quests. It's art as a tool for self-realization, which may seem commendable but it does limit the perspectives considerably. Contrary to when Neptune was in Aquarius, entertainment and art will get more and more predictable.

       Another effect of Neptune in Pisces is the increased difficulty to live on art and to trust the incomes from it. That goes for the whole entertainment industry, too. Previously safe investments turn sour, much to everybody's surprise, and money seems to slip away. This lasts as long as Neptune remains in Pisces, which is from 2012 to 2026. Of course, some get rich, but that seems to be purely by chance and can change in a flash.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, Neptune has a sextile aspect (60°) to the moon in the Third House and Capricorn. That actually indicates some serious money, contrary to what I said above. The moon is silver and Capricorn is solid growth. The Third House shows that this is possible for arts and entertainment distributed through channels of communication. Surely, that's mainly the Internet.

       So, Internet based entertainment has a good chance of being highly profitable. We've seen that coming recently, but it will be much more obvious and impressive in 2014.

       Neptune in the 2014 world horoscope also has a trine (120°) to the Moon Node in Scorpio and the First House. This means that the spreading fear of society moving towards some kind of chaos inspires the arts and increases the popular need for entertainment. That's an old truth: in times of uncertainty, we find solace in the arts.

       Neptune, the moon and the Moon Node are connected in a triangle of aspects. This intensifies their importance and effects. The moon is in the center of this figure, so it should be seen as the major engine of these dynamics: the grand resources of communication are able to spread that which cheers us up, and this makes them profit and grow.

Sixth House: Continued Unemployment

The Sixth House is all about work. In the world horoscope, that's the situation for labor in general. Until we change our calendar, this House is mainly in Pisces, which means uncertainty, sacrifice, and shortcomings. The high rate of unemployment in just about every country is one example of this.

       Pisces makes it difficult for people to find work, but also to remain where they might have found employment. Nothing is reliable, nothing sure to last. Astrologically speaking, there's not much of a chance for a lasting change, until we change our calendar and thereby the global moment of New Year.

       Notice that this is for the world as a whole, generally speaking. National horoscopes have other Zodiac sign positions of their Sixth House, so there are some local variations. But the international trend is clear: labor is uncertain and many have difficulty finding a job or keeping it.

       The House ends in Aries, which tells us how to relate to this situation. Take matters into your own hands, be prepared to change and adapt, and try as much as you can to be your own boss. To the extent we manage this, we find lasting solutions. It's a thing of the past to get hired after school and stay there until pension.

       The 2014 world horoscope chart has no planets in the Sixth House, so there's nothing very eventful happening in relation to labor this year. It’s business as usual, which means continued uncertainty.

Seventh House: New Kinds of Relationships

The Seventh House is that of alliances – from those between whole nations to marriages and partnerships between individuals. In the world horoscope, that whole spectrum is also dealt with. Nations become allies, without their population bothering much, but how society relates to marriages and other personal partnerships influences us directly.

       In the world horoscope for 2014, as well as for every year we stick to the same calendar, the Seventh House is mainly in the Aries Zodiac sign. That means we sort of revolt against partnerships, preferring to stand on our own. We break up as often as we join. Not even marriages last any longer than love affairs.

       This is a tremendous change in our society, from times past. Marriage was an institution seldom challenged. People married for life. Few do that now, and almost nobody believes anymore that this is the natural way of things. We regard ourselves as individuals – joining and parting on the fly, even if we have children. We've found that it's not necessarily a bad thing, but we would probably not return to the old ways even if we found that it was.

       In the 2014 world horoscope, the Seventh House has Uranus right by the cusp of the House. This is the planet of contemplation and realization. The word insight is appropriate. Uranus brings new understanding and a change based on it.

       So, 2014 will see a profound change in the understanding of relationships and how to structure them. It will be an understanding based on the needs and urges of the individual, not the pair – a form of alliance that doesn't limit anyone of the two in any way. Almost like no alliance, but still regarded as one.

       We may still commit to each other in rituals and promises, but with the idea that it's each other's freedom we cherish the most.

       The importance of Uranus in the 2014 world horoscope is enhanced by its aspects. The planet is connected to the Big Square mentioned early on in this text, connecting it with squares to Medium Coeli on one side and the trio of the sun, Pluto and Mercury on the other. It also has an opposition (180°) to the Ascendant and Mars in the First House. That's quite a lot, all of it enforcing each planet connected.

       The square between Uranus and the MC, I will return to later, but the one to the conjunction of the sun, Pluto and Mercury shows that the new attitude to partnerships will be in some conflict with the new kinds of homes and families evolving (see the text on that above).

       The Fourth and Seventh House are always in a square aspect, so tension between partners and their family life is something to be expected. Most lovers notice that when they settle and form a family, their love meets many complications.

       With the square of planets in the 2014 world horoscope, this is even more the case. The new form of relation and the new form of family doesn't match that well. There will be solutions, and a healthy creative process reaching them, but it's still a strain on everyone involved.

       The opposition aspect to the Ascendant and Mars in the First House and Libra is even more difficult to deal with. The new form of relationships contradicts the moral preached by society as a whole, which advocates commitment and firm order. The way we form our relations seems to be immoral, as seen by society as a whole.

       This leads to sort of a double standard: Individually we cherish and confess to the moral values upheld by society, but as couples we discover their irrelevance. Still, we hold on to them, because everyone else does – in public. That way, our relationships become sort of concealed, at least the nature of them.

       Although this concealment adds to the complication of things, it also kind of spices up our private lives.

       The Seventh House of the world horoscope (for 2014 as well as every other year) ends in Taurus. That means at the end of it, some stability is found in our relationships. After a long period of individualism and refusal to commit, we tend to land in lasting partnerships, much to our surprise. It's as if, at length, old instincts take over. Or we finally learn how to bond without restraints.

Eighth House: No Mysteries Allowed

The Eighth House is the most difficult one to grasp, because it deals with what we can know little about – the mysterious, the unpredictable, all that of which we can have no sure control. The mystery.

       In a personal horoscope blood relations belong here, because that's something we cannot choose. Inheritance is also marked in the Eighth House. Again, something out of our control – basically. The occult is also something linked to this House, as is death.

       In the world horoscope, the Eighth House shows society's attitude to those things in general. Every year we keep the present calendar, it will be dominated by the Taurus Zodiac sign, which means plain acceptance of these things being what they are. Taurus is the sign of materialism, the idea that there is nothing beyond what can be seen and touched. So, there is a general reluctance in society today to accept the occult or any metaphysical perspective on life.

       We prepare with concrete measures to meet the unexpected, insure ourselves as much as we can against the blows of fate, and we try to form our lives to live as long as possible, by diet, exercise and health care. Concrete measures to fight the unavoidable. The success is limited.

       The last part of the Eighth House is in Gemini, the Zodiac sign of curiosity and amusement. So, after taking the subject very seriously and struggling to overcome or ward off destiny, we learn to accept it and start to find the humor in it, the occasional laughter possible on the way to the bitter end.

       Not a bad conclusion.

       In the 2014 world horoscope chart, there are no planets in the Eighth House, so its issues will not be that prominent in the events of the year. That's a comfort of sorts.

Ninth House: Continued Communication

The Ninth House is about innovation and exploration, going beyond present borders to discover what's out there. Astrology also includes higher education and scientific research in this House.

       The world horoscope chart in 2014, as well as every other year we keep the present calendar, has Gemini in the Ninth House. That's the Zodiac sign of communication and the exchange of ideas, fitting very well in this House. It shows that the field in which our society develops the most is that of information technology and communication resources. That comes as no surprise, but it has been true far longer than since the Internet revolution commenced. For example, the telephone was one great improvement of communication, and so was the telegraph before that. Not to mention radio and TV. We live in an era of accelerating communication.

       The Ninth House ends in Cancer, which indicates how the communication explosion lands in closer bonds between people, such as what we today call the social media. Communication is all social. To the extent we get used to the novelties, we see that clearer and concentrate on making that use of it all: getting closer to each other, even at a distance.

       So, events marked in the Ninth House are of quite some importance in our world as we see it today, but in the 2014 world horoscope there's no planet in the House, so it lacks the significance we would like it to have. Information technology will surely continue to advance in 2014, but not take any particular leap during the year.

Tenth House: Government Care Failing

In the world horoscope, the Tenth House is the seat of government. It shows how the world is ruled and what the ambitions of the ones in charge are. As long as we stick to the present calendar, the House is in Cancer, which is a good thing, but ends in Leo, which is cause for some alarm.

       Cancer is the protector, the leader who wants to care for the subjects for their own good. There is still power, because the Cancer mentality is sure that it knows what's best, no matter what people may think about it. The Cancer government sees the world as a family in its care, and there is no end to how that care interferes with the lives of the people.

       The Tenth House's end in the Leo Zodiac sign indicates that every leadership still tends to care the most for its own position and power at length. If there's a choice between what's best for the people and what's best for the leaders themselves, they may seem altruistic at first, but at length it is still clear: their main objective is to keep the power and glory they have.

       The above is true always, because of our calendar fixing the Houses and the Zodiac signs equally at the start of each year.

       That's also true for Medium Coeli, which return to just about the same position in every annual world horoscope – a few degrees into the Tenth House (when the Equal House system is applied, as I do). That shows the governments regarding themselves as good protectors of their realms, no matter what criticism they get. It also shows that we all tend to see the world community we belong to as a benevolent structure, especially its international institutions and offices. Tendencies to expand power beyond national borders are generally regarded as instruments to improve life in society. Although we're convinced of this, it's not necessarily true – but it's how we like to see it.

       But the 2014 world horoscope chart has one planet in the Tenth House, not recurring other years. It's Jupiter, the planet representing expansion, multitude and fortune in astrology. It will make governments particularly successful, especially in global ventures, when they aim beyond their own borders. Particularly, international organizations will experience increased success and additional resources, to an extent where they have a hard time explaining it as anything but pure luck – or as we usually say today: it was the right time for it. 2014 will be the right time for a lot of international organizations, especially those devoted to common welfare.

       Jupiter is without aspects to other planets, so this expansive force will work on its own, with unpredictable success. The planet is Retrograde, though, making its effect more nuanced and balanced than it would otherwise be.

       Medium Coeli, on the other hand, has several aspects – and very important ones. It's connected to the Big Square mentioned earlier, with square aspects to the Ascendant and Mars on one side, and to Uranus on the other. It's also linked with an opposition to the powerful trio of the sun, Pluto and Mercury in the Fourth House. The meanings of the other links in this Big Square have been explained earlier, but now it's time to study the last remaining corner of it.

       Medium Coeli in the 2014 world horoscope represents the proud self-image of our governments, especially when it comes to their international policies, of being benevolent forces in society, whatever others might think. But the square aspects to the Ascendant and Mars show that benevolence is not always just. Some benefit more than others and the control the governments allow themselves is not always justifiable, no matter how good their intentions might be.

       It's not easy to be a ruler and morally just all the time. Even the ruling power itself is morally debatable. Shouldn't everyone have the same say, whatever their position in society?

       The square to Uranus in the Seventh House shows that what the governments want for their populations don't really match the new and independent way by which people tend to form their bounds – whether it is in marriages or other relationships. The rulers are convinced that other forms would be better for people, but their measures to control this aspect of life don't amount to much. The governing bodies are too far away to influence people's private lives significantly.

       So, most governments will realize their shortcomings and accept what's going on, though not exactly pleased with it.

       The strongest aspect is the opposition to the conjunct trio in the Fourth House. That's a key problem in modern society, not just this year. But in 2014 it's particularly enforced by so many planets involved. The governments regard themselves as good leaders of the world family – but all over the world, families want no interference from governments with their ways. The family as an institution, and the home where we settle to live our lives together, is in the process of drastic change. It will not be the same as before – whatever governments decide. And people will definitely not allow any institution to interfere with how they decide to renew their form of daily life in the privacy of their home.

       Any ruler can see that if the home and family lives of the citizens is not controlled by the authorities, then just about nothing is. Modern government is almost obsessed with the urge to get into people's homes, in order to control and form their lives according to what's supposed to be best for them. But families lock their doors, more than before, and reject the idea of government interference.

       It's almost a kind of revolution. People take over the power to lead their own private lives as they like. Governments unable to accept this will fail. Their realm ends at the front doors of people's homes. Inside the houses, people are their own rulers, as if each home is a country of its own.

       When governments actually manage to interfere with private lives in one or other way, their aims will fail and they will regret having done anything at all. Governments need to learn the limits of their powers and accept a great deal of autonomy for their citizens.

Eleventh House: After Glory, Drab Reality

The Eleventh House shows ideals and aims for society as a whole. Whatever is claimed aloud by politicians and others debaters, no matter how governments publicly defend their decisions, the Eleventh House reveals what kind of ideal dominates society and forms its politics as well as the aspirations of the people as a whole.

       The House is dominated by the Leo Zodiac sign, which simply means that the generally accepted norm is individualism. In spite of what has earlier been said about society as a resource to care for all its citizens, the reality is that everyone is expected to care for himself. It's the egoist credo: think of yourself, since no one else will.

       But Leo also means that we should take pride, each of us, in what we can become if we make proper use of our personal talents. We love such success stories and remain convinced that they can happen to any one of us. So, the general tendency in society is that we all struggle to become remarkable in our own eyes as well as in the eyes of others. We want to shine.

       Although it's hard to deny anyone the right to shine, this competition of sorts takes its toll on our civilization, sometimes baring it as being inhuman and unforgiving. Each of us has a chance, and if we don't take it or if we blow it – that's it. Others are eager to move to center stage, where it tends to get quite crowded.

       Andy Warhol touched on it when he said that in the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes. It's also clear in the media making people famous for being famous and little else. Fame is the foremost glory and self-realization of today. Personal success is regarded as a necessity, whereas compassion is a luxury.

       But the Eleventh House ends in Virgo, which is the hard worker in no need of glory or even praise. It's the attitude of getting things done, fixing things, making the mechanics of society work as they should. After the time in the limelight, no matter how bright, it's back to hard work. Every Leo spectacle inevitably leads to the same Virgo conclusion: Without rolling up our sleeves and getting busy, nothing lasting can be accomplished.

       Each of us individually as well as society as a whole may have periods of the intoxication of glory, but eventually we sober up and go back to the treadmill. If we didn't individually, society never could, and if society didn't we could not survive.

       The above is true for every annual world horoscope, for as long as we stick to the present calendar. In the 2014 horoscope there's no planet in the House, so there are no particularly significant events to be expected. It’s business as usual – periods of glory later replaced by drab reality. That's the rhythm of our culture.

Twelfth House: Not Much Gets Done

The Twelfth House rarely brings good tidings. It describes the sacrifices that are a result of the events and circumstances shown by the rest of the horoscope. For persons as well as for the whole of society, everything has a price. What takes place according to the first eleven Houses has a bill to be paid. That's the Twelfth.

       In the 2014 world horoscope – and every other year, as long as we keep the present calendar – the Twelfth House starts in Virgo. That means a lack of hard work, as has been implied before. Society is better at talk than at action, especially the kind of action that demands big efforts over long periods of time. It's like we lack patience and endurance.

       Virgo in the Twelfth House also means that labor in general is in crisis. The unemployed increase in numbers and see little chance of ever getting jobs. This is also indicated by the Sixth House, analyzed above. Society is changing and progresses in some fields – but it heads towards a reality where less people are needed to make the whole thing run properly. So, it's hard to get a job without inventing it oneself.

       The House ends in the Libra Zodiac sign, indicating an increased lack of balance and order. That’s no wonder, if the work needed is not done properly and so many have nothing to do with their time. This is a tendency risking to dissolve the basic structures of society. We take everything for granted, but there are fewer and fewer of us who actually handle it all. That creates risk and uncertainty, not to mention a lot of injustice and inequality, which in turn leads to escalated conflict and discontent.

       In 2014, there's nothing really dramatic happening in regards to the theme of the Twelfth House, since it lacks planets. But at length, the misfortune described above and the disorder it leads to, will probably be triggering the drastic changes our society needs at length to survive. And when that is accomplished, there will be a new calendar, changing the conditions in the world horoscopes that follow.

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