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The Complete 2016 World Horoscope

Predictions for 2016 Based on Classical Astrology

The 2016 World Horoscope
The complete 2016 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2016. Click on it for a bigger image.

(December 22, 2015) 2016 is all about change: wanting it as well as resisting it. New jobs, not even dreamed of before, replace disappearing ones. Alliances change both on personal and national level, not without great risk. And governments try to keep control by regulating it all, without much success.


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       A world horoscope is calculated on New Year, Greenwich Mean Time, since that is the calendar on which the world agrees. Therefore, much of the world horoscope chart is almost exactly the same from year to year. It will remain so until our world decides on another calendar.

What Stays the Same Every Year

So, what is the same from year to year? First of all, the position of the Ascendant.

       The Ascendant decides the cusps of all the twelve astrological Houses, so they are also the same from year to year. That means the main areas of society and life in it have the same basic characteristics.

       Also Medium Coeli (MC) returns to the same position every year.

       The most important of the celestial bodies in the horoscope, the sun, will also be on the same spot each year. The sun's position can deviate a little from year to year because of the Leap Year system, though just one degree at the most. In the 2016 World Horoscope it is at 10.0 Capricorn.

       The planets Mercury and Venus accompany the sun in the horoscope. They never get farther from the sun in the geocentric perspective (as seen from earth) of the horoscope than 28 for Mercury and 48 for Venus. Still, their positions each New Year vary enough to be astrologically significant, when reading the World Horoscope.

       In the below reading of the 2016 World Horoscope, I will focus on what distinguishes 2016 the most from other years.

What's Unique for 2016

The most striking constellation in the 2016 New Year World Horoscope is the conjunction of Jupiter, the moon and the Dragon's Head (North Moon Node) in Virgo. That would be wonderful, were it not in the 12th House.

       The 12th House is the domain of sacrifices, the resources that are difficult to express and exploit.

       The World Horoscope always has Virgo in that House, showing constant labor market difficulties. In our brave new world, having a job has become a luxury, as difficult to keep as it is to get.

No Jobs for the Money

Jupiter and the moon in the 12th House at the start of 2016 indicate that there are plenty of resources to get everybody employed but it is not where the money goes. Even when opportunities appear and finances are in abundance, they are not used to get people employed.

       The Dragon's Head in the same position reveals that this is a sign of the times. Society develops towards unemployment and a shrinking labor market. Machines do take our jobs and just a few people prosper on it.

       The cost and waste of this will be particularly evident in 2016, but it is a long-term thing.

       The labor market will be strained and suffering as long as we keep the present calendar. But Jupiter and the moon will not always be in the 12th House at New year, nor will the North Node. So, this year the absurdity of the situation will be particularly evident and provoking.

       Maybe that leads to some positive change. If so, it can happen when the Dragon's Head leaves the House. But that will not happen until the very end of the year.

       In the 2017 New Year Horoscope, the Dragon's Head has just entered the 11th House (it moves backwards through the horoscope). By then, there is some hope for the labor market.

Dream Work

Continuing on the theme of the labor market, Neptune is at the very cusp of the 6th House in the 2016 World Horoscope. That is the House of work, unfortunately in opposition to its natural sign Virgo. Instead, it is occupied by Pisces, again causing sacrifices and confusion for the labor market.

       But Neptune entering that House signals the arrival of new kinds of jobs, never before imagined. They deal with dreams and fantasy, abstractions fulfilling vague longings. It is like they are no real jobs at all, but they do keep more and more people occupied.

       In many cases, people find that they can make their hobbies their work.

       The Internet is a good example of this. It's a whole world that is not real in the old sense, but still it consumes more and more of our time and effort. It is a work environment in a make-believe kind of universe. Neptune will bring much more of that kind.

       It is a long and slow process. Not until the New Year Horoscope of 2027 has Neptune left the Pisces sign for Aries. Until then there is constant innovation of what work is and how it is done. What we work with will be more and more like illusions.

New Homes for New Families

The slowest of the planets to make its orbit around the Zodiac is Pluto. Since 2012 it has been in the 4th House of the World New Year Horoscope, and since 2009 in Capricorn. It will remain in Capricorn until 2024 and leave the 4th House in 2029.

       All this time, the main changes in society relate to homes and housing. New types of living are introduced and spreading quickly. We redefine what home is about and build new houses accordingly.

       Also families are affected. The basic structure of family life is changing quite radically. They are not disappearing at all, nor are the homes we call our own. But they are altered to adapt to new ways of living. It is sort of out with the old and in with the new, whatever that may be.

       The changes caused by Pluto are dramatic and lasting, so they have great effects on society. Its orbit takes almost 250 years to complete.

       So, once it has left Capricorn and the 4th House it will not be back there for very long. That means new changes of the same magnitude for homes and families will take just as long.

Wiser Alliances

Uranus tours the Zodiac in 84 years, which is significantly faster than for Pluto but still quite some time. In the 2016 World Horoscope, Uranus is in the 7th House and Aries, where it has been for a few years and will remain for another few.

       The 7th House is about all kinds of partnership and cooperation from marriages and other relations of individuals to the alliances of nations.

       In Aries they are fragile, indeed breaking up as quickly as they are formed, often in calamity. That's what we have to live with as long as we keep the present calendar. Opposing forces of alliances tend to appear and fight it out, which is very costly for the world.

       Also personal partnerships are weakened, mainly by both involved trying to get as much out of it as they possibly can. That can easily lead to a break-up, and it frequently does. Life-long marriages are endangered, almost extinct.

       Uranus brings insights into this state of affairs. That is a good thing. Alliances are formed, but with a better understanding of what can and can't be expected of them. So, they are altered accordingly.

       Also when alliances are ended, it is after increased contemplation and in search of an agreeable outcome.

       Uranus brings reason back to the risky task of joining and separating. Maybe, when the planet leaves the 7th House, we have learned enough to avoid the disasters alliances have caused in the not so distant past.

Growing Intolerance

In the 2016 World Horoscope, Uranus has a square aspect (90) with the aforementioned Pluto in the 4th House. That means the process to understand and improve partnerships conflicts with the changes taking place in homes and families.

       Maybe the main expression of this aspect is the unfortunate unwillingness to accept new friends into the inner circle: a growing wish for isolation and intolerance towards people of other cultures, in spite of alliances with them.

       In short a reluctance to change, although change is inevitable.

       This square aspect appeared already in the 2014 World Horoscope, and will remain also in 2017. From 2018, though, this tension should be diminishing, maybe even disappear.

Unwelcome Regulations

Saturn is a grim planet in the horoscope. It deals with duties and responsibilities that are a must, but rarely any fun. In the 2016 World Horoscope, the planet is in the 3rd House and Sagittarius, where it will remain also next year.

       The 3rd House is about everyday communication. That includes friends on a personal level, as well as basic education and in general how we communicate with one another. Even short-distance travel, such as commuting, belongs to this House.

       In Sagittarius, this is expanded. Friends are found over greater distances, everyday commuting takes us farther than ever before, and schools are experimenting with new forms and new content. That's a process going on as long as we keep the same world calendar.

       But Saturn's presence this year and the next has its own meaning.

       Regulations are introduced regarding all kinds of communication, whether travel of exchange of messages. Schools are reformed as well, and strangely with a return to old ideals in spite of what the development of society as a whole suggests.

       Governments struggle to keep things under control, as if threatened by the many new opportunities people have nowadays.

       But their control efforts are frustrated and mostly unsuccessful. The world is simply heading another way, towards increased freedom and multiplied options for everyone. Diversity, not homogeneity, is the key.

       There will be conflicts between governments and citizens because of this. They speak different languages.

       A square aspect between Saturn and Neptune in the 6th House, mentioned above, is an example of this conflict. People are changing their lives, even their work, and there is not much point in governments trying to resist the consequences of those changes.

Summing 2016 Up

Summing the 2016 World Horoscope up, it is a lot about the labor market. People are not getting any jobs although society gets richer, so the jobs they have are more and more of their own invention like making a living out of one's hobby.

       Alliances are formed and reformed, sometimes making them surprisingly stable for a while. But there are costly consequences to these efforts, and lots of people are quite ambiguous about the changes this brings to their everyday lives.

       Governments try to regulate all kinds of communication and make the schools stricter, though the development in society makes them unlikely to succeed. But it does cause protests.

       Maybe 2016 can be described as a year when change is both sought and resisted, and the strenuous consequences of that.

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